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Inventing Vietnam The War In Film And Television Pdf

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Film Quarterly 1 October ; 46 1 : 42—

Inventing Vietnam: The War in Film and Television

Michael A. The Vietnam War has been depicted by every available medium, each presenting a message, an agenda, of what the filmmakers and producers choose to project about America's involvement in Southeast Asia. This collection of essays, most of which are previously unpublished, analyzes the themes, modes, and stylistic strategies seen in a broad range of films and television programs. From diverse perspectives, the contributors comprehensively examine early documentary and fiction films, postwar films of the s such as The Deer Hunter and Apocalypse Now, and the reformulated postwar films of the s--Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, and Born on the Fourth of July. They also address made-for-television movies and serial dramas like China Beach and Tour of Duty.

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This article lists notable films related to the Vietnam War. In film, people are able to portray people and events to fit the needs of the audience and the intended purpose of the film. According to a study by Martin Novelli, the depictions of the Vietnamese in American war films is often negatively stereotyped. Vietnamese civilians are usually shown as passive victims, prostitutes, or conniving with the enemy, while North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong guerilla fighters are frequently drawn as cruel torturers or effeminate cowards, and the ARVN are described as incompetent. Instead, filmmakers focused more on the themes of war compared with educating the populace with hard facts. In Walsh and Louvre's opinion, "the ideology of such films speaks of several basic and widespread public attitudes towards the war". Donna Alvah reported that students writing an introductory essay on the war often reflect the perception shared by most Americans born after the war.

(PDF) Inventing Vietnam: The War in Film and Television (Culture And The Moving Image) Ipad

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Inventing Vietnam: the war in film and television

Contributors: Cynthia J. Gilman, Jr. Slater, and the editor.

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JSTOR is a not-for-profit service that helps scholars, researchers, and students discover, use, and build upon a wide range of content in a trusted digital archive. We use information technology and tools to increase productivity and facilitate new forms of scholarship. Phila- delphia: Temple University Press, Anderegg's anthology may have its strongest value in alerting academics to ap- proaches in current research, although it may not inspire them. The 14 disparate contributions were not, appar- ently, written around a common objective.

Vietnam War in film

Contributors: Cynthia J. Gilman, Jr.

Inventing Vietnam: The War in Film and Television

Apocalypse Now. Berg, Rick, and John Carlos Rowe. Biskind, Peter. Accessed 20 Nov.

Vietnam became a subject of large-scale news coverage in the United States only after substantial numbers of U. Prior to that time, the number of American newsmen in Indochina had been small—fewer than two dozen even as late as By , at the height of the war, there were about accredited journalists of all nationalities in Vietnam, reporting for U. The U. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam MACV made military transportation readily available to newspeople, and some took advantage of this frequently to venture into the field and get their stories first-hand. That proximity to the battlefield carried obvious risks, and more than 60 journalists were killed during the war. Important stories could be transmitted directly by satellite from Tokyo.

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(PDF) Inventing Vietnam: The War in Film and Television (Culture And The Moving Image) Ipad

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Excerpt Read an excerpt from Chapter 1 (pdf). Contents Acknowledgments Introduction - Michael Anderegg 1. Hollywood and Vietnam: John Wayne and Jane.

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The film's title is based on a quote from President Lyndon B.

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Acknowledgments Introduction - Michael Anderegg 1. Hollywood and Vietnam: John Wayne and Jane Fonda as Discourse - Michael Anderegg 2. "All the.