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Slope And Deflection Of Beams Nptel Pdf

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Structural Analysis NPTEL

Figure 1 shows a clear area of 12 m x 8. Offered by Georgia Institute of Technology. You will need to have mastered the engineering fundamentals from that class in order to be successful in this course offering. This course addresses the modeling and analysis of static equilibrium problems with For nonsymmetrical shapes, principal axes For nonsymmetrical shapes, principal axes will be rotated with respect to the neutral axes. You'd like to know how to calculate the area moment of If the rubber area is considered to be made up of infinite number of small area elements, every time a cavity is formed, an area element is eroded.

Lesson 16: Slope deflection equations: Frames without side...

Typically partial uniformly distributed loads u. The first English language description of the method was by Macaulay. The starting point is the relation from Euler-Bernoulli beam theory. Using these integration rules makes the calculation of the deflection of Euler-Bernoulli beams simple in situations where there are multiple point loads and point moments. The Macaulay method predates more sophisticated concepts such as Dirac delta functions and step functions but achieves the same outcomes for beam problems. An illustration of the Macaulay method considers a simply supported beam with a single eccentric concentrated load as shown in the adjacent figure.

Read here the fundamental notes on " Slope Deflection Method " topic of " Structure Analysis " subject. In this method, if the slopes at the ends and the relative displacement of the ends are known, the end moment can be found in terms of slopes, deflection, stiffness and length of the members. In- the slope-deflection method the rotations of the joints are treated as unknowns. For any 1 member bounded by two joints, the end moments can be expressed in terms of rotations. In this method all joints are considered rigid; i.

Aims determine the slope and deflection by using moment area method expected outcomes. The position of the maximum deflection is found out by equating the slope equation zero. Ab is the original unloaded length of the beam and ab is the deflected position of ab when loaded. Conjugate beam method nptel pdf haunched beams, and framed bents may be computed by a procedure. Macaulays method enables us to write a single equation for bending moment for the full length of the beam. Deflection is defined as the vertical displacement of a point on a loaded beam. Mohrs theorems for slope and deflection state that if a and b are two points on the.

Deflection Nptel

Lesson 1. General IntroductionLesson 2. Principle of Superposition, Strain EnergyLesson 3. Castiglianos TheoremsLesson 4. Theorem of Least WorkLesson 5.

In all practical engineering applications, when we use the different components, normally we have to operate them within the certain limits i. For instance we say that the particular component is supposed to operate within this value of stress and the deflection of the component should not exceed beyond a particular value. In some problems the maximum stress however, may not be a strict or severe condition but there may be the deflection which is the more rigid condition under operation. It is obvious therefore to study the methods by which we can predict the deflection of members under lateral loads or transverse loads, since it is this form of loading which will generally produce the greatest deflection of beams.

Lecture 2 : Conjugate Beam Method. In this course you will learn the following. Computation of deflection using conjugate beam method. Calculation of deflections is an important part of.

Slope and deflection of beams nptel pdf

Moment area method nptel

Instructional Objectives After reading this chapter the student will be able to 1. State whether plane frames are restrained against sidesway or not. Able to analyse plane frames restrained against sidesway by slope-deflection. Draw bending moment and shear force diagrams for the plane frame. Sketch the deflected shape of the plane frame.

Lesson 1. General IntroductionLesson 2. Principle of Superposition, Strain EnergyLesson 3. Castiglianos TheoremsLesson 4. Theorem of Least WorkLesson 5.

beams and frames. In this method, the area of the bending moment diagrams is utilized for computing the slope and or deflections at particular points along the.


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The slope or deflection at any point on the beam is equal to the resultant of the slopes or deflections at that point caused by each of the load acting separately.