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Attribution CC BY. The units listed in this text were very informative.

Medical Physiology Question Bank

Attribution CC BY. The units listed in this text were very informative. They covered all content at for the level of text. Felt the descriptions and content was more than enough for the level of education for a course with this text. The background information for a Comprehensiveness rating: 5 see less. The background information for a text at this level can be a bit complicated but felt they did it at the level needed. Content areas are specific and detailed for the educational level.

I felt this text with content was very accurate with no bias. The information was specific for the content areas and for any student using this text. Content was great overview for the areas of interest and flowed in a sense that made content easy to understand throughout the book. I did not feel there was any bias with the content, units or flow of information for this text.

Content seems to be up to date and specific to the areas of interest in the units. The content in the book is over areas of interest and content that has been constant for quite some time. The up to date content needed for evolution for this text has been updated from what I can see. Text information is very clear and concise in each unit with no confusion on the area of interest.

Information seems to be consistent with other texts and chapters in the book. The content is consistent in the field of anatomy and physiology when it comes to the level of education.

After reading the text I felt the several chapters listed had great detailed information that was cut up into a great number. Felt there were chapters with content that flowed well and had no problems with transition from one chapter to the next. Book was extremely organized in content and chapters.

Feel the transition of information is similar to other texts and will let students succeed. I felt the information flow was great and did not slow the read down at all. Felt navigation was easy with reading and looking for information. I read and saw no culturally insensitive information in this text. Felt it was similar to other texts and did not show any bias or offensive content.

I feel this is a great book with content and flow for any student. This information is great for any student looking at anatomy and physiology. Overall the text book is good when compare to other text book. OpenStax text book all the chapter is organized ,and some diagram is good for students. This book is very comprehensive. I compare the text book with other commercial text but Comprehensiveness rating: 4 see less. It is free of cost that means idea is excellent for students specially pandemic time.

All the chapter is up to date and clinical co-relation. Medical terminology and pathophysiology is good. Book presentation is good but need to more clarify the topics. It is easy to use. Complex terminology was explain with image but need to more details. Chapter to chapter description helps to overall guidance to students. Each terminology need to explain more details. Need to clear diagram, make a good power point presentation, end of the chapter summary and recall information.

Overall, I found this text to be very comprehensive. There are some differences between the terminology and approaches compared to what I am used to, but there were no significant gaps that I could see. A couple of things that might be different from other books are the way movements are described in skeletal muscle function, and the description of functional organization of the nervous system.

However, I found all the text to be accurate. Clarity of the prose is excellent. I think the organization gets in the way of clarity a bit. See below. The figures are mostly clear, but a little basic in places.

I personally prefer more of a bullet-point style for textbooks, especially when I consider this as a modular book that can be modified for course use. I think more of a bullet-point style would facilitate cutting and editing. This made me fell a little bit like text may have been added to try to improve coverage. But it also made me feel it was hard to see where it was going. So I think it could be better if it was just chopped up more, into smaller digestible pieces. That is, more sub-sections, not more numbered sections.

Very good interface. But having the Openstax banner and offer to order a print copy at the bottom of every page in the online version was a bit distracting.

Overall, I think this text is very good. It has excellent writing and excellent coverage. Somewhat improved figures and more modular organization would be an improvement in my opinion.

The search feature on the online version is very helpful. The content is extremely relevant and mostly unchanging. Updates should be easy to implement into existing chapters. The writing overall is clear, though more context could sometimes be provided for jargon. Depending on student level and prior reading, this may not be much of a problem, but for first year students or non-STEM majors, it can be challenging. The book has good modularity. I have assigned components of this text in different courses, used partial chapters, and assigned chapters out of order, and it has generally worked well.

Within chapters, it is easy to subdivide reading assignments, and I have not found it to be overly self-referential. Well organized text. The order of topics within chapters is clear, and the units of chapters have been put together in a logical way.

I have not experienced any interface issues when using this text. I have noted that the quality and resolution of the images has improved over the past few years. The text does use examples that include a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds, and I did not find anything offensive in the chapters I've read. It could be more inclusive of people with different body types and abilities. The text could be more inclusive of sexual and gender minorities in the examples given and language used. To be fair, this text is the best that I've seen with regard to conflation of sex and gender, which is rampant in most texts and very minimal in this one, but it could be further improved to better include trans and nonbinary people.

The text is comprehensive and provides a good foundation for anatomy and physiology. It has the same structure for each chapter, providing the learning objectives at the start.

The additional resources at the end of each chapter helps provided The additional resources at the end of each chapter helps provided support to the students, with a list of key terms, a chapter review, the interactive links, follow-up questions and critical thinking question all help add provide comprehension support to the chapter reading.

The bonus resources for students is very beneficial such as the zip file that provides audio recording of correct production of key terms helps provide understanding to the technical terms used throughout the text and a guide to writing notes will help identify key concepts from each chapter. Content is up-to-date and relevant to anatomy and physiology that any updates would be minor and simple to add if needed.

The text is specific enough to learn new concepts, but not overwhelming or riddled with excessive technical jargon. The framework of the text was consistent through all sections from the preface, chapter to chapter, to the index. The text is easy to read and the divided in a logical manner.

The text provided appropriate titles for large themes and labeled subsections to keep the text from becoming overwhelming to the reader. The text is easy to navigate and locate specific topics quickly. The links worked properly. The text is culturally sensitive to the material, and examples of multi-cultural anatomy is presented. I am looking forward using this text in my future courses. This is a comment I make about every textbook though, and I would image most professors This is a comment I make about every textbook though, and I would image most professors would as well.

All content seemed accurate. I would like to see updates on some terminology to reflect structures named after location instead of who is given credit for discovering it. The text is easy to read, there are enough heading and subheadings to help students track content. I really liked how there are interactive links throughout the textbook and found that helpful for students. The microscopy images were nice and clear, however there were times when I wanted more histological images to go with the cartoon images.

I like to have both in textbook.

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May 17, - Explore fahadchy20's board "Download medical books pdf free" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Medical, Free medical, Textbook. In preparing this edition, we have. Latest edition of the world's most popular textbook on basic human anatomy and physiology with over 1. Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Illness Here's an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand basic textbook of anatomy and physiology.

original document. Under no Human anatomy and physiology is more than just interesting, We hope that you enjoy the lecture note of Human Anatomy.

Anatomy and Physiology

Mcgraw Hill Human Anatomy And Physiology Pdf With the fifth edition of Understanding Human Anatomy and Physiology, your introductory, one-semester students have the opportunity to experience an effective blend of up-to-date, informational content with several new features and an extensively enhanced multimedia support system. The purpose of this review is to address the reasons and methods for conducting optical remote sensing within the flux tower footprint. This PDF book incorporate human anatomy and physiology martini 9th edition guide. Click Get Books and find your favorite books in the online library. Physiology is the scientific study of functions and mechanisms in a living system.

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Medical Physiology Question Bank Students are admitted into the thesis track, which requires mentorship from a faculty member and that resources are available for the thesis research project. The book was originally published in the November of Benefits of Test Bank.

Welcome to Module 2 of Introductory Human Physiology!

Mcgraw Hill Human Anatomy And Physiology Pdf

Get human anatomy physiology marieb lab manual 11th edition PDF file for free from. It will talk over mostly around the above subject together with further information related to it. Based on our index, this document shows up as --, officially introduced on 14 Jul, and take about We recommend you to search our extensive variety of pdf of which distribute from numerous subject as well as resources available.

You'll need Acrobat Reader to view the chapters. Pharm course regulations for B. The present book is compilation of my lecture notes on Human Physiology. This course is an overview of the principles that are important to the basic structure of the human body and how it works. Cells and Tissues;

However, it is made up of many different parts whose functions are dependent on one another. Learn about all the human anatomy organs as well as the major functions and significance of each of the human body systems and the role they play in. Citation Walker J Skeletal system 1: the anatomy and physiology of bones. Explore over anatomic structures and more than translated medical labels. Connective tissue: dense, rich in blood and nerve supply. Includes quizzes, games and printing. Note the pterion, a weak point of the skull, where the anterior middle meningeal artery is at risk of damage.

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Anatomy and Physiology

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