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Published by: Fishing News Books Ltd. Reproduction of this microfiche document in any form is subject to the same restrictions as those of the original document.

Fish Catching Methods of the World. Fishing News Books Ltd. First published Revised and enlarged Revised and enlarged Fisheries - Equipment and supplies I. Title Preface to the second edition xii.. Preface to the third edition Xl Chapter one Catching methods in fisheries; an introduction I 1. Chapter two Fishing by gathering 10 2. Chapter three Male and female divers 17 3.

Chapter four Animals as a help in fisheries 2. Chapter six Spearing, harpooning and shooting fish 43 6. Chapter seven Fishing with clamps, tongs, rakes and wrenching gear 61 7. Chapter eight Line fishing: basic implements 67 8.

Chapter nine Line fishing: gear and methods 80 9. Chapter ten Fishing for sport and recreation Chapter twelve Pole-hooks and rippers Chapter thirteen Natural and artificial shelters Chapter fourteen Mechanical fishing gear: traps, lines and snares Chapter fifteen Permanent and temporary bzwriers Chapter sixteen Trapping Chapter seventeen Fishing in the air Chapter eighteen The art of net-making Chapter nineteen From the scoop basket to the stow net Chapter twenty Dredges and beamtrawls Chapter twenty-one Fishing with bottom trawls Chapter twenty-two Trawl fishery iu three dimensions Chapter twenty-three Gods, fishing and the captains nose Chapter twenty-jive Fish shoals and surrounding nets Chapter twenty-six The drive-in fishery Chapter twenty-seven Liftnets and fish wheels Chapter twenty-eight Cover pots and cast nets Chapter twenty-nine Gillnetting Chapter thirty Entangling nets However, whereas livestock breeding replaced hunting and agriculture superseded food gathering, fishing is still basically conducted along the ancient patterns of hunting the wild living stocks in the water as nature provides them.

Furthermore, the main components of fishing fw - netting, lines, hooks, floats and sinkers which can be traced back to the earliest times - are still in common use and provide the bulk of the worlds fish catch. The progress in development of fishing methods and gear which has made possible the recent dramatic increase in the world fish production is for the most part therefore not based on completely new concepts. It is rather due to the ingenuity of the fishermen, backed by engineers and scientists, in improving the quality and effectiveness of these basic components and in inventing an impressive variety of fishing gear and techniques to meet different fishing conditions and socio- economic requirements.

Professor v. Brandt, having devoted a considerable amount of his work and extensive travel to the study of fishing gear and techniques, has established himself as a leading authority on this subject.

He has not only collected a great number of characteristic examples from most parts of the world but has also developed a rational classification system for the multitude of fishing devices and techniques, thus permitting a much better understanding of historical, geographical, etlmological and technical aspects and their inter-relationship. The work presented in his book is unique in this respect and fills a gap in our knowledge which has long been felt.

While due emphasis is given to developments in commercial fisheries the author has devoted considerable effort to describing also fishing gear and methods used by small scale and subsistence level fishermen. These are of particuiar interest because of their efficient adaptation to certain fish species and environmental peculiarities.

Even though they do not contribute significantly to global fish production, they are important for providing a complete picture of the state of the art and deserve inclusion to prevent their being overlooked in the face of sophisticated technical progress. The value of this particular one of the many contributions of Professor v. Brandt to the literature on fishing lies in the scholarly treatment of the principles on which fishing and fishing technology are based.

The comprehensive and thorough approach to its subject matter will no doubt ensure that this book will remain for many years to come an important source of information and inspiration for students, researchers, development workers, commercial a Much of this could have been said about the first edition of Fish Catching Methods of the World published in It is certainly even more true for this second enlarged and revised edition.

Finding and catching the fish is the first indispensable step towards making available the aquatic protein sources to meet the increased demand, particularly in the developing world. I sincerely hope that this book will find the wide distribution it deserves so that it can contribute to education and progress to the advantage of all concerned.

ROY I. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The biologists as well as the gear technologists are interested in the influence of fishing gear on the living resources of the waters; managers calculate the relationship between the costs of fishing equipment and the earnings that are secured; and administrators engaged in fisheries find they need to have knowledge of fishing gear and its action in order to keep in line with lawful fishing regulations.

It was not till the 18th century that writers considered fishing gear and fishing methods were worthy of notice. French encyclopaedists were the first to give publicity to catching methods; their engravings were very decorative and are highly prized even today for that quality.

But they were not made for fishermen. The first more detailed discussions of catching methods for practical fishermen were written by zoologists interested in fisheries at the end of the last and the beginning of this century.

These publications can be considered the first steps made in the field of gear research. But to be fully precise the current international and worldwide interest of fishery science in fishing gear and fishing methods were born on the occasion of the first international Fishing Gear Congress of F.

That interest was intensified by fishing Congresses held respectively in London in and at Reykjavik in and also by the Congress on Fish Behaviour in relation to fishing gear held in Norway in The books and publicity resulting from these meetings spread even more widely the available information, and stimulated the rate of progress and general application of improved methods of fishing operations.

In relation to the quantity of the total world catch only a few methods are of interest to the commercial fisheries. These are especially trawling and purse seining.

But there are other methods, too, by which fishermen can earn money and which cannot be neglected even when used in local areas and for a limited time only.

There are a number of these catching methods distributed all over the world as well as some less important, whose origin is based on the simple fishing techniques evolved from the old fishermens knowledge of fish behaviour. To understand the philosophy of all these methods and the gear used in them the author set to work to collect the details of practices of catching techniques in many parts of the world.

This collection of knowledge in text and picture was finally published in the form of the first edition of this book Fish Catching Methods of the World issued in That publication became recognized as the thesaurus of fishing gear and catching methods.

Some institutions used it as a text book for lectures and the author has to confess - my publisher may forgive me - that it was a pleasure to seecopies of this book in the hands of students far far away - even when those copies were printed without the editors permission. Other people used the book as a basis for writing and illustrating new books.

By these developments it emerged that there were some gaps in the first edition and that improved fishing methods were not included for the desired and needed comprehensiveness; moreover, the development of fishing methods is still. Thus, hand operated gear has become replaced by mechanized devices and first steps are even being taken towards automatic operation of some gears. This has led to new ideas and tendencies showing themselves.

So much so, that a second edition of this work was called for in order to put on record the great progress made in gear technology since and so make available to teaching institutions and practical fishermen alike the latest advances.

I have therefore incorporated new chapters in the book covering the new methods, have amplified others where sections were incomplete and, above all, have added many new illustrations and increased the number amply to illustrate the text by nearly half as many again. I believe, as the author concerned, that this much expanded text and the many new illustrations will be considered a new and improved contribution and a sign of progress.

Nevertheless the reader is still asked to be indulgent if, for instance, he cannot find all variations of a particular catching method recorded. It might even be that some reader might find his own valuable publication is not mentioned in the bibliography. For any such omission if in fact it is true please extend tolerance. For this edition too, the author desires to express his thanks to all colleagues who have given their assistance in acquiring desired information.

Especially he has to thank those of his friends who have been kind enough to let him participate in practical fishing which remains always the basis for the understanding of catching methods. To those patient companions this book is dedicated. Preface to the third edition Methods of catching fish have been known since mankinds earliest days, and the improvement of existing techniques and the development of new ones has continued right up to the present day.

Short periods of rapid development alternate with long periods in which progress seemsslow, if indeed progress is made at all, and this has given rise to the widespread belief that fishermen are conservative by nature - reluctant to give up traditional methods in order to try new and better ones. And yet the history of fishery technology has many important milestones - such as the invention of net-making in the Stone Age; the development of distant-water whaling industries using explosive harpoons fired from guns; the mediaeval development in Europe of cod fishing with handlines, and herring fishing with drifting gillnets, and the major advances in net-making, first through mechanization in the last century and more recently with the introduction of a whole range of synthetic fibres.

Most of these developments sprang from economic stimuli - the need to operate larger gear in order to satisfy export as well as home markets; the need to fish in increasingly deep water in order to boost catches; the need to mechanize in the face of high labour costs and, in recent years, the need to keep pace with the growing potential of computers in the operation of fishing gear.

It is readily apparent that today a new period of rapid development is being caused by the high, and constantly rising, costs of fuel. More efficient engines may be developed, but major savings will only be achieved by more fuel-efficient fishing techniques, and for this reason much attention is now being paid to new techniques of using lines, traps, enmeshing nets and boat-seines.

The second edition, published in , was a revised and enlarged version of the original book; but in this third edition many chapters have been completely rewritten, and so much additional material has been incorporated that the book has now almost doubled in size. This new edition, like its predecessors, would not have been possible without the help of fishermen and academic colleagues in many parts of the world.

Many practical fishermen have kindly allowed me to accompany them to sea in order to learn something of their methods, and the problems they encounter. I must also thank many of my colleagues for their generous assistance when I have visited their countries.

In this respect I would like to mention especially Dr. E Dahm of the Institute for Fishing Gear and Fishing Techniques, in Hamburg, who has been kind enough to write two important sections in the chapters covering trawling, in which he deals with bottom and midwater trawling in freshwater. Many other colleagues have helped me by providing information, collecting material, and answering innumerable questions.

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Editors Note: The reader is reminded that these texts have been written a long time ago. Consequently, they may use some terms or use expressions which were current at the time, regardless of what we may think of them at the beginning of the 21st century. For reasons of historical accuracy they have been preserved in their original form. If you find them offensive, we ask you to please delete this file from your system. This and other traditional Scouting texts may be downloaded from the Dump. Girl Guiding was first published in as the official handbook of the Girl Guides Association. It was revised by the Founder, Lord Baden-Powell, from time to time and the last edition that he personally supervised was that of , of which this book is a reproduction.

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She was almost effusive in her thanks, particularly to Gaby, who she felt sure had done the actual shopping. Carole watched with some trepidation as the careful wrapping was dismantled and its contents revealed. The baby gurgled and pushed a bit of the feathery stuff into her mouth. Once the choking hazard had been averted, Stephen whipped out his camera to record the photo opportunity. We are born, puny and weak, and set afloat on the waters of a small planet in a runty solar system, and if we capsize, as we surely will, there will be others, just as puny, to take our place. Everything we have created, good and bad, will fade and crumple and be lost to the winds of time.

The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing eBook, please click the link listed [PDF] Baby Must Haves The Essent ial Guide t o Everyt hing from Cribs t o Bibs

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Published by: Fishing News Books Ltd. Reproduction of this microfiche document in any form is subject to the same restrictions as those of the original document. Fish Catching Methods of the World. Fishing News Books Ltd. First published Revised and enlarged Revised and enlarged Fisheries - Equipment and supplies I. Title

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Girl Guiding was first published in as the official handbook of the Girl Guide, and what you have to do to make yourself fit for service. The native hunters in most wild countries follow their game by watching for tracks on the Supplementary Chapters to Junior Health Manual. hing more that girls in their Cadet. Co.

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Несмотря на субботу, в этом не было ничего необычного; Стратмор, который просил шифровальщиков отдыхать по субботам, сам работал, кажется, 365 дней в году. В одном Чатрукьян был абсолютно уверен: если шеф узнает, что в лаборатории систем безопасности никого нет, это будет стоить молодому сотруднику места. Чатрукьян посмотрел на телефонный аппарат и подумал, не позвонить ли этому парню: в лаборатории действовало неписаное правило, по которому сотрудники должны прикрывать друг друга. В шифровалке они считались людьми второго сорта и не очень-то ладили с местной элитой.

Сквозь клубящийся дым Сьюзан кое-как добралась до дверцы лифта, но тут же увидела, что индикатор вызова не горит. Она принялась нажимать кнопки безжизненной панели, затем, опустившись на колени, в отчаянии заколотила в дверь и тут же замерла. За дверью послышалось какое-то жужжание, словно кабина была на месте.

 Сто десять? - оживился Джабба.  - Сколько будет сто десять минус тридцать пять и две десятых. - Семьдесят четыре и восемь десятых, - сказала Сьюзан.

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Паника заставила Сьюзан действовать. У нее резко запершило в горле, и в поисках выхода она бросилась к двери.


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