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Job Design And Work Measurement In Operations Management Pdf

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Read this section. Pay close attention to the approaches to job design and the importance of the key elements to good design. This is important because efficiency and effectiveness is directly related to the way in which a job is designed. Good job design takes attention to detail and alignment with process. Job design is the systematic and purposeful allocation of tasks to individuals and groups within an organization.

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Find Flashcards. Brainscape's Knowledge Genome TM. Browse over 1 million classes created by top students, professors, publishers, and experts. Loading flashcards Labor planning. A means of determining staffing policies dealing with employment stability, work schedules, and work rules.

Human Resources , Job Design , and. Operator drops a part, you pick it up and h and it to him: do. Times are based on those in Solved Problem One could make the case that more or less overlap is possible between Gas Man 1. This could change when the Gas Man 2 could start. B does the right side and hood, grill and bumper. C does.

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Work measurement is a process of analyzing jobs for the purpose of setting the performance standards and benchmarks. It involves linking the employee responsibilities to the time required to complete specific tasks to achieve desired levels of performance. Job design involves specifying the work activities of an individual or group in an organizational setting. To this end, job design seeks to enhance job performance through clear definition of responsibilities for different work activities. Work measurement employs time study and activity sampling to determine the time an employee should take to accomplish a task. Job design is aimed at reducing job dissatisfaction amongst employees that comes about because of doing the same tasks repetitively. Work measurement is aimed at determining the time a qualified worker will take to accomplish a particular task at a set level of performance.

Job Design and Work Measurement

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Week 9 Job Design and Work Measurement

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F Job Design and Work Measurement


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