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The Role of Spatial Planning in Strengthening Urban Resilience

These three statements reflect the basic relationships of humankind with land: social, economic and environmental. Humanity's association with land springs from the enduring nature of land: it is the basis of food, shelter and livelihood. The important insight is to realize that humanity must decide how negotiable the organizing principles of the linkages between society and the landscape are. Negotiable are the ways in which human society adapts to the constraints given by the natural system, and how people act in the landscape in their efforts to cope with the environmental pre-conditions while satisfying human needs and demands. These interactions more often than not happen in such an unwise fashion that the quantitative and qualitative sustainability of society itself may be undermined. The provision of life-support systems require interferences with the landscape where the natural resources, like bio-mass, energy resources, minerals, water, land-space, are to be found. Physical interference in the land, like building, clearing and drainage, takes place, and chemical interferences are introduced: thus humanity creates its cultivated life-worlds on the earth.

Marine Spatial Planning makes this possible by:. Demand for marine goods and services, such as food, energy, and habitats, usually exceed the capacity of marine areas to meet all of the demands simultaneously. In many cases, users have free access to marine resources, including space, that leads to excessive over use and eventual destruction of resources. Some public process must be used to decide what mix of outputs from the marine area should be produced over time and space. That process is marine spatial planning.

The Role and Scope of Spatial Planning: A Literature Review

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Hurlimann and A. Hurlimann , A. Spatial planning has been identified as a critical mechanism through which climate change adaptation can be facilitated. We review the role of spatial planning as a tool for adaptation to climate change.

Marine spatial planning

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Corpus ID: The role of spatial planning for sustainable tourism development: a theoretical model for Turkey. Planning concept is an important concept for realizing the benefi ts of the tourism sector for localities, public and environment. Planning is a broad term covering several stages from national strategic decisions to unique design applications.

Resilience of Cities to Terrorist and other Threats pp Cite as. This article explores the challenges for dealing with risks from a spatial planning perspective. It points at the role spatial planning can play in mitigating multihazards by influencing urban structures and thus strengthening urban resilience. However, it also shows the limits of spatial planning and calls for an integrated approach including a variety of authorities to dealing with multihazards. Unable to display preview.

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PDF | This study identifies the role and benefits of spatial planning, the particular challenges vis-à-vis spatial planning that face countries in.

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Making time for space: The critical role of spatial planning in adapting natural resource management to climate change. May

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The Role and. Scope of Spatial. Planning. Literature Review. Spatial Plans in Practice: Planning has always played a prominent role in local government through the