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Aging and the Life Course, Sociology of

To translate interdisciplinary scientific knowledge on the aging process and its implications for societies into sustainable policy-focused practice to maximize productivity, quality of life, and health across the life course. Atlantic Philanthropies Pfizer Alfred P. Butler Endowment. Mission To translate interdisciplinary scientific knowledge on the aging process and its implications for societies into sustainable policy-focused practice to maximize productivity, quality of life, and health across the life course. ILC-Czech Republic. ILC-Dominican Republic.

What roles do individual senior citizens play in your life? How do you relate to and interact with older people? What role do they play in neighborhoods and communities, in cities and in states? Sociologists are interested in exploring the answers to questions such as these through three different perspectives: functionalism, symbolic interactionism, and conflict theory. Functionalists analyze how the parts of society work together. How does this perspective address aging? Functionalists find that people with better resources who stay active in other roles adjust better to old age Crosnoe and Elder

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Human development is considered as a multidimensional and multidirectional phenomenon within a broad framework that extends across the entire life span, from conception to death see Baltes The life course can be defined narrowly, focusing on the unique pattern of events, transitions and trajectories of roles, or social pathways, extending across the life span, such as entering and leaving school, acquiring a full-time job, marriage, divorce, retirement, and the like Elder , p. Social pathways are discrete trajectories of roles followed by an individual through particular life stages, or between life stages, through time, for example, the transition from adolescence to adulthood may follow a variety of different social pathways. A number of concepts have been applied interchangeably — life span, life course, life cycle, and life history — but each of these makes a distinctive contribution that often has different meanings across disciplines see Elder ; Alwin The purpose of the life course approach is to examine the interdependence between a human development over the life span as a process that includes socio-environmental as well as biological factors and b societies and groups as stratified by life cycle stages, often socially constructed, which give meaning to temporal sequences of roles, c with succession of birth cohorts as the link connecting the human development and age-statuses. This special field draws, not only on sociology, but on the disciplines of anthropology, psychology, economics, and history, with an multidisciplinary perspective that contributes to the reformulation of traditional emphases on process and change, on the multiple interdependent levels of the social system, and on the multidimensionality of outcomes of interest as they touch on related aspects between disciplines see Featherman The field is concerned with both basic scholarly research on aging and human development, as well as the implications of this body of work for public policy and professional practice.

Morgan, Read Book Leslie A. Morgan Aging, Society, and the Life Course. Search this site. Home Services Sitemap. Read online - by C. Joanne Grabinski. New Edition - by.

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Abstract. Aging, Society, & the Life Course is a comprehensive textbook and timely edition with updates on a number of contemporary issues.

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Leslie A. Morgan has 35 years of experience in teaching and research in aging and has published on a variety of topics, from economic well-being and family relationships to assisted living. She has authored or coauthored five books and numerous articles. Morgan has been principal or coprincipal investigator on several NIH-funded studies of life in assisted living, examining the quality of resident experience and transitions among residents.

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SW 531 Aging, Society & the Life Course: Home

The Handbook of Sociology of Aging contains 45 far-reaching chapters, authored by nearly 80 of the most renowned experts, on the most pressing topics related to aging today. With its recurring attention to the social forces that shape human aging, and their social consequences and policy implications of it, the contents will be of interest to everyone who cares about what aging means for individuals, families, and societies. Two forwards highlight the significance of the handbook for scholarship and and policy-making on aging. The Handbook of Sociology of Aging showcases the very best that sociology has to offer the study of human aging. Richard A. Settersten Jr.

The absolute number of people 60 years and older is projected to increase from million in to 1. The increase in life expectancy is due to several factors, including a decline in fertility rates and success in reducing fatal childhood diseases, maternal mortality, and mortality in older ages 1, 3. However, longer life expectancy is also a source of concern for policymakers; income growth may become harder to realize in countries with large populations of older people, and meeting the needs of a large elderly population will be especially difficult in low- and middle-income countries. It will be necessary to create economic and social institutions that provide income security, adequate health care, and other needs for the aging population 4. An additional issue that policymakers are facing today is how to best define an older person. Aging, Society, and the Life Course eBook: Kunkel, Suzanne R., PhD, Morgan, Leslie A., PhD: Kindle Store.

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Aging and the Life Course, Sociology of

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SW 531 Aging, Society & the Life Course: Home

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