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Civil EU Activities in Somalia. Globalisation is changing the world and the strategic environment in the 21st century, espe- cially security related issues. The relevance of the maritime domain is constantly increasing because it connects people, economies and cultures more than ever.

Review – Somali Piracy and Terrorism

Piracy around the Horn of Africa has risen to a level serious enough for the international community to take concerted action to secure an international sea lane. However, the efforts so far have been initiated mainly by the international community while regional efforts are only just beginning. In the short term, more action will have to be taken at the operational level like dispatching more ships and integrating the operations of ships already deployed to the area. In the longer term, the root causes of piracy and the grievances of the Somali people have to be addressed. In particular, there is a need to restore law and order in Somalia by supporting moderate leaders in their attempts to create a representative government. Warlords have held sway in the urban centres for over a decade despite no fewer than 14 initiatives to create a central government.

Justin V. Hastings, Sarah G. The two regions with the greatest incidence of maritime piracy in Africa, the Horn of Africa and the Gulf of Guinea, are also known for the low quality of the institutions underlying their political economies. This article investigates how institutions in these areas shape and constrain the sophisticated maritime piracy syndicates and their behaviour. Engaging with the literature on state failure and maritime piracy, we argue that norms and institutions constrain even criminal organizations like piracy groups, which often mimic and are embedded in the licit economy. In the Horn of Africa, pirates take structural and ideational cues from the licit economy and are constrained by the informal regulations that govern clan groups, rent-based economic activities, and collective security arrangements in Somalia.

Maritime piracy at the Horn of Africa as a threat to global security

Piracy cannot be understood or addressed without knowledge of the political and socio-economic context of this criminal enterprise. Piracy economies are dynamic — the drivers, tactics and actors involved can and do change over time, necessitating counter-piracy strategies designed to adapt to these changes. Drawing on the Somalia case, we argue that anti-piracy responses to date have been only partially effective because they are not rooted in a sound understanding of the local political economy, because the benefits that accrue to pirates and their financial backers far outweigh the potential costs of capture, and because of the many legal impediments to effective disposition of captured pirates. Most users should sign in with their email address. If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in. To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above.

It once held sway over the capital of Mogadishu and large portions of the Somali countryside, but in recent years an African Union—led military campaign has pushed it back from major population centers. However, the insurgency remains the principal security challenge in war-torn Somalia, and continues to mount lethal attacks against Western forces and civilians in the region. Terrorism and Counterterrorism. East Africa. Radicalization and Extremism. The hard-liners eventually joined forces with an alliance of sharia courts known as the Islamic Courts Union ICU and served as its youth militia. Al-Shabab and the ICU wrested control of the capital in June , a victory that stoked fears in neighboring Ethiopia of spillover jihadi violence.

xi. FOREWORD. Until recently, piracy off the Horn of Africa seemed to be prospering, unfettered by the ef- nance terrorist activities in Somalia, or anywhere else in the world. Part II: Publications/Maritime%20Piracy_Maritime​

The Business of Piracy in Somalia

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Naval History and Heritage Command

Piracy off the coast of Somalia occurs in the Gulf of Aden , Guardafui Channel and Somali Sea, in Somali territorial waters and other surrounding areas. It was initially a threat to international fishing vessels, expanding to international shipping since the second phase of the Somali Civil War , around After the collapse of the Somali government and the disbandment of the Somali Navy, international fishing vessels began to conduct illegal fishing in Somali territorial waters. This depleted local fish stocks, and Somali fishing communities responded by forming armed groups to deter the invaders. These groups, using small boats, would sometimes hold vessels and crew for ransom. This grew into a lucrative trade, with large ransom payments.

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London: I. These are two quite different books. Ostensibly linked by their titles and the proximity of their publication dates, they have very little else in common in terms of approach or analysis. Therefore I will not attempt to review them in a single narrative. He seeks to examine the context at the end of the Cold War in order to address the question of whether a new liberal political, social and economic order could emerge in the region — a key theme in the post-Cold War international relations debate. Woodward questions whether the apparent failure of any of these frameworks to gain significant traction in the region is a reflection of a flawed assumption.

maritime piracy off the Horn of Africa with terrorism. American Keywords. Piracy​, terrorism, Somalia.

Naval History and Heritage Command

Daniels Lanham: Scarecrow Press, The last decade has seen an abundance of books about the state of Somalia, Somali terrorism and the Somali piracy. While some have provided important contributions of our collective knowledge with regards to Somalia, piracy and terrorism, others take a more popular approach providing anecdotes but little new in terms of fact or theoretical advances. Professor Christopher Daniels has in his book Somali Piracy and Terrorism in the Horn of Africa tried to deal with three of the more frequent Somali topics: Piracy, terrorism and the Somali state. As far as intellectual challenges for the social scientists goes this should qualify as one of the greatest.

Pirate attacks in the waters off the Horn of Africa, including those on U. As of September 14, , the U. State Department reported attacks had occurred in those waters since January , with 33 successful hijackings. Attacks remain concentrated in the Gulf of Aden between Yemen and the northern coast of Somalia and along Somalia's eastern coastline. However, in July , the United Nations Secretary General warned that "as a result of the military presence in the region, pirates have employed more daring operational tactics, operating further seawards, towards the Seychelles, and using more sophisticated weaponry.

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Africa: The Journal of the International African Institute

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The first contribution to Global Flashpoints: A Scarecrow Press Series, Christopher Daniels' Somali Piracy and Terrorism in the Horn of Africa provides readers with.

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Piracy, Somalia, Somali piracy, terrorism, War on Terror lence and maritime hijackings along the Horn of Africa from onward created an piracy_-_​ (accessed 28 July ). Guzzini S.

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