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L ocal A rea N etwork is a group of computer and peripheral devices that are connected in a limited area such as school, laboratory, home, or office building. The full form of LAN is Local Area Network, which is a widely useful network for sharing resources like files, printers, games, and other applications.

The Network allows computers to connect and communicate with different computers via any medium. There are some similarities and dissimilarities between them. One of the significant differences is in the geographical area they cover, i. Furthermore, LAN networks rely on the hardware and communication devices owned by them for the transmission. As against, this could not be possible in case of MAN and WAN which are obliged to use public, private, leased communication hardware as these networks are spanned across a magnificent area.

Difference Between LAN and WAN

A LAN, abbreviated from Local Area Network, is a network that covers a small geographical area such as homes, offices, and groups of buildings. Whereas a WAN, abbreviated from Wide Area Network, is a network that covers larger geographical areas that can span the globe. An example of a widely used WAN is the Internet, which is a collection of tens of thousands of networks that connects tens of billions of devices. Local Area Networks predominantly use Ethernet technology, which is a group of networking technologies that dictates how data is transmitted over the physical media, with the most common media being CAT cabling. A LAN that is implemented well can bring multiple benefits to an organization such as high fault tolerance, scalability, security as well as fast and reliable speeds. Local Area Networks have higher bandwidth than Wide Area Networks, as well as being able to transmit data at much faster speeds. Another important factor that determines how fast data can be transmitted over the network is dependent on hardware and cable quality, in addition to the data transferability of these also having an effect.

A local area network LAN is a computer network that interconnects computers within a limited area such as a residence, school, laboratory, university campus or office building. Ethernet and Wi-Fi are the two most common technologies in use for local area networks. The increasing demand and usage of computers in universities and research labs in the late s generated the need to provide high-speed interconnections between computer systems. A report from the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory detailing the growth of their "Octopus" network gave a good indication of the situation. A number of experimental and early commercial LAN technologies were developed in the s.

Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN), Difference between LAN and WAN

A computer network is a group of computers linked to each other that enables the computer to communicate with another computer and share their resources, data, and applications. A computer network can be categorized by their size. A computer network is mainly of four types :. It is a low range network. Extranet: An extranet is a communication network based on the internet protocol such as Transmission Control protocol and internet protocol.

LAN vs WAN: What's the Difference?

MANs are normally using Fiber optics as medium of transmission for high speed performance. VANs also provide specialized communication services like assisting in EDI, extra security, message delivery, access to particular database. In VPN encryption and other security mechanism is used for ensuring authorized user network access and avoidance data interception.

A wide area network also known as WAN , is a large network of information that is not tied to a single location. WANs can facilitate communication, the sharing of information and much more between devices from around the world through a WAN provider. WANs can be vital for international businesses, but they are also essential for everyday use, as the internet is considered the largest WAN in the world.

Networking is at the center of all information sharing and Internet activities, and most homes and businesses have some sort of networking technology used for internet access and for enabling the business communications and functions. However, many people struggle with some of the fundamental concepts involved in computer networking. In this article we will be discussing each network type LAN vs WAN and discuss the differences between the two topologies.

What’s the difference between a LAN and a WAN?

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ARCHIVED: What is the difference between a LAN, a MAN, and a WAN?

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These two networks are generally classified on the basis of their coverage area.