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In Vitro And In Vivo Models Of Multiple Sclerosis Pdf

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Multiple sclerosis MS is an inflammatory, demyelinating, and neurodegenerative disease of the central nervous system CNS triggered by autoimmune mechanisms.

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Polyxeni Nikolakopoulou and Rossana Rauti contributed equally to this work. The complexity of the human brain poses a substantial challenge for the development of models of the CNS. Current animal models lack many essential human characteristics in addition to raising operational challenges and ethical concerns , and conventional in vitro models, in turn, are limited in their capacity to provide information regarding many functional and systemic responses. Indeed, these challenges may underlie the notoriously low success rates of CNS drug development efforts. During the past 5 years, there has been a leap in the complexity and functionality of in vitro systems of the CNS, which have the potential to overcome many of the limitations of traditional model systems.

PhD position, in-vivo neuro-MRI in animal models for multiple sclerosis - 2019BAPFFBDEF334

The inflammatory response following ischemic stroke is dominated by innate immune cells: resident microglia and blood-derived macrophages. The ambivalent role of these cells in stroke outcome might be explained in part by the acquisition of distinct functional phenotypes: classically M1 and alternatively activated M2 macrophages. To shed light on the crosstalk between hypoxic neurons and macrophages, an in vitro model was set up in which bone marrow-derived macrophages were co-cultured with hippocampal slices subjected to oxygen and glucose deprivation. The results showed that macrophages provided potent protection against neuron cell loss through a paracrine mechanism, and that they expressed M2-type alternative polarization. These findings raised the possibility of using bone marrow-derived M2 macrophages in cellular therapy for stroke. Therefore, 2 million M2 macrophages or vehicle were intravenously administered during the subacute stage of ischemia D4 in a model of transient middle cerebral artery occlusion.

Author s : Baukje J. DOI : Multiple sclerosis MS is widely considered to be the result of an aggressive autoreactive T cell attack on myelin. How these autoimmune responses arise in MS is unclear, but they could result from virus infections. Thus, viral and autoimmune diseases in animals have been used to investigate the possible pathogenic mechanisms operating in MS. The autoimmune model, experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis, is the most widely-used animal model and has greatly influenced therapeutic approaches targeting autoimmune responses. To investigate demyelination and remyelination in the absence of the adaptive immune response, toxin-induced demyelination models are used.

Multiple sclerosis MS is an inflammatory demyelinating disease of the central nervous system. The disability caused by inflammatory demyelination clinically dominates the early stages of relapsing-remitting MS and is reversible. Once there is considerable loss of axons, MS patients enter a secondary progressive stage. Disease-modifying drugs currently in use for MS suppress the immune system and reduce relapse rates but are not effective in the progressive stage. Various animal models of MS mostly mouse and rat have been established and proved useful in studying the disease process and response to therapy. The clinical manifestations of autoimmune encephalomyelitis disease were prevented or reduced by treatment with certain pharmacological agents given prior to, at, or after peak disease, and the agents had protective effects as shown by inhibiting demyelination and damage to neurons, axons and oligodendrocytes. In the cuprizone-induced toxicity animal studies, the pharmacological agents tested were able to promote remyelination and increase the number of oligodendrocytes when administered therapeutically or prophylactically.

An in vitro model for studying CNS white matter: functional properties and experimental approaches

The ESR-9 position will be available from on January on a temporary basis for a maximum period of 3 years renewable 1 year full-time employment contract upon positive evaluation. The PMSMatTrain project focuses on gaining a comprehensive understanding of the progressive phase of multiple sclerosis MS from basics to translation, fully supported by eight beneficiaries six research institutions and two SMEs. The research is performed on rat and mouse models for different human neuropathologies and on songbirds as a model for neuroplasticity and learning. We have two 7Tesla 16 cm and one 9. You will develop and validate neuro-MRI tools that enable to follow up inflammation, demyelination and remyelination in animal models for MS. These tools will be applied to test the therapeutic efficacy of a novel device housing a multi-modal hydrogel, to modulate inflammation, re-myelination and neuroprotection.

In Vitro and In Vivo Models of Multiple Sclerosis

EAE resembles the human disase in many ways. However, based on the heterogeneity of disease course and lesion pathology in MS it is difficult to model all aspects of MS in one animal model. Thus, the availability of different rat strains, immunogens and adjuvants is very valuable since it allows inducing different types of disease and pathologies. For more detailed information on our models, see disease specific information sheets.

Johannes C. Schlachetzki 1. Neurodegenerative diseases are pathological conditions that have an insidious onset and chronic progression. Different models have been established to study these diseases in order to understand their underlying mechanisms and to investigate new therapeutic strategies.

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Models of MS

Rat models of MS

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However, so far, no single experimental model covers the entire spectrum of the clinical, pathological, or immunological features of the disease.

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