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David M. Gordon worked to disseminate progressive economic ideas to the general public and to contribute to the development of a left-political movement in the United States. Gordon's work dealt mainly with discrimination and labor market segmentation. He coined the term social structure of accumulation which gave rise to an extensive body of work on the impact of political, social and economic institutions on long-term investment and growth. Gordon was born in Washington, D.

His mother Margaret S. Gordon was well known for her contributions to the economics of employment and social welfare policy. His brother Robert J. Gordon is a prominent macroeconomist. As a graduate student of economics at Harvard in the late s, Gordon worked as a research assistant evaluating Great Society programs targeting the hard-core unemployed and was active in the development of the new U.

He completed a doctoral thesis on " Class, Productivity, and the Ghetto " and earned his Ph. In , he joined the Economics Department at the Graduate Faculty of the New School for Social Research , where he continued to teach until his untimely death—from congestive heart failure—at the age of Gordon's career was marked both by an extraordinary range of academic contributions to the field of economics and by his continual commitment to develop and to make available to the general public, economic analyses that could support the work of political activists working for social justice.

His academic contributions are reflected in numerous books and articles published in professional journals as well as in his founding and directorship of the Center for Economic Policy Analysis. His contributions to the development of a progressive political movement in the United States include many policy papers, newsletters, op-ed pieces, radio and TV interviews and frequent participation in public discussion forums as well as the founding of the Institute for Labor Education and Research—subsequently renamed the Center for Democratic Alternatives—in New York City.

Gordon's progressive political commitments were the basic reason for his research activity and determined both its major themes and the manner in which he presented his findings.

He addressed most of his research to economic issues of importance to the average person and to workers in particular. He disseminated his research findings not only to professional colleagues in economics journals, but also to a wide popular audience in a highly readable style. In his life and in his work as an economist, Gordon exemplified the waning tradition of the public intellectual.

Gordon's work over the three decades since he began graduate study can be divided into three periods, during which he addressed different sets of issues. From the late s to the late s, often working in collaboration with Richard Edwards and Michael Reich, he focused on labor economics and in particular segmented labor markets.

During the s, he turned his attention to analysis of the long-term trajectory of the U. Finally from the late s through the mids, Gordon worked to develop a neo-Marxian model of the U. As a graduate student, Gordon combined some of his own findings with related work by other economists to write Theories of Poverty and Underemployment , a book that surveyed alternative approaches to problems of urban poverty.

His best-known contributions to labor economics challenged the mainstream economic assumption of a unified labor market and argued instead for the recognition of multiple labor markets separated by deep historically-shaped divisions along racial, gender and class lines. Gordon's joint research with Edwards and Reich in this area culminated in the publication of their co-authored and widely cited book, Segmented Work, Divided Workers: The Historical Transformation of Labor in the United States In , Gordon became co-chair of a commission on economic problems set up by the Progressive Alliance—a political coalition of more than organizations representing labor, citizens, civil rights and women's organizations.

He felt that a new and overarching analysis of the U. Gordon, Bowles and Weisskopf's account of the unraveling of the postwar boom gives prominence to the institutional and political impact of sustained full employment during the middle-to-late s, the erosion of U. In brief, they argue that the boom ended because the institutional structures could no longer restrain the claims of rivals both domestic and international against the profits of U.

Gordon's work with Bowles and Weisskopf led to numerous econometric and historical studies on the dynamics of stagflation, the slowdown of productivity growth and the determinants of profitability and investment which were published in a series of articles in economics journals. One of Gordon's most important contributions to the collaborative research he carried out on labor economics and macroeconomic trends was his historical and institutional understanding of the process of economic growth and development.

His approach sought to explain successive booms and crises in a capitalist economy in terms of successive institutional frameworks or, to use the neo-Marxian term, successive social structures of accumulation SSAs.

In the late s and early s, he sought to use statistical methodology to conduct a rigorous test of this historical-institutional approach. His project involved the specification of four distinct yet comparable econometric models of the U.

From a "forecasting tournament" among the four models, his own left-structuralist model emerged the winner. Gordon's last five years were devoted also to completing an analysis of the top-heavy bureaucratic structure of U.

In this book, Gordon refutes with an impressive array of quantitative evidence much of the conventional wisdom about U. He argues that U. He attributes the long-term squeeze on U. Always concerned to use understanding of the world in order to change it for the better, Gordon concluded the book with a chapter devoted to policy recommendations designed to promote more democratic and cooperative high-road approaches to labor management.

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The Rise and Fall of American Growth: The U.S. Standard of Living since the Civil War

Since its establishment in , CDE has been consulting widely, gathering evidence and generating innovative policy recommendations on issues critical to economic growth and democratic consolidation. By examining South African and international experience, CDE formulates practical policy proposals outlining ways in which South Africa can tackle major social and economic challenges. CDE has a special focus on the role of business and markets in development.

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In the century after the Civil War, an economic revolution improved the American standard of living in ways previously unimaginable.

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David M. Gordon worked to disseminate progressive economic ideas to the general public and to contribute to the development of a left-political movement in the United States. Gordon's work dealt mainly with discrimination and labor market segmentation. He coined the term social structure of accumulation which gave rise to an extensive body of work on the impact of political, social and economic institutions on long-term investment and growth. Gordon was born in Washington, D.

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Salykova PhD thesis.pdf - OpenAIR @ RGU - Robert Gordon ...

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icle of the rise in the American standard of living over the past years rests This book adopts the “special century” approach to economic growth, hold- tronic computer In , Robert Solow quipped, “We can see the computer.

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