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Do people, or perhaps just males, have an evolved predisposition to kill members of other groups? Not just a capacity to kill but an innate propensity to take up arms, tilting us toward collective violence?

War is not part of human nature

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War, Peace, and Human Nature

Why did President John F. Kennedy choose a strategy of confrontation during the Cuban missile crisis even though his secretary of defense stated that the presence of missiles in Cuba made no difference? Why did large numbers of Iraqi troops surrender during the Gulf War even though they had been ordered to fight and were capable of doing so? Why did Hitler declare war on the United States knowing full well the power of that country? War and Human Nature argues that new findings about the way humans are shaped by their inherited biology may help provide answers to such questions.

It is too great a task to identify a common cause of all wars, past and present, then attribute it responsibility for their commencing. The former accounts well for conflicts that were overwhelmingly state-centric, such as the First World War, and marks a clear distinction between war and individual political violence: war is the business of states. However, is the Vietnam War to be understood—like the Korean—as a simple north versus south conflict, despite the northern state only assuming active involvement nine years after indigenous fighting broke out in ? Young, , p. While a simple merging of the two definitions would not suffice, there are some similarities to be observed. The latter definition will be qualified by the observation that all actors engaged in war, be they NLF in Vietnam, or Ansar al-Dine in Mali, do so in hierarchical groups. While it is accepted that wars have an almost infinite number of unique causes, the pursuit of a primary explanation has a long tradition.

Such a science was desperately needed by his fellow English citizens, Hobbes believed, because political disagreements and conflicts were tearing apart his country. According to Hobbes, civil war is primarily caused by differing opinions over who is the ultimate political authority in a commonwealth. For example, when King Charles tried to raise funds for a war against Spain and France in , Parliament denied his request. This action contributed to the rising tensions between King and Parliament, tensions that ultimately erupted in civil war. According to Hobbes, the only way to escape civil war and to maintain a state of peace in a commonwealth is to institute an impartial and absolute sovereign power that is the final authority on all political issues. Hobbes believes his own political philosophy scientifically proves such a conclusion. After the King openly declared war on Spain, he began to amass the largest military entourage since

War, Peace, and Human Nature: The Convergence of Evolutionary and Cultural Views

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War and Human Nature

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Douglas P. Fry

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Is War Primarily the Product of ‘Human Nature’?

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Anthropologists have been slow to focus explicitly on peace.