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Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, This is certainly true of DR, in which Deleuze attempts to prioritize the principle of difference over the principle of identity, all within the framework of a critique of the history of Western philosophy. Thankfully, however, Williams's reading of Deleuze is able to capture the originality of DR while liberating those of us who, like this author, are not completely au fait with the intricacies of Deleuzian thought, from some of the quandaries engendered by its inherent complexity. In writing this book, Williams's intention is to critically analyze the methodology and the arguments contained in Deleuze's book. Williams treats DR —uncontroversially, I think—as the "keystone" of Deleuze's work taken as a whole, and also as a book that is of deep significance to the broader history of philosophy.

Difference and repetition

Kant and Spinozism pp Cite as. As explained in the introduction, twentieth-century French philosopher Gilles Deleuze is included in this book due to his continuity, as a critic and interpreter of Kant, with Jacobi, Herder, and Maimon. In this respect, and in respect of several key ideas of his major work Difference and Repetition , Deleuze is the contemporary inheritor of Maimon. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.

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Shakespeare, Proust, Joyce, and Beckett are the four literary authors who most unite Deleuze and McGahern in shared enthusiasm and they shall be considered as mediating presences between McGahern and Deleuze throughout the course of the article. It shall be argued that a Deleuzian vision lies at the heart of contemporary Irish literature and that That They May Face the Rising Sun represents a primary textual example of this literary strand. Gilles Deleuze 1. They are just pictures. John McGahern 2. Shakespeare, Proust, Joyce, and Beckett are the three literary authors who most unite Deleuze and McGahern in shared enthusiasm.

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If exchange is the criterion of generality, theft and gift are those of repetition. There is, therefore, an economic difference between the two. To repeat is to behave in.

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Last Letters Antonin Artaud: Selected Writings. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, a.

In the world of computer hardware, Moore's Law states that processing power doubles roughly every two years. On recent evidence, the same might be said of the Deleuze industry, which surely cannot be far from collapsing under its own weight. Even before production reached its peak, Deleuze studies attracted trilogists, exemplified by the brilliantly original Keith Ansell-Pearson and the wonderfully lucid Claire Colebrook, writing, when the field was still nascent, in the s and early s. The old master Ronald Bogue produced a hat-trick in alone — the year of the first edition of James Williams's book, his first of three on the philosopher.

Email: delagarza asu. Departures in Critical Qualitative Research 1 December ; 8 4 : 10— In the spirit of Gilles Deleuze, who sought to interrogate the presuppositions of the ideas and concepts we assume as a function of our education and social existence, this essay uses poetic prose to reflect upon nine quotations from Difference and Repetition as they are relevant to questions of merit and distinction. Like Deleuze, the author assumes that allusive and even metaphysical prose employing neologisms and creative re interpretation of language can be especially helpful when critiquing and seeking to understand repetition, tradition, and hierarchies that have been locked in place by disciplined styles of expression.

Difference and Repetition


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Gilles Deleuze January 18, —November 4, was one of the most influential and prolific French philosophers of the second half of the twentieth century.