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After the US joined the Allies, they crushed the German soldiers. The soldiers and the general public became disillusioned and went against Kaiser Wilhelm II. A constituent assembly was elected.

India and the Contemporary World-I is a critical skill that inculcates logical reasoning and out-of-the-box analytical abilities.

Nazism and the Rise of Hitler Class 9 Important Questions History Chapter 3

Hitler has been represented in popular culture ever since he became a well-known politician in Germany. His distinctive image was often parodied by his opponents. Parodies became much more prominent outside Germany during his period in power. Since the end of World War II representations of Hitler, both serious and satirical, have continued to be prominent in popular culture, sometimes generating significant controversy. Numerous works in popular music and literature feature Adolf Hitler prominently. In Germany, before he came to power, Hitler was often portrayed satirically in newspaper cartoons and propaganda by political enemies.

Gandhi made of his meeting with Benito Mussolini in Rome. Gandhi had, since his days as a student in London, come to have deep fondness for the people of Europe, while nurturing deep doubts about the nature of European states. His tenderness for the people was based on the belief that they too—like the people around the world who were enslaved by Europe—were ground under the heel of modern civilization, which was embodied by the rapacious colonial structure that Europe had created and perpetuated. Gandhi could therefore count among his friends and co-workers many women and men from Europe, and he retained a lifelong fondness for the city of London. European civilization, Gandhi felt, had been weighed in the balance during the First World War and found wanting.

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Question-1 Describe the problems faced by the Weimar Republic. Solution: The problems faced by the Weimar Republic were as follows:. Question-2 Discuss why Nazism became popular in Germany by During the Great Economic Depression Nazism became very popular. The Nazi Propaganda which was very unique helped in making Nazism very popular. In his powerful speeches, Hitler promised to build a strong nation, restore the dignity of the Germans and provide employment for all. Numerous public meetings were held by the Nazi Party to instil unity among the people.

had been a Nazi and a supporter of Adolf Hitler. know something about the Nazis and Hitler. Everyone came to feel that the rise of Nazi Germany could be.


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Chapter 1: The French Revolution.

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Question 1. What was genocidal war? Answer: It was a war started by Germany during the Second World War, which resulted in the mass murder of selected groups of innocent civilians of Europe. Question 2. What was the impact of the First World War on the political system of Germany? Question 3. Name the members of the Axis powers.

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The decree abolished most civil liberties and transferred state powers to the German cabinet led by Hitler. The subsequent Enabling Act allowed the chancellor to pass and enforce laws without any objection. The combined effect of the two laws ultimately transformed Hitler's cabinet into a legal dictatorship and laid the groundwork for his totalitarian regime. The act passed in both the Reichstag and Reichsrat on 23 March , [3] [2] [4] and was signed by President Paul von Hindenburg later that day. The act would expire in four years pending a renewal from the Reichstag. The subsequent political repression from onward effectively made the Reichstag into the rubber stamp parliament that Hitler always wanted. The Enabling Act would be renewed twice and would be rendered null once the Nazis fell to the Allied powers in

This article investigates whether the way in which National Socialism is presented in school education has encouraged this development or, on the contrary, has discouraged a positive valuation of the Nazis, including their leader. It analyzes curricula and a sample of school history textbooks published by state and central education boards, which have been used in Indian schools over the last two decades, focusing on their treatment of National Socialism and the Holocaust. While the results can be partly attributed to government interference in the school history curricula and in textbook writing, there appear to have been other factors at play, such as the social environment.

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