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Compare And Contrast Photosynthesis And Cellular Respiration Pdf

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Blog About Us Contact. A weightlifter is using heavy weights in short bursts for a competition. Subject: Science Students will use a Venn diagram to compare lightning and static electricity. Photosynthesis releases energy, while cellular respiration stores energy. How are cellular respiration and photosynthesis related, in terms of energy?

Intro to photosynthesis

NCBI Bookshelf. Molecular Biology of the Cell. New York: Garland Science; All animals and most microorganisms rely on the continual uptake of large amounts of organic compounds from their environment. These compounds are used to provide both the carbon skeletons for biosynthesis and the metabolic energy that drives cellular processes. It is believed that the first organisms on the primitive Earth had access to an abundance of the organic compounds produced by geochemical processes, but that most of these original compounds were used up billions of years ago. Since that time, the vast majority of the organic materials required by living cells have been produced by photosynthetic organisms, including many types of photosynthetic bacteria.

Cellular respiration is a set of metabolic reactions and processes that take place in the cells of organisms to convert chemical energy from oxygen molecules [1] or nutrients into adenosine triphosphate ATP , and then release waste products. Respiration is one of the key ways a cell releases chemical energy to fuel cellular activity. The overall reaction occurs in a series of biochemical steps, some of which are redox reactions. Although cellular respiration is technically a combustion reaction , it clearly does not resemble one when it occurs in a living cell because of the slow, controlled release of energy from the series of reactions. Nutrients that are commonly used by animal and plant cells in respiration include sugar , amino acids and fatty acids , and the most common oxidizing agent providing most of the chemical energy is molecular oxygen O 2.

The Link between Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

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Cellular respiration takes place in the every living organisms, as it is the simple process of converting oxygen and glucose into carbon dioxide and water and ultimately producing energy for the cells of the body. On the contrary, photosynthesis occurs in green plants, which contain chlorophyll and uses sunlight and water to convert it into energy. These are the two reciprocal process, with the same aim of obtaining energy but by using different methods, different sources and thus giving out different products. Even both are necessary for the exchange of energy which is required by the living things.

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In many respects, photosynthesis and cell respiration are complementary reactions within the environment. Most producers i.

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The main difference between photosynthesis and cellular respiration is that photosynthesis is an anabolic process, where the synthesis of organic compounds occurs, storing energy whereas cellular respiration is a catabolic process, where the stored organic compounds are utilized, producing energy.

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