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October 12, math and physics play No comments bivector , curl , divergence theorem , dot product , duality transformation , multivector , pseudoscalar , Stokes' theorem , trivector , wedge product. In [1] a few problems are set to prove some variations of Stokes theorem. He gives some cool tricks to prove each one using just the classic 3D Stokes and divergence theorems.

Stokes' theorem

Stokes' theorem relates a surface integral of a the curl of the vector field to a line integral of the vector field around the boundary of the surface. After reviewing the basic idea of Stokes' theorem and how to make sure you have the orientations of the surface and its boundary matched , try your hand at these examples to see Stokes' theorem in action. Is the surface oriented properly? The normal vector points in the positive x-direction. But we need it to point it negative x-direction. Therefore, the surface is not oriented properly if we were to choose this normal vector.

First order and linear second order differential equations with constant coefficients. Multiple Choice Questions which are objective type questions each having 4 choices of answers. However, with the official announcement of GATE another type of question has been added i. It also includes negative marking. It can be used to find explicit values for g k [G of K] for k equals 2, 3, or 4, and built on Euler's earlier work in number theory. Stokes theorem I Poynting theorem 25 The electric field lines are Straight lines Smooth curved lines Either straight lines or smootil curved 1m Closed lines 26 The power factor of an Induction motor at no I I around 0. GATE Syllabus.

Given a vector field , the theorem relates the integral of the curl of the vector field over some surface, to the line integral of the vector field around the boundary of the surface. The classical Stokes' theorem can be stated in one sentence: The line integral of a vector field over a loop is equal to the flux of its curl through the enclosed surface. Stokes' theorem is a special case of the generalized Stokes' theorem. The main challenge in a precise statement of Stokes' theorem is in defining the notion of a boundary. Surfaces such as the Koch snowflake , for example, are well-known not to exhibit a Riemann-integrable boundary, and the notion of surface measure in Lebesgue theory cannot be defined for a non- Lipschitz surface. One advanced technique is to pass to a weak formulation and then apply the machinery of geometric measure theory ; for that approach see the coarea formula.

Stokes' theorem proof part 1

Mcq On Stokes Theorem Find books. Near thermodynamic equilibrium, the emitted radiation is closely described by Planck's law and because of its dependence on temperature, Planck radiation is said to be thermal radiation, such that the higher the temperature of a body the more radiation it emits at every wavelength. The solved questions answers in this Test: Stokes Theorem quiz give you a good mix of easy questions and tough questions. Fluid is a substance that a cannot be subjected to shear forces b always expands until it fills any container. You might like to have a little play with: The Fourier Series Grapher.

We will prove Stokes' theorem for a vector field of the form P (x, y, z) k. That is, we will show, with the usual notations, (3) P (x, y, z) dz = curl (P k) · n dS. We assume S is given as the graph of z = f(x, y) over a region R of the xy-plane; we let C be the boundary of S, and C the boundary of R.

Mcq On Stokes Theorem

In this section, we state the divergence theorem, which is the final theorem of this type that we will study. The divergence theorem has many uses in physics; in particular, the divergence theorem is used in the field of partial differential equations to derive equations modeling heat flow and conservation of mass. We use the theorem to calculate flux integrals and apply it to electrostatic fields.

Stokes' theorem

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Furthermore, the theorem has applications in fluid mechanics and electromagnetism. First, we look at an informal proof of the theorem. This proof is not rigorous, but it is meant to give a general feeling for why the theorem is true. In the limit, as the areas of the approximating squares go to zero, this approximation gets arbitrarily close to the flux. Therefore, four of the terms disappear from this double integral, and we are left with. Therefore, the theorem allows us to compute surface integrals or line integrals that would ordinarily be quite difficult by translating the line integral into a surface integral or vice versa. We now study some examples of each kind of translation.

For the Divergence Theorem, we use the same approach as we used for prove the theorem for rectangular regions, then use the change of variables formula.

16.7: Stokes’ Theorem

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