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Questions and Answers about Capitec Bank

A potential job with Capitec Bank will put you in a branch office that has many different people, with many different personalities, working in one place at one time. It is simple human nature for their to be conflict within a workplace like this and your interviewer is looking to hear how you personally manage interpersonal conflicts with your coworkers by asking this question.

As you answer, be sure to use a real life situation and talk open and honestly about how you handled the situation. Try to focus on the positive things you did to make things work out and make sure that the situation you describe ends with a positive results. In the end, your interviewer is looking to hear that you can be a true team player no matter who you work with.

We handle a lot of work over the phone and he can be very loud and boisterous at times. On top of that, he can tend to get very upset following certain phone calls with clients. When first hired and paired in an office with him, I was taken aback by his behavior and remained quiet. One day, at the advice of our manager, I simply talked to my colleague and told him that I would be very thankful if he could tone his voice down in our office and to try and use more healthy ways of handling anger on the job.

In the end, this was an approach I should've used right away as he thanked me for the feedback and told me that his old officemate was the same as him regarding how they handled frustration. With him knowing that I didn't care for that approach, he vowed to be better moving forward and things are great to this day. While I do work great in teams, conflict among people is always inevitable and I feel that I excel in working with difficult teammates.

A couple of years ago, I was on a project team with a person that tried to take over meetings with their own thoughts on processes moving forward and wouldn't budge for other people's ideas. After seeing a few of our team members become visibly frustrated during our first gather, I took it upon myself to talk with this person face to face. The person became very confrontational with me and ended up berating the overall knowledge of the members of the team.

I decided that I would let that conversation sink in with the individual and see how the next meeting the following week went. When the belittling and combative behavior continued, I approached the project lead the next day to see what could be done.

While the difficult decision was made to remove that person from our project team, I have no regrets in the approach I took because it was good for the overall health of the team. Win your next job by practicing from our question bank. We have thousands of questions and answers created by interview experts. Explore expert tips and resources to be more confident in your next interview. All Interview Topics. Continue practicing by visiting these similar question sets. Consider sharing a professional challenge or a situation you overcame in school.

Capitec Bank wants to hear about the situation and the action you took. Interviewers also want to hear about results. Give an example that demonstrates your perseverance and proactive approach to facing a challenge or conflict.

This required me to tap into my ability to lead change management for my work and my team. To make this process smoother, I scheduled frequent updates with my team, peers, and leadership to ensure all deliverables were being met on time and the transition to new processes was being handled with the utmost professionalism not to impact the level of service our clients received.

It was a great learning experience for me and the entire organization. It is very challenging to overcome morality based difficulties in the workplace while maintaining a positive attitude and keeping motivated. I overcame these feelings by getting to know my co-workers on a more personal level. Making strong connections with others, who were facing the same difficulties as I was, was very helpful. Because of the shoes you will be filling as a Teller, you will be expected to help deescalate the situation through solid and effective verbal communication with the customer.

As you answer this question, talk about your ability to remain calm, cool and collected in any situation and explain how you take an empathetic approach with any person that you will work with in this role. If you have an example of a time that you were faced with this situation, don't hesitate to walk your interviewer through that situation and how you handled it. First, I start by hearing them out and letting them vent in any means that they want. From there, I calmly repeat back the key points and then begin brainstorming solutions for them.

By maintaining a calm demeanor during these situations, angry customers are often able to calm down rather quickly. After I understand the customer's needs, I take all steps necessary to help solve their problem. If this entails bringing in another colleague, I don't hesitate to do so in a team based approach.

Last week, I was the only person on staff handling a busy lobby when a customer came in very upset with a vehicle that they had just purchased. I immediately put the phones on hold to take the time to listen to their concerns. After hearing the causes of their frustration, I had them wait in our lobby and I went and talked to our Sales Manager. He made time for the customer immediately. In these instances, providing swift action to help alleviate any further issues is the most important thing that can be done.

The world of software engineering has greatly benefited from advancements in computer aided software engineering tools. Because Capitec Bank is at the forefront of the industry, your interviewer will be looking to hear which tools you have experience with.

Make sure not to concern yourself with providing a correct answer here, but rather focus on your flexibility to learn new aides when needed while explaining what you have experience with.

The diagram tools assist our software projects by outlining the system data and components in a graphical form for us and this saves us a great amount of time while also being very reliable. The web development tools greatly help me visualize site changes that I am making because I don't have a deep background in web development. If hired for this position, I'd look forward to learning other CASE tools for prototyping, quality assurance and maintenance.

CASE tools have certainly made life as a software engineer more efficient and effective and I'd look forward to learn any new CASE tools if hired for this position here at Capitec Bank. Think about your definition of success.

Be sure to tie your answer into the success that you plan to bring to this particular position, should you be offered the role with Capitec Bank. On a personal level, the things I wish to achieve in my life. On a work level, the targets that are set out for me as well as the professional development that I seek. Capitec Bank uses indexes to improve query performances within their software and for this question, your interviewer is looking to hear that you have a basic understanding of both clustered and non-clustered indexes.

Explain the differences between the two types of indexes and be sure you can either speak to relevant times that you've used each or when would be the appropriate application to use each. There can only be one clustered index per table. Non-clustered indexes do not store data to match the physical order that it is stored. Rather, it can hold up to indexes per table. Both types come with their own benefits over the other.

In my experience, clustered indexes are suited best for programs that use primary key as an identity integer column. Non-clustered indexes are just the opposite in that they are slower to read but much fast to insert new data into them. In my current role, I mostly use clustered indexes when large numbers of rows need to be retreived and when insert operations are important. Most other times, I will use non-clustered as the standard. At times, the work at Capitec Bank can get stressful in a customer facing role and this question is giving your interviewer insight to how you will be able to handle the stress that will potentially come in this role if you are hired.

In your answer, speak openly and honestly to your interviewer by explaining the situation that you were in and why it was stressful to you. Then, talk in detail about the things that you did to work through the situation to make sure that there was a positive outcome. While answering, try to give your interviewer the sense that you are not easily stressed out on the job and are able to work through high pressure situations with ease.

To avoid burnout, our manager decided the best route was to only have two of our staff on shift at a time when we would normally have three to four on at a time. This is where work became the most stressful. For me, keeping upbeat, positive and focused on all of my duties was what helped me through each work day. I really appreciated the fact that we didn't need to double our work hours during this time and my remaining team members ended up navigating this period with great success.

When I saw a lot of my coworkers in distress, I took the direction of trying to lead by example with a positive attitude. From the start, I began asking a lot of questions to our managers to try and become as educated as possible on the changes that were coming.

I also tried to hear the concerns of my colleagues as well and tried to a be a reassuring person for them. In the end, the transition was great for me and I have my positive and inquisitive attitude to thank for that. During the process, one close colleague did leave the company in fear of what would happen and they still regret that decision to this day. To improve data quality and increase overall productivity of a system, Capitec Bank relies on their data analysts to use data cleansing methods to ensure quality data exists in their software.

Be open and honest with the ways that you've helped ensure quality and accurate data in the systems that you've worked with while also showing that you have an open mind to learning and utilizing more methods if hired for this position. My first step is to remove duplicate and irrelevant observations within the data.

Then I scan the data to remove extra spaces, convert numbers stored as text into numbers and remove duplicate data. These steps help ensure clean and accurate data and I never overlook them. If hired for this position, what methods does the current data analyst team her at Capitec Bank utilize? The initial monitoring of errors within a system is very important to identifying where errors occur and give insight into how to fix corrupt data.

I have utilized the tools within Domo software to validate data accuracy and scrub for duplicate data in my processes as well. Being very proficient in data analysis, I'm very open to learning new methods as well if hired for this position. If you are a recent college graduate or starting a new career, you may or may not know where you'd like to be in five years.

Capitec Bank wants to see that you think about the future and are actively working towards your goals. Better yet, they want to know how working for them will help you accomplish your goals! Share how this job will help you get one step closer to achieving your goals. I am excited to start out in ABC position because I am confident that it will help me achieve my goal and broaden my skill set.

I will achieve this through continued education and leadership training while also proving my value to you through my everyday work ethic.

Your interviewer is posing this question to gain insight into how you use resources and technologies to keep you on track in your work and to also get a sense for how you prioritize the small details in the work that you do. As you answer the question, be very specific as you describe your ability to multitask many duties throughout a given work day and talk about the tools that you use to keep yourself on track in your work. As you talk about this process for yourself, don't lose sight of your focus on the small details in your work and discuss why doing things in detail is important in the work that you do.

Make sure to talk about real world examples that you've used in the past that you feel would be helpful in this role as a Teller with Capitec Bank.

Questions and Answers about Capitec Bank

Be safe and bank from home with our cellphone banking app. But everyday was special to me working at Capitec Bank. Went to capitec branch in Pretoria this morning to apply for an activation of a multiloan. Capitec Bank is a South African retail bank. That is all the culture you need to know and be efficient at.

A potential job with Capitec Bank will put you in a branch office that has many different people, with many different personalities, working in one place at one time. It is simple human nature for their to be conflict within a workplace like this and your interviewer is looking to hear how you personally manage interpersonal conflicts with your coworkers by asking this question. As you answer, be sure to use a real life situation and talk open and honestly about how you handled the situation. Try to focus on the positive things you did to make things work out and make sure that the situation you describe ends with a positive results. In the end, your interviewer is looking to hear that you can be a true team player no matter who you work with.

Prepare for the Assessment and Interview at Capitec Bank

It may be used freely by the Graduate School of Business. I would also like to thank Dr. Eric Wood for his support and guidance during this research process.

Wear formal. Confidence,to be free,real you and opens. Good listener before answering any questions.

Average Salary for Capitec Bank Employees in South Africa

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Succeeding in the Capitec Bank's recruitment process can be challenging. To further facilitate your learning process, we have also added to our materials answer keys and step-by-step study guides. They will enable you to track your progress, identify your weak points, and redouble your efforts to hone your skills to perfection.

Capitec's Table and Graph Test

The largest survey in North America on compensation topics and trends. Capitec Bank pays its employees an average of R, a year. Salaries at Capitec Bank range from an average of R, to R, a year. Capitec Bank employees with the job title Sr. For You. Start Salary Survey.

Preparing for the Capitec Bank application process is vital for candidates who are either looking to secure themselves a full-time position by filling in for one of the Capitec Bank vacancies, or wish to become part of the Capitec Bank internships and receive the Capitec Bank training. The Capitec Bank numerical test assesses your ability to decipher numerical data in the form of a graph by answering basic math aptitude questions and expecting you to perform calculations. You may also encounter the situational judgment SJT and personality tests, which assess your behavioural and situational traits, or the error and data checking test, which evaluates your recognition of mistakes made in the given numerical or alphabetical data. Preparing for the Capitec Bank interview questions and answers is essential when aiming to impress your interviewers. Examples of Capitec Bank interview questions are as follows:. Keep in mind that the exams are usually time-limited and composed of multiple-choice questions. Therefore, the more you study in advance - the better.

Average Salary for Capitec Bank Employees in South Africa

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