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Ethics Character And Authentic Transformational Leadership Behavior Pdf

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Perceived Integrity of Transformational Leaders in Organisational Settings

Personalized charisma ; Pseudo-charismatic leadership ; Unauthentic transformational leadership ; Unethical charismatic leadership ; Unethical component of transformational leadership. The construct of pseudo-transformational leadership refers to leaders who abuse their influence, inspiration, and appeal to manipulate their followers in order to maximize their own gains Christie et al. Even though they draw on similar behaviors, pseudo-transformational leaders may be differentiated from authentic ones for lacking a moral foundation of legitimate values Bass and Steidlmeier Pseudo-transformational leaders employ their highly inspirational leadership behaviors and idealized Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Contents Search.

Alvesson, M. Leadership studies: From procedure and abstraction to reflexivity and situation. Leadership Quarterly. Ayman, R. Balgopal, Pallassana R. Bass, B.

Pseudo-transformational Leadership

In this CQ Dossier we describe the qualities of transformational leaders and how they gain commitment to their vision and the mission of the organization. We draw on the main theories of transformational leadership to present the key behaviors that distinguish transformational leaders from transactional leaders. In addition, we have a look at how transformational leaders show individualized consideration, intellectually stimulate their followers, provide inspirational motivation and idealized influence. Transformational leaders work with their employees to implement change. Transformational leaders create a vision for their followers and guide the change through inspiration and motivation. They are excellent role models and their followers emulate many of their actions.

Inauthentic Leadership Transformational leadership might sound preferable because the leader doesn't cynically harness the self-interest of her followers, as the transactional leader does. But there's a problem: A transformational leader might not be forthright with her followers. For example, a business owner might motivate her workforce with stirring speeches about the nobility of hard work, while her real aim is to increase production for personal gain. This type of transformational leader might be called inauthentic. Authentic Leadership Authentic leadership refers to the type of leader who actually holds the beliefs she espouses. The leader's authenticity presents itself in her actions. Her behavior reflects the ethics and values she promotes, such as transparency and fairness.

The ethics of transformational leadership are subverted by the pseudo-​transformational leader's contempt for self and others, by learning to rationalize and justify.

ethics, character, and authentic ethics, character, and authentic transformational leadership...

The ethical nature of transformational leadership has been hotly debated. This debate is demonstrated in the range of descriptors that have been used to label transformational leaders including narcissistic, manipulative, and self-centred, but also ethical, just and effective. Therefore, the purpose of the present research was to address this issue directly by assessing the statistical relationship between perceived leader integrity and transformational leadership using the Perceived Leader Integrity Scale PLIS and the Multi-Factor Leadership Questionnaire MLQ.

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Ethics, character, and authentic transformational leadership behavior

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Embed Size px x x x x This paper argues that to be truly transformational, leadership must be grounded in moral foundations. The literature on transformational leadership is linked to the long-standing literature on virtue and moral character, as exemplified by Socratic and Confucian typologies. It is related as well to the major themes of the modern Western ethical agenda: liberty, utility, and distributive justice Deception, sophistry, and pretense are examined alongside issues of transcendence, agency, trust, striving for congruence in values, cooperative action, power, persuasion, and corporate governance to establish the strategic and moral foundations of authentic transformational leadership.

Ethics Character And Authentic Transformational Leadership Behavior

Considering the accelerated pace of developments and advancements in the current era, organizations which have innovative, change-oriented managers and leaders with a long-term vision are more likely to survive the competitive environment.

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