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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Computer Graphics Pdf

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D working of an interactive graphics display.

Computer has making human life faster because of its incredible speed,Accuracy and storage, with which human can save anything and search it out easily when needed.

Although a computer has many advantages that provide benefits for people in different areas, there are also various disadvantages to a computer. Below is given a list of many of the disadvantages of a computer and described what kind of problem you may face. JavaTpoint offers too many high quality services. Mail us on hr javatpoint. Please mail your requirement at hr javatpoint.

Disadvantages and Advantages of Computer Graphics

Although a computer has many advantages that provide benefits for people in different areas, there are also various disadvantages to a computer. Below is given a list of many of the disadvantages of a computer and described what kind of problem you may face. JavaTpoint offers too many high quality services. Mail us on hr javatpoint. Please mail your requirement at hr javatpoint.

Duration: 1 week to 2 week. Internet Intranet Extranet Website. Next Topic How to factory reset a computer. Manual T. Verbal A. Angular 7. Compiler D. Software E. Web Tech. Cyber Sec.

Control S. Data Mining. Javatpoint Services JavaTpoint offers too many high quality services. Too much sitting If you are sitting for a long time and becoming a mouse potato to use a computer, it can lead to health problems.

Also, users have to turn their back in terms of the curve when they use a computer, which also causes them to distract their body posture. As scientists have researched that standing for a long time is not healthy, so replacing a traditional desk for a standing desk is not a perfect solution.

But the standing desk may be better as compared to sitting. To overcome these problems, you can take breaks where you move stretch, around, and exercise. Carpal tunnel and eye strain A person who spends too much time on the computer can face a problem like carpal tunnel syndrome as a computer requires a lot of repetitive movement. As you are required to move your body parts to operate the computer, for example, typing and moving hand to the mouse are repetitive actions that can cause injuries.

Understanding computer ergonomics, keeping the proper posture, and taking breaks can all help delay or prevent these injuries. Short attention span and too much multitasking Today's almost all people have become hooked on instant gratification with computers, computer devices, and the Internet.

It has become a reason to use a computer every day. As you surf the Internet on the computer or computer devices and ask any question, it gives you immediate answers to your questions that become habituated to getting quick dopamine fix. You can get frustrated easily when you are not getting an answer in a timely manner, or something does not work speedily. Also, it is not uncommon to work on more than one task at the same time with a reduced attention span.

Because it has been studying that multitasking is not more productive can be caused bad for your brain and more mistakes in the work. Potential of loss of privacy As the computer can store a large amount of data and if you store your personal data, or information on the computer, it can be at risk of getting into the hands of others. Once your personal information has been stolen by any malicious person, they can use the information to access your online accounts or use identity theft to open other accounts, such as a new debit or credit card under your name.

Can limit learning and create a dependency If you use a computer that has an Internet connection, it can be a perfect place to get information about any topic. Getting knowledge about anything makes you dependent on the computer and other electronic devices.

For example, to find spelling errors, an auto-correct or spell checker is a perfect tool that offers the benefit of finding mistakes and make the correct spelling of a word. However, if you always depend on the spell checker or auto-correct tools and never learn the proper spelling of a word, you are more likely to make spelling errors.

Also, there are many other helpful tools available, such as GPS, grammar checkers, and calculators. However, you may be helpless when they are not working if you are overly dependent on these tools.

Time sink and lots of distractions Although a computer can be a great creation to increase your productivity, it can also be harmful in terms of wasting too much time. For example, you are learning about any particular topic and see any other interesting link, such as playing games.

Then, you click on the link and spend more time playing games. After two hours, you realize you have wasted your time and not achieved your original goal. Furthermore, you can get distracted while trying to work with the popularity of social networks and notifications Can reduce jobs Computers can also become the reason to replace the need for many jobs as they are more capable and smarter.

For example, if a human can do any work within one hour, the computer can do that work in very few times. Thus, computers are reducing the requirement for many jobs that are also becoming inappropriate for the future.

Increases waste and impacts the environment Computers and other electronics are increasing rapidly and replacing old devices. People get thrown all the old devices that have a substantial impact on the environment.

You could become anti-social or depressed It is very easy for users to become anti-social with the computer as it has the ability to perform almost all work speedily. For example, if you are playing any game like World of Warcraft or other, they can consume too much time to end up. Also, there are many people who mostly depend on online shopping; they rarely go out to shop with others and that you become easily introvert.

Social networks can also be the reason to become your anti-social. There are many social networking applications like Facebook, Instagram, and more that offer you the option to make more than thousands of friends.

You will spend a lot of time with your social network friends, but you may rarely communicate with your real-life friends. It has been studying; the social networking sites can be depressing as people tend to compare their lives with others on social networking sites and people believing that other people's lives are so much better than theirs.

Trolls, abuse, stalking, and exploitation A person who spends more time on the Internet can face abusive or trolls' people. Over the years, another issue cyberbullying is also increasing speedily.

Unfortunately, it is much easier to encounter these types of people with the anonymous nature of the Internet. With more and more people sharing information on the Internet, you can be tracked on the Internet by hackers or unauthorized persons in terms of stealing your personal information.

There are also some online services available that can be used by hackers to find information about people. Heavy Reliance in the Workforce Sometimes the computer can be devastating due to power loss or system crash for many businesses as they heavily rely on the computer.

They can lose valuable files permanently that can have an effect for a long time.

What are the disadvantages of a computer?

The graphics presentations are the popular method to present large quantities of data, They act as the great visual guide to the information being delivered, They offer the convenience to the audience, It is easier to read the chart rather than listening to a set of numbers and trying to make sense of it. The graphics presentation uses the charts and the graphs, It is a quick way for the audience to visualize the charts, the numbers, the trends, up or down, It is forceful as it emphasizes the main point, It is convincing as it proves a point, Using the visual information along with the spoken word is the great way to reach some of the audience. The graphics presentations can be time consuming to construct and they may take away from the main point being discussed, The data may show a false picture of the situation. The graphics are effective when they are free of distractions and some of the audiences may lose focus by diverting the attention to flashy graphics in the presentation. If the graphics are done in a particular way, they make the data look better or worse than they actually are and some of the audience may be misled by the graphics that do not tell the full story. The graphic package is the application which can be used to create and manipulate the images in the computer, It can defined as the essentially kits that help the graphic artists to create different type of the computer generated art work such as the painting and the drawing as well as the photographs. The drawing package produces the image that are made up from the coloured lines and shapes such as the circles, the squares and the rectangle, When the image is saved it is stored in the vector graphics file as instructions series that can be used to recreate it.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Computer

Home Curation Policy Privacy Policy. We have to know about computer monitor. The development technology from analog to digital is started by the invention of computer.

The research and development in the manufacture of drugs, chemicals, automobiles, airplanes, industrial plants, buildings etc, has seen the production of higher quality products. Advanced computer animation techniques produce exceptionally high quality movies and games. These have been made possible thanks to the modern graphics systems, which give endless possibilities in the design and production of new products. According to Mraz, the era of using hand-drawn presentations for finalized designs is gone Para. Graphics systems include hardware and software systems used in the design, analysis and making graphical presentations of both real life and theoretical phenomena.

Carpal tunnel and eye strain

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Computer

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