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Stress and Stress Management in Nursing Students

Find Flashcards. Brainscape's Knowledge Genome TM. Browse over 1 million classes created by top students, professors, publishers, and experts. Which statement can a nurse use to best describe the Stuart Stress Adaptation Model to someone who is unfamiliar with it?

The two reflect the complementary nature of the nursing and medical models of practice. ANS: D The correct option mimics the explanation provided by the author of the text. You have to help me, please. Getting a health care provider to prescribe a sedative for the patient b. Beginning the nursing process by conducting a nursing assessment d. Putting the patient in a quiet room to minimize environmental stimuli.

ANS: C The primary responsibility of the psychiatric nurse according to the fifth assumption of the Stuart Stress Adaptation Model is to use the nursing process, standards of care, and professional performance, which, in this case, should start with a nursing assessment.

The remaining options are specific interventions that are determined to be appropriate by the assessment data. An adolescent who belongs to a neighborhood gang has been caught both lying and stealing by a parent. ANS: A Alternative or deviant social behaviors are not necessarily indicative of illness. Autonomy b.

Integration c. Reality perception d. Environmental mastery. ANS: A These factors relate directly to autonomy, the condition that allows for definition and control over a domain. Hallucinations and delusions indicate problems with reality perception. A nurse documents that a patient is appropriately emotionally responsive, in control, and expresses a unified philosophy of life.

This implies that the patient has met the mental health criterion of: a. ANS: B Integration refers to a balance between what is expressed and what is repressed and a regulation of moods and emotions, and it includes the characteristics mentioned in the question.

ANS: D The question asks for a reply relevant to the extent of mental illness. On the basis of predictions from the Global Burden of Disease Study, mental health professionals should be most concerned with increasing primary prevention efforts for: a. ANS: D The study predicted that by the year , major depressive disorder would become the second leading factor in disease burden worldwide. ANS: D The answer is the only option that addresses comparative treatment efficacy, providing data that show that there are physical illnesses with poorer treatment results than the mental illness that the spouse is experiencing.

The greatest barrier to treatment for the mentally ill can be minimized by: a. ANS: A The initial barrier to a patient seeking mental health treatment is insufficient or nonexistent health care insurance coverage for the treatment of mental illness. Which predisposing factors most influence mental illness?

Biological factors, such as genetic background, general health, nutritional status, and exposure to toxins c.

Psychological factors, such as intelligence, morale, self-concept, motivation, and past experiences d. Sociocultural characteristics, such as education, income, occupation, culture, religion, and relatedness. ANS: A Predisposing factors include biological, psychological, and sociocultural components. Predisposing factors are those that place a person at risk for development of a stress-related disorder. Precipitating stressors are stimuli that: a. ANS: C Precipitating stressors are stimuli that the individual perceives as challenging, threatening, or demanding.

Dealing with them requires extra energy and produces a state of tension and stress. Which individual would a nurse consider to be at the highest risk for the onset of stress-related problems? A patient whose beloved parent died 3 months ago and who has lost a job because of corporate restructuring. A patient who was passed over for promotion and quit to start a new business.

A patient who is graduating from college and will be married in one month. A married patient whose new business is growing slowly and who plans to adopt a child. ANS: A The patient who has lost a parent and a job is dealing with two stressful life events that are socially undesirable. The patient gives no indication of psychological hardiness. The other people described are dealing with change they perceive as challenging but to which they are committed and over which they have some control.

These factors indicate psychological hardiness. A nurse taking the history of a patient diagnosed with depression discovers that the patient has a number of life strains and daily hassles. In what way is this information relevant? Negative life events are more likely to negatively affect physical health than mental health.

Daily hassles are a source of considerable stress and may affect mood more than major misfortunes. Life strains associated with the work role are most predictive of the development of major depression. Stressful life events are largely overrated as precipitating stressors that lead to the onset of symptoms. ANS: B Research suggests that daily hassles may be better predictors of psychological and physical health than major life events. The more frequent and intense the hassles people reported, the poorer was their overall mental and physical health.

A patient has decided to resign from a job that involved many daily hassles. The nurse can correctly hypothesize that this patient is initially: a. ANS: A Social response to stress and illness involves the search for meaning, which is a period of time in which people seek information about their problem. It is only after a search for meaning that the patient can begin devising a coping strategy. A major difference between coping resources and coping mechanisms is that: a.

ANS: B Coping resources include economic assets, abilities, skills, defensive techniques, social supports, and motivation. Coping mechanisms can be defined as any effort directed at stress management and include problem-focused, cognitive-focused, and emotion-focused mechanisms that can be constructive assets or destructive liabilities.

A comparison of the nursing and medical models of care shows that: a. Nurses assess risk factors and look for vulnerabilities; physicians assess disease states and look for causes. Nursing intervention consists of caregiving activities; medical intervention consists of curative treatments. Nursing diagnoses: a. ANS: B Responses to stress, whether actual or potential, are the subject of nursing diagnoses.

Nursing diagnoses complement rather than replace medical diagnoses. ANS: C Patients with psychoses have these characteristics: regressive behavior, personality disintegration, significant reduction in the level of awareness, great difficulty in adequately functioning, and gross impairment in reality testing. The nurse initiates the nursing process for the purpose of managing the psychiatric care for a patient with a maladaptive stress response when: a.

The nurse-patient relationship evolves as the nurse engages in the nursing process. ANS: A The crisis stage occurs in the first days to weeks after a stressful event. The immediate nursing goal for the patient is the: a. A delusional patient believes that the accidental death of a child was actually caused by aliens.

He has become severely anxious believing he is also in danger. During the acute stage of treatment, the expected outcome of nursing care is the: a. A patient is diagnosed with bipolar disorder and hospitalized. According to the Stuart Stress Adaptation Model, nursing interventions for this stage of treatment will focus on: a. ANS: C According to the Stuart Stress Adaptation Model, mutual treatment planning, modeling, and teaching adaptive responses are appropriate nursing interventions for the acute stage of treatment.

A patient was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and hospitalized. The symptoms went into remission, and the patient was recently discharged to the community. During this stage of treatment the expected outcome will be that the patient will: a.

ANS: C The desired outcome during the maintenance stage of treatment is improved patient functioning. A nurse caring for a patient suspects that the patient has a personality disorder in addition to presenting with maladaptive stress response. ANS: B Axis III allows the clinician to identify any physical disorder that is potentially relevant to the understanding or treatment of the individual. Academy Contact Find Us brainscape. Brainscape is a web and mobile study platform that helps you learn things faster.

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Nursing education is taught in theoretical, experimental and practical fields. All teaching and learning management, nursing students are stressed and anxious because of the environmental situation in the hospital or symptoms of patients never seen before. In line with some studies, it was pointed out that nursing students had more stress than other students. The severity of stress in nursing students was not the same level. It depends on the acceptance and adaptability of each nursing student towards stress. Stress from nursing education is a major cause to repeat class, to have education failure and retirement. Administrators and nursing instructors would be able to understandthe stress and stress management in nursing students in order to organize teaching and learning activities appropriated with the students as well as to develop counselling system to help students manage their stress well.

Find Flashcards. Brainscape's Knowledge Genome TM. Browse over 1 million classes created by top students, professors, publishers, and experts. Which statement can a nurse use to best describe the Stuart Stress Adaptation Model to someone who is unfamiliar with it? The two reflect the complementary nature of the nursing and medical models of practice. ANS: D The correct option mimics the explanation provided by the author of the text. You have to help me, please.

Chapter 3: The Stuart Stress Adaptation Model of Psychiatric Nursing Care Flashcards Preview

Stress , either physiological , biological , or psychological is an organism's response to a stressor such as an environmental condition. Stimuli that alter an organism's environment are responded to by multiple systems in the body. The sympathoadrenal medullary SAM axis may activate the fight-or-flight response through the sympathetic nervous system , which dedicates energy to more relevant bodily systems to acute adaptation to stress, while the parasympathetic nervous system returns the body to homeostasis. The second major physiological stress-response center, the HPA axis, regulates the release of cortisol , which influences many bodily functions such as metabolic, psychological and immunological functions. The SAM and HPA axes are regulated by several brain regions, including the limbic system , prefrontal cortex , amygdala , hypothalamus , and stria terminalis.

Stress (biology)

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Fundamentals Of Nursing: Stress And Adaptation

Stress is a feeling of physically emotional tension. Everyone experiences stress as a part of daily life, but each perceive and respond to stress in their own unique way. Stress is the debilitating effects caused by constant pressure both at work and home. Adaptation is the process that requires a change in behavior. So that the person is better suited to the environment. The nurses need to understand the stress to help the clients cope effectively and adapt to the stressors of illness and care giving stress can lead to a state of unhealthy.

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PDF | Stress is a fact of everyday life and it can be defined either as a reaction or as a adaptation syndrome, (GAS) is manifested by releasing.


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What to know about general adaptation syndrome

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General adaptation syndrome is a three-stage response that the body has to stress.

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A stressor is any person or situation that produces anxiety responses. It is important for the nurse to seek information about the stress producer for that patient.

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