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Global Nato And The Catastrophic Failure In Libya Pdf File

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The developments of the Arab Spring of extended, among others, to Libya. As a consequence of the armed anti-government uprising supported militarily by the air forces of the Western powers under the auspices of NATO , the regime of Colonel Muammar al-Qaddafi, who has controlled the state since the military coup, was overthrown. The collapse of the current regime has initiated the path to the social, political and economic transformation of the Libyan state.

The sovereign state is made of three historical regions: Tripolitania , Fezzan and Cyrenaica. With an area of almost 1. Libya has been inhabited by Berbers since the late Bronze Age as descendants from Iberomaurusian and Capsian cultures.

Springer Professional. Back to the search result list. Table of Contents. Hint Swipe to navigate through the chapters of this book Close hint. Abstract Chapter 3 examines the revolutionary process in Libya in the context of the Arab Spring.

Was The NATO Intervention in Libya Justified And/Or Successful?

Competing theories claim the abstention was either a carefully-planned strategy or a tactical miscalculation, but the result—Russian rejection of regime decapitation and Western distaste for further intervention—is easily observed. Although Russia is unlikely to intervene kinetically in Libya, it can passively destabilize the country at almost no cost, stymying Western efforts to end the crisis. Running contrary to years of policies intended to hamper Western democracy-building exercises in the Middle East, the UNSCR abstention marked a short-lived exercise in increased foreign policy cooperation with the West, at the expense of a local sovereign leader. Though Russia had condoned punishment of the renegade Libyan regime, the Russian government still opposed the use of foreign military forces in Libya and feared mission creep beyond the UN mandate. In their response to the Libyan intervention, the Russian government has engaged in greater regional adventurism and more aggressive foreign policy worldwide.

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Horace Campbell

He traces the origins of the conflict, situates it in the broader context of the Arab Spring uprisings, and explains the expanded role of a post-Cold War NATO. This military organization is the instrument through which the capitalist class of North America and Europe seeks to impose its political will on the rest of the world, however warped by the increasingly outmoded neoliberal form of capitalism, Campbell argues. Horace Campbell. Monthly Review Press. March Find this book:. It is not only this image of a successful intervention which is challenged by Horace Campbell in his account of the events in Libya in

Four days after the ousting of Mubarak, sectors of the Libyan people Read Online · Download PDF. Save. Cite this Item.

Global NATO and the Catastrophic Failure in Libya

Even with the benefits of hindsight, he argues, many of the criticisms of the intervention fall short. This post originally appeared on Vox. Of course, Libya, as anyone can see, is a mess, and Americans are reasonably asking if the intervention was a mistake.

Horace G. Born in Montego Bay, Jamaica , he has been involved in Africa's Liberation Struggles and in the struggles for peace and justice globally for more than four decades. From his years in Toronto , Canada, to his sojourns in Uganda , Tanzania , Zimbabwe , the United Kingdom and parts of the Caribbean, he has been an influential force offering alternatives to the hegemonic ideas of Eurocentrism. In an attempt to theorise new concepts of revolution in the 21st century he has been seeking to expand on the ideas of fractals and the importance of emancipatory ideas.

3. Overlay and Transition in Libya

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After seven months of bombardment from sea and air, forces loyal to the National Transitional Council were able to topple the Gaddafi regime and install a new government. This short empirical description of the Libyan case just about exhausts the degree of consensus that exists about the intervention. The UN and its leading Member States were criticized before the authorized action for not responding quickly enough, for changing the mandate to the need to remove Gaddafi, and subsequently for turning a blind eye to atrocities performed by the anti-Gaddafi revolutionaries Milne ; UN OHCHR This kind of contestation around interventions for humanitarian purposes flows directly from the tension between the legitimacy attributed to universal human rights and the relative weaknesses associated with their legal protection and redress Habermas , a topic widely canvassed in other chapters of this book. Unable to display preview.

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Libya – Road to Dysfunctionality

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Obama’s Libya Debacle

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