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The A to Z Guide to Bible Signs and Symbols: Understanding Their Meaning and Significance

Symbols The essential reference for decoding signs and symbols The world around us is filled with signs and symbols. Those we have chosen to create, such as alphabets and. TO Because these mysteries are in. Whether we live in commercialized societies or communities relatively unchanged by time, we are surrounded by signs, images, and ideas that are often highly symbolic. Most of us are largely unaware of the meaning and significance - even the presence - of much of this symbolism, and an area of great richness is closed to us.

This book sets out to examine the nature of symbolism and to present, in fact. A symbol is clearly linked in function to a sign, and the two words are often used interchangeably, but symbol generally has a deeper meaning. A symbol is something that through its nature or appearance reflects or represents another thing more profound than. The creator gods of mythology, who possess these very qualities, are usually linked to the sun. Paul Dehaux's surreal painting seems to be a hymn to the goddess within her temple.

The moon, night nine sea, flowers, and statue-head are all realm, and the lamp signifies the divine spark i. But the subjects that have preoccupied mankind from the earliest times hawremained relatively constant: fertility, both of the soi and oi the human race, birth, life, and death.

Like the sun. The moon controls the tidal waters and passes through stages from new moon to lull moon. It is thus symbolic of water, pregnane , and the cycle of death. Universal symbols The theme ol die Goddess, or Earth Mother, permeates world mythology and dates back thousands of years. Clay figurines depicting large-. The earth itself is regarded as feminine and nurturing because it is fertilized by rain, and life springs from its soil.

Perplexed by the random, as. Along with the randomness of life, the inevitability ol death turns up in common symbolic images. These take many forms, from paintings showing a cherub juxtaposed with a human skull, to the more familiar image of sand ebbing out of an hourglass - all stark reminders ol the fate fate in the. However, although certain images are recognized as symbolic by main societies, the symbolism ol a particular image may vary From place to place and over time.

In farming communities the cat has always been a working animal, used to kill rats and mice, and there has been little mystique surrounding it: however something in the cats nature and appearance has given it associations with the night, mystery,.

His reflected. Many images, he believed, appear in our dreams as a direct product of the individual unconscious, which is a highly personal. In this Indian miniature, men grapple with a giant trapped emotions buried deep within us. Often we are not conscious of in a well, representing "the shadow," or base desires we try these impulses and they can only surface in dreams.

A hairbrush, to bury m the unconscious. In Magritte's painting The Restless Sleeper, a figure. Jung concluded that certain images appear as symbols universally and are therefore part of what he called the collective unconscious, built on the cultural experiences and memories of our ancestors. Images of being pursued by a huge monster, of yearning for safety, or of patients,. Jung termed these universal images "archetypes.

These figures symbolize for us our image of male and female and could represent either an aspect of ourselves, a parent, or a loved one. Other archetypes include the shadow, embodiment of feelings of guilt or fear, particularly about our hidden and unacknowledged feelings or desires.

Modern symbolism todays world, symbols retain their power to affect us, although we are perhaps less aware of their effects In. A more positive image is the American moon landing from Witnessed by million people throughout the world.

Creations such as Superman are not fictitious characters. In righting the wrongs of the world, such figures appeal to an innate. In the. The classical religions of Europe and Egypt no longer exist as belief systems, but their mythology survives. Like modern-day Hinduism, these religions were centered around groups of gods who more or less controlled the lives of humans - and much of human activity involved the worship and placation of those gods.

Many of these ancient gods live on in our imagination, and their symbolism has been absorbed into our language, our music, poetry, and art. It is hardly unusual to hear songwriters pay tribute to Venus, symbol of feminine beauty, or to Cupids arrow piercing a lovers heart. Zeus Zeus was king of the gods and god of the skies. His well-known amorous conquests reflect the Greek conquest of many outlying regions, and the absorption of their mother goddess cults.

Ami n-re The creator god, Amun, was merged with Re. Often depicted with an owl, she was the patron of Athens - her owl is the. He was later restored to life and became a symbol of resurrection, as well as the god of the. Anubis was supplanted by Osiris He was nevertheless the protector of the.

Nut was the sky goddess of Egyptian mythology and she is often depicted touching the earth with her toes and fingers. The arch of her body represents the arc of heaven. The stars on her body denote the Milky Way, and she is sometimes surrounded by astrological signs.

Cupid, Eros was a symbol ol earthly love. He was the son of Aphrodite, and carried a bow and arrows with which he pierced the. The Romans absorbed elements ol all the cultures they came into contact with.

They adopted the Greek gods as well as those of other peoples they conquered, and had hundreds of different gods, goddesses, demigods, and spirits - each ol which.

Although the pre-Roman Europe and the British Isles adopted some of the gods ol the conquering Remans they had. They honored and worshiped the gods order to safeguard themselves - in this hie and the next.

Jl no. Apoi lo Mercury was the god ol commerce He appeared late in the pantheon, at a time when trade flourished He is sometimes equated with the Greek god Hermes, messenger of the gods Here he weighs Trojan against creek to decide the i. Greek Zeus ; uno, wife and goddess of light, marriage, and childbirth, and Apollo, son of Jupiter. Cerm nnos emunnos is found throughout Mere he is shown with antl surrounded by animals In his [eft hand he holds The horned god the. During the Jewish people's long journey Irom where they had been slaves, God spoke heir leader, and made a pact, or.

Jus ol the ews Irom Egypt, when the angel ol death the Israelites sparing their lives At thi ler, or ritual. Chnstians believe these prophecies were fulfilled in the life of Jesus,. Icons are seen as embodying spiritual truths. The cult ol Man is similar to some mother goddi In the Eastern.

Peter was crucified upside down. Saints Christian saints were particular! There are thousands of saints, and main are depicted in sculpture and paintings. Francis, for instance, is seen with birds or animals, and. The encompasses. All the gods and goddesses of Hinduism, including Brahma creator , Vishnu preserver , Shiva destroyer.

Originally a mountain god, Shiva, meaning auspicious, is the god of destruction. But, in a world ol endless rebirths, destruction precedes creation.

He may be worshiped as a linga, or phallic symbol, as an ascetic, as a teacher, or in his form as dancer in the great. Originally connected with the sun, Vishnu is the preserver of the universe and the embodiment of love, truth, and mercy To his worshipers he is the supreme being from whom everything emanates.

He rides on Garuda, the fabulous bird, or rests on Ananta, the cosmic serpent. Vishnu has been incarnated on earth in nine avatars, or incarnations, some human, some animal.

The tenth incarnation, the. She stands for the more active, destructive aspects of feminine nature. Valued for us milk and its dung, which is used as fuel, the low. Hindu temple The central tower represents mouniatntop, because mountains are the sacred abodes ol the g The image ol the god is in. The sound, pronounced A-U-M, is thought to be the one eternal syllable, in which the past. Buddhism developed from the teachings of Gautama Buddha, born Prince Siddhartha in northeastern India in the mid-6th century bc.

He renounced his worldly Nirvana,. Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism are known as the Three Great Truths, and together have molded Chinese thought over v thousands of years. Buddha; the wheel of law or life; and the crown of Brahma, for Buddha's supremacy. Buddhists do not worship the Buddha but pay homage to his teachings and example in front of his effigies.

These portray various postures, or asanas,. This is usually symbolized by the parinirvana asana, in. Wheel of law With his first sermon, the Buddha is said to have set the wheel of dharma, or law, in motion. The wheel,. While the Buddha was engaged in deep meditation there was a violent storm and torrential rain. The great serpent Muchalinda raised the Holy One onto his coils and protected him from the rain with his many hoods. Pagodas are stupas, which were originally bunal mounds erected over the remains of important men in India After the Buddha's death his ashes were divided and placed within stupas, and later his few possessions were similarly enshnned Stupas act as a symbol of the Buddha's entry into Nirvana and a reminder to all of the possibility of enlightenment In Burma, as in China, the stupa is known as a pagoda.

Each hand holds an object that symbolizes an attribute of.

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The space saved is usually so small, however, that the use of abbreviations is determined largely by -- - Each line and symbol or sign in your palm is important in its own way. Wherever these signs are situated in your palm, you receive auspicious or inauspicious results accordingly. There are different types of signs which have been discussed below : Triangle. I have encountered these marks during my many years in the field and can say with experience that.

Symbols The essential reference for decoding signs and symbols The world around us is filled with signs and symbols. Those we have chosen to create, such as alphabets and. TO Because these mysteries are in. Whether we live in commercialized societies or communities relatively unchanged by time, we are surrounded by signs, images, and ideas that are often highly symbolic.

Have you ever wondered what those letters on the altar stand for? What is the significance of the symbols in the stained glass windows? Why is a fish a symbol of our Christian faith, and what does a peacock have to do with anything? Yes, the church is full of sacred signs and symbols that tell us about our past - our history - and inform our faith. Each one has some significance and connection to our faith, and each one represents a time in history, a story, a body of believers.

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Most of them are also found in our own homes: oil, bread, light, water, wine, and white clothing. They are simple, basic and very accessible to us. These simple elements of everyday life invite us to reflect on the mystery of our faith. In our present age we are confronted with so many flashing images and shrill sounds competing for our attention that we can end up feeling fragmented, because we have no time to reflect or to be still. We sometimes long for peace and a sense of calm.

The Symbols are listed in alphabetical order and have their definitions and proof texts. Proof Texts John have verse popups and reference links to make it easier to quickly read the proof texts for each definition. If you have a pop-up blocker set on your browser they may not work until it is disabled. You can temporarily disable it if you want to see the verse pop-ups. Words or Message, Tongue 2.