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Linear programming LP or linear optimization deals with the problem of the optimization minimization or maximization , in which a linear objective function is optimized subject to a set of linear constraints. Its name means that planning programming is being done with a mathematical model. It is one of widely used techniques in operations research and management science. Some typical applications are: 1. Ideally, the schedule and policy will enable the company to satisfy demand and at the same time minimize the total production and inventory costs. A financial analyst must select an investment portfolio from a variety of stock and bond investment alternatives.

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Furthermore, if the objective function P is optimized at two adjacent vertices of S, then it is optimized at every point on the line segment joining these two vertices, in which case there are infinitely many solutions to the problem. Then, If S is bounded then P has both a maximum and minimum value on S If S is unbounded and both a and b are nonnegative, then P has a minimum value on S provided that the constraints defining S include the inequalities x 0 and y 0. Programming , Linear programming , Linear. Link to this page:. Evaluate the objective function, P, at each vertex The maximum if it exists is the largest value of P at a vertex.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths Chapter 12 Linear Programming

Linear programming LP , also called linear optimization is a method to achieve the best outcome such as maximum profit or lowest cost in a mathematical model whose requirements are represented by linear relationships. Linear programming is a special case of mathematical programming also known as mathematical optimization. More formally, linear programming is a technique for the optimization of a linear objective function , subject to linear equality and linear inequality constraints. Its feasible region is a convex polytope , which is a set defined as the intersection of finitely many half spaces , each of which is defined by a linear inequality. Its objective function is a real -valued affine linear function defined on this polyhedron.

Interpret the graph of a linear function: word problems Y. Write a linear function from a table Y. Write linear functions: word problems Nonlinear functions Suppose that the water level of a river is 34 feet and that it is receding at a rate of 0. Write an equation for the water level, L, after d days.

Linear Programming

Several word problems and applications related to linear programming are presented along with their solutions and detailed explanations. Methods of solving inequalities with two variables , system of linear inequalities with two variables along with linear programming and optimization are used to solve word and application problems where functions such as return, profit, costs, etc. Example 1.

As these solutions are available online, students can download this file at any given point in time and go through it completely. It will help them achieve a good score on the exam and shape their future. In earlier classes, you have been introduced and taught linear equations. You have also studied linear inequalities and systems of linear equations in two variables and how to find their solutions by graphical method.

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