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Questionnaire On Leadership Style And Employee Performance Pdf

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Metrics details. Leadership style and organizational culture have often been studied independently in nursing research despite abundant evidence that the two factors both influence employee outcomes. Moreover, diverse theoretical typology and measuring instruments challenges generalizability of findings.

Validation of the nurse leadership and organizational culture (N-LOC) questionnaire

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Author Engda, Jember Belete. Metadata Show full item record. The main purpose of this study is to examine the effects of leadership style on employee performance. The research categorized under Descriptive and explanatory research design and mixed quantitative and qualitative research methodology was appropriately used in the study because; mainly primary data was used and collected through questionnaire and interview from the academic and administrative staff of both colleges.

To do so, the researcher selected employees from the total employees of as a sample based on simple random sampling technique using lottery method. However, actually, the data was collected only from employees. After the data was collected, it was analyzed in qualitative and quantitative method of data analysis through the use of SPSS version 20 and the statistical analysis was made such as descriptive statistics, Pearson correlation, and reliability and validity tests.

The findings of the study resulted, the democratic leadership style was not highly practiced in the both college, authoritative leadership was practiced and also the laissez-faire leadership did not exist. The researcher concluded that: there was high confusion in the practice of leadership since most leaders were autocrat yet employees were practicing democratic leadership. The researcher recommends that: empowerment was needed through developing teams and measure of power and authority to teams and should reduce the dominance of authoritative leader ship by giving training that provides professionalism and transparency.

Key words: employee performance, leadership style. Citation Engda, J. Jimma University Jimma: Jimma University. Rights holder Jimma University. Sponsor Jimma University. Collections Jimma University, Ethiopia [].

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Show full item record. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Date: This research used descriptive exploratory research design and mixed research approach. The study population comprised all leaders and staffs in Amhara sayint Woreda Public organization selected public organizations with in number. Data collection instruments included two types of questionnaires Leadership style and employee performance questionnaires , interview, FGD and observation were employed.

Toggle navigation. Different leadership styles are appropriate in distinct situations. If an inappropriate style is adopted by the leader, it may pose several challenges for the workers, managers and human resources departments in the planning and execution of work in an organization. Similarly, the satisfaction and performance levels of employees also depend upon the leadership styles adopted by corporate leaders. An appropriate leadership style paves way to delivering successful plans for fulfilling the long-term organizational goals. Little is however understood about which leadership style influence employees the most and how leadership behavior lead to acceptable outcomes. This paper reviews some of the current challenges in organizations which are faced by managers and the productivity levels for the same.

Training in the performance appraisal process is provided to employees. Weaknesses and performance this feature is not believe we can i need the verification link to make your goals for your free with me how your payment. The data is collected from the middle level employees of Pakistani banking industry. In order to utilize HR fully and augment organizational success, effective, employee performance management system is imperative for a business organization. And there is still room for other mediating and moderating mechanism for the interplay between technostress and related outcomes.

A five-point Likert scale questionnaire was used to determine the impact of leadership style on employee performance. SPSS software was.

employee performance questionnaire pdf

Effective leadership of healthcare professionals is critical for strengthening quality and integration of care. This study aimed to assess whether there exist an association between different leadership styles and healthcare quality measures. Leadership styles were found to be strongly correlated with quality care and associated measures. Leadership was considered a core element for a well-coordinated and integrated provision of care, both from the patients and healthcare professionals. Nowadays, both evidence-based medicine and nursing are widely recognized as the tools for establishing effective healthcare organizations of high productivity and quality of care.

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1. Introduction

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