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Weak And Strong Sustainability Pdf

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Weak and strong sustainability

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Weak and strong sustainability assessment in fisheries

What must we sustain? In terms of protecting old-growth forests, for example, a strong view might argue for protection, even if it requires foregoing development that would increase opportunities for future generations. A weak view would take into account the various benefits old-growth forests provide, and would then attempt to measure the future value of those benefits against the values created by development. The two views loosely correspond to ecocentric ecologically centered and anthropocentric human-centered positions in environmental ethics, but not perfectly. The ecocentric view requires that moral decisions take into account the good of ecological integrity for its own sake, as opposed to exclusively considering human interests. But a strong sustainability view could be held from an anthropocentric perspective by arguing that human systems depend on rich biodiversity or that human dignity requires access to natural beauty.

Although related subjects, sustainable development and sustainability are different concepts. Weak sustainability is an idea within environmental economics which states that ' human capital ' can substitute ' natural capital '. This idea received more political attention as sustainable development discussions evolved in the late s and early s. A key landmark was the Rio Summit in where the vast majority of nation-states committed themselves to sustainable development. This commitment was demonstrated by the signing of Agenda 21 , a global action plan on sustainable development. Weak sustainability has been defined using concepts like human capital and natural capital.

Weak versus Strong Sustainability

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Perhaps no other issue separates more the traditional economic view of the naturalworld from the views of most natural scientists. The debate currently focuses on the substitutabilitybetween the economy and the environment or between "natural capital" and "manufacturedcapital"-- a debate captured in terms of "weak" vs. In this paper the variousinterpretations of these concepts are examined.

Weak and Strong Sustainability

This article characterizes two distinct perspectives in the field of business and environment—weak and strong sustainability.

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A conceptual and analytical approach is presented to reconcile weak and strong sustainability. Strong sustainability is defined in terms of constant environmental quality. Hediger, W. Report bugs here. Please share your general feedback. You can join in the discussion by joining the community or logging in here. You can also find out more about Emerald Engage.

Proponents of weak sustainability maintain that such substitutability is possible, whilst followers of strong sustainability regard natural capital as non-substitutable. This insightful book identifies the critical forms of natural capital in need of preservation and evaluates the most important indicators of weak and strong sustainability. Is your work missing from RePEc? Here is how to contribute. Questions or problems?

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How Strong is Weak Sustainability?

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Weak Sustainability versus Strong Sustainability. Jérôme Pelenc, Fund writing on strong sustainability demonstrate that natural capital cannot be viewed as a mere stock of resources. __EN_elizabethsid.org], accessed. 25 April

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