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Here are a few more tips for producing scores that are easily readable and will get you the performance you want. Chords One thing that people seem to be vocal and passionate about is how to write chord symbols. There are many ways to write them, but the important thing is to be clear. Of course, clarity also seems to be the most common justification that people give for putting way too many characters in their chord symbols. I will start by saying that most of the defaults in our notation software are not ideal.

Inside the Big Band Drum Chart. Steve Fidyk

The music we perform influences our approach, style, and instrument choice. Traditional or contemporary styles Projection and sound quality The drum set is made up of a collection of sounds that together, create one composite sound.

The rhythmic consistency and fluidity of each limb will directly effect how solid your beats are. The Ride Cymbal The ride cymbal is the most important element for achieving a good flowing swing feel Accenting the quarter note pulse within your ride pattern can help lock in your three remaining limbs when playing time Knowing where the quarter note is and how it relates to the rhythms you are playing will help develop solid time, regardless of what style of music you are playing. Some composers give exact information concerning style, tempo, ensemble or section accents, and suggested beats for certain sections of a chart.

I ve also read arrangements that provided nothing more than the name of the composition followed by numerous measures of repeat signs. Because a drum chart does not accurately represent what you play, it is essentially a guide that drummers use to improvise and compose an individual part. This is the greatest difference between brass or reed parts and a drum part.

Another point of contention is most arrangers are not drummers and often have difficulty communicating exactly what they expect from you on the part. One suggestion would be to question what you see and listen carefully as you read. Listen for the ensembles phrasing swung or straight , articulations long or short , and dynamics loud or soft and use this information to help compose appropriate beats and figure interpretation.

Your personal interpretation of the music should reflect the amount of detail found within the arrangement itself. Listen for: The introduction, melody, solos and background figures, shout. Interpreting the music with this approach can help bring about a more effective accompaniment plan. Engage the listener with ideas that have variety and contrast as you lead the ensemble through each musical phrase.

One example of this is when a musical theme ascends from a low register to a higher one, try playing the phrase by ascending from your low drum bass drum or floor tom , to a higher voice possibly snare drum or hi hat.

The written phrase on your drum part will not reflect any shape. Try consulting the lead trumpet part to discover the shape of any musical line. Articulation As drummers, we cannot play note durations with the accuracy of a horn player, but we can designate sound sources from the drum set that best complement the articulation and intensity of a note or phrase.

A note s articulation is determined by: a. Your approach to phrasing and articulating should always complement the ensemble, and by reading and understanding these symbols, you will bring clarity to the longer phrases you play.

Below is a trumpet 1 phrase with articulation marks. If we expose the rhythms with articulations, we have a phrase that illustrates the emphasized horn rhythms. These are destination points in a musical line that create a second tier of accent texture. With just the articulated rhythm, the phrase looks like this: Below is one common drum set articulation for this phrase.

Now you are phrasing and articulating with the band!! Dynamic Expression and Shape Music of all styles or genres has shape. As a piece of music develops, phrases ascend or descend with intensity creating different musical textures and moods. Drum parts from big band arrangements have a multitude of single flat line rhythms that do not indicate shape. It is up to the individual performer to interpret these rhythms around the drum set.

Flat line drum set section figure example: Below are the same two measures from the trumpet one part: The line drawing below approximates the shape of the above multiple note trumpet figure. You can apply this shape on the drums and cymbals. Set Up the Band! A set up is an improvised fill that helps prepare a section or ensemble entrance enhancing the flow and excitement of the arrangement. Set ups are determined in part by the tempo and style of the piece and can complement or contrast its parent band figure rhythmically or dynamically.

On the following page is a 4 measure phrase followed by various set up approaches at different tempos:. A faster tempo requires less rhythmic fill activity. Now let s look at each phrase side by side for analysis purposes. This is an example of parallel motion.

The triplet fill leads the ensemble to their entrance. The figure is then played in unison with the horns. The drums and horns move parallel to one another. Example B creates counter point. By accenting beat one of measure two, the drum fill produces a new rhythmic figure. The ensemble rhythm on beat two is not played in unison. The ensemble enters on beat two.

This is another example of parallel motion with sixteenth note set up fills. Because the tempo is slow, example D illustrates figures with eighth note triplet connector material. All rights reserved. Used with Permission. Accompaniment: A vocal or instrumental part that supports or is background for a principal part or parts.

Alla breve: A tempo marking indicating a. Page references are Teacher s Edition. Rhythm 1. National Standards for Music Education 1. Singing, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music. Performing on instruments, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music. Students will: Personal Choice and Vision: Students construct and solve problems of personal relevance and interest when expressing themselves through A.

Demonstrate how musical elements communicate meaning. The Electronic Music Units of Instruction include four strands. Many examples of stories, songs. Singing Singing is a fundamental and universal form of expression that requires active listening skills.

Parameters for Session Skills Improvising Initial for all instruments If you choose Improvising, you will be asked to improvise in a specified style over a backing track that you have not seen or heard. For this task you will create a 16 bar composition with a Ground Bass Accompaniment. The first note. The Power Of Two The benefits of teaching jazz style in a duet setting presented by Doug Beach Essential components of good ensemble playing: Conception Accurate interpretation of the music.

Having had the experience of conducting it many times, I have accumulated a list of ideas,. Music education should begin. First rule: always memorize the melody of the song! You should be able to sing and play it in the original key. If you really want to be totally extra, extra awesome, you will be. Minnesota Academic Standards Arts K The proposed revised standards in this document were drafted during the school year. These standards are currently proceeding through the administrative.

NCDPI staff are continually updating and improving these tools to better serve teachers. Band Present Annually?

Let s look closely at what the criteria says. The student evaluates. Who Should Write a Review? You may use pencil for music. The blues scale. The comping rhythms, melodies, and voicings of the greatest Jazz guitarists are delightful to listen to, with. Fill in the template. Expressive Singing Independent Singing : Grade 4 Product Performance GLE 1: Develop and apply singing skills to perform and communicate through the arts : knowledge of process and techniques for the production,.

If you plan to use the whole or any parts of this. Guitar Rubric Technical Exercises Guitar Debut In this section the examiner will ask you to play a selection of exercises drawn from each of the three groups shown below. Groups A and B contain examples. Middle School, Adopted Chapter Introduction Music is a subject with its own unique skills and knowledge, a respected repertoire of quality literature, an advanced system of notation and literacy, and a challenging form of cognition.

Common Anchor 1 Enduring Understanding: The creative ideas, concepts, and feelings that influence musicians work emerge from. Students will sing melodies in parallel harmony. See www. The Task Students will be required to compose one piece of music which explores two or more of the five areas of study. Bass Clef Sight-Reading Exercise Worksheet Instructions: In this exercise you will work through five different levels of sight-reading ability.

You may wish to print four copies of the music sheet for. Making a sound playing a musical instrument, moves the surrounding the instrument. Making a sound sends out air which hit your ears. Waves of changing air pressure. A series of music lessons for implementation in the classroom F

Houghton-Studio and Big Band Drumming (w/2 CD)

We hardly ever see him after dinner nowadays. Maybe he prefers his own company. Maybe he finds the food better elsewhere. Clearly however he was not reading for his eyes were very still. Masters of Time was a book I started using in college. It was also the same time I began transcribing songs on a regular basis, so I was primed to analyze the phrasing of the transcriptions in this book. He stepped past Knight and headed for the waiting Hummer.

Phrasing and Freedom with Brushes is like no other book available. Written by Melbourne drummer Anthony Stanislavski, the reader will gain a comprehensive set of skills including pattern choreography, rudimental application, improvisational material and much more. The book includes 8 fully notated original compositions ranging in styles from swing, latin and funk. Every exercise and tune comes with backing tracks and video demonstrations. A must for anyone wanting to take their brush playing to new heights! Gain Freedom with Brushes takes you on a step-by-step course of lateral techniques, pattern choreography and improvisational cells. Once you have completed the course, you will have built a strong technical foundation that will allow you to play many grooves, fills and improvisational ideas.

Swing Favorites - Drums: Big Band Play-Along Volume 1: Hal

Earshot Jazz cover story, January Greg Williamson is a jazz drummer, percussionist, composer, musical instigator, and keeper of a jazz flame. Starting as her drummer of choice for many tours of the United States, Japan and South America, he eventually acted as her musical director. PBR is distributed worldwide by Burnside Distribution. Williamson produced the annual Pony Boy Records Jazz Picnic for 10 years, which won awards for contributions to the community by Earshot Jazz, and whose t-shirts still adorn the fans and musicians of the Northwest.

Rating: 4. Send to a Friend. The book includes ideas and philosophies concerning h Read Full Description.

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Arranging for Big Band 1. The Resources page has all the PDF files required to go through the assignments from the book, as well as all the audio examples discussed on each lesson.

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The music we perform influences our approach, style, and instrument choice. Traditional or contemporary styles Projection and sound quality The drum set is made up of a collection of sounds that together, create one composite sound. The rhythmic consistency and fluidity of each limb will directly effect how solid your beats are.

Feb 28 This material is aiming for musician who has already been playing a while, and maybe reads a bit too, but who is starting to get stuck in a creative rut. Yes, it happens to all of us sooner or later. This book will help to ease you out of that rut, and maybe inspire you to explore some new rhythmic compositions by using these concepts and methods as a launch pad for your own creativity.

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Piekarczyk , J The second section of this book lays out the eleven ways of interpreting Syncopation by Ted Reed. And greetings to Sverige…? How do you recommend going about working through these books? Good luck. Pacific , MO : Mel Bay , As head of the Berklee College of Music Percussion Department from , Alan Dawson left a legacy that changed jazz drumming forever.

Steve Houghton Studio and Big Band Drumming

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