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Friction , force that resists the sliding or rolling of one solid object over another. Frictional forces, such as the traction needed to walk without slipping, may be beneficial , but they also present a great measure of opposition to motion. About 20 percent of the engine power of automobiles is consumed in overcoming frictional forces in the moving parts. The major cause of friction between metals appears to be the forces of attraction, known as adhesion , between the contact regions of the surfaces, which are always microscopically irregular. Two simple experimental facts characterize the friction of sliding solids.

It is shown from tests on eighteen different solids, including several metals, glass, celluloid, rubber and maple wood, that the internal friction for strains below the elastic limit does not obey the liquid viscosity law, as is usually assumed, according to which the frictional force depends upon the velocity of strain, but that the internal friction is entirely independent of strain velocity, so far as can be observed. The method used was to measure the transverse deflections of the end of a rod, about a meter long, of the material being studied, which transverse deflections were produced during rotation of the rod when its end was deflected downwards by suitable loads on it. The experiments differ from most previous work in that relatively large masses of material were employed, tending to reduce surface effects, which are likely to enter in the case of vibration decrement experiments on wires and on thin strips. A table of the internal friction constants obtained is given, and also a table of similar internal friction constants calculated from data of previous investigators. A reasonable agreement is found. Kimball and D. Learn about our response to COVID , including freely available research and expanded remote access support.

Viscosity , resistance of a fluid liquid or gas to a change in shape, or movement of neighbouring portions relative to one another. Viscosity denotes opposition to flow. The reciprocal of the viscosity is called the fluidity , a measure of the ease of flow. Molasses , for example, has a greater viscosity than water. Because part of a fluid that is forced to move carries along to some extent adjacent parts, viscosity may be thought of as internal friction between the molecules ; such friction opposes the development of velocity differences within a fluid. Viscosity is a major factor in determining the forces that must be overcome when fluids are used in lubrication and transported in pipelines.

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Friction is the force resisting the relative motion of solid surfaces, fluid layers, and material elements sliding against each other. When surfaces in contact move relative to each other, the friction between the two surfaces converts kinetic energy into thermal energy that is, it converts work to heat. This property can have dramatic consequences, as illustrated by the use of friction created by rubbing pieces of wood together to start a fire. Kinetic energy is converted to thermal energy whenever motion with friction occurs, for example when a viscous fluid is stirred. Another important consequence of many types of friction can be wear , which may lead to performance degradation or damage to components. Friction is a component of the science of tribology. Friction is desirable and important in supplying traction to facilitate motion on land.

The paper presents validation of a mathematical model describing the friction factor by comparing the predicted and measured results in a broad range of solid concentrations and mean particle diameters. All solid particles were narrowly sized with mean particle diameters between 1. It is presented that the model predicts the friction factor fairly well. The paper demonstrates that solid particle diameter plays a crucial role for the friction factor in a vertical slurry flow with coarse solid particles. The mathematical model is discussed in reference to damping of turbulence in such flows. As the friction factor is below the friction for water it is concluded that it is possible that the effect of damping of turbulence is included in the K B function, which depends on the Reynolds number. Bagnold, R.

As an example of use, we have investigated the boundary condition of the liquid velocity during lubricated friction and studied the influence of a.


Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Study on Friction Coefficient of Liquid Flow through a Rectangular Microchannel with Electrokinetic Effects Abstract: The influences of the electrical double layer EDL field near a solid-liquid interface and induced electro kinetic field on pressure-driven liquid flow through micro channels are analyzed.

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Friction in Solids & Liquids. Formulae. 1. Frictional force: F = μN where, N is normal reaction. 2. Coefficient of static friction: g a. N. Fs. S. = =μ. 3.

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As an example of use, we have investigated the boundary condition of the liquid velocity during lubricated friction and studied the influence of a classical additive stearic acid in a base oil hexadecane , and demonstrate that simple Newtonian fluids can develop slip at the wall.

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This opposition force depends upon the nature of surfaces in contact. Surface of moving body appears smooth, but when observed through powerful microscope it.