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Cultural Imperialism

Cultural imperialism is the process and practice of promoting one culture over another. The dominant country then forces its cultural beliefs and practices onto the conquered nation. This has happened since nations have been warring, beginning with the Greek and Roman empires to the French and British empires, the American Revolution and the rise of communist governments in China and the Soviet Union to present day changes in governments around the world. Culture can be imposed in a variety of ways, such as through creating new laws and policies concerning what specific types of education , religion , art, and language are to be used. As a result of this, people find alternative ways of maintaining their culture; sometimes groups are forced into exile and their cultural practices are outlawed. Language or music is adapted as a means to continue the culture.

Culture and Imperialism

Edward W. Said's Culture and Imperialism is one of the most important and widely discussed books of the past year. Said previously provoked a major shift in academic thought when his earlier book, Orientalism, changed forever the way the West views the Orient. A prime theorist of decolonialism, he melds traditional humanism, Marxism and poststructuralism in an emerging project of reclaiming from Europe the territories - both geographic and intellectual - that have been appropriated by empire. In Culture and Imperialism, Said focuses on three major metropolitan cultures British, French and American to show how even their current identities are the product of power. Though the formal age of empire is past, its memory, sustaining ideology and political practices persist. Said's major methodological innovation is his contrapuntal analysis, which lets him bring together geographically, temporally and culturally discrepant experiences that may otherwise have been closed to one another, perhaps even suppressive of one another.

Shure, with Theresa Foy Digeronimo. Jaffe, and Jeffrey L. Culture and Imperialism By Edward Said. Dating Violence Edited by Barrie Levy. Juvenile Delinquency Edited by Paul M. Sharp and Barry W.

Victorian Review

Culture and Imperialism , by Edward Said , is a collection of thematically related essays that trace the connection between imperialism and culture throughout the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. The essays expand the arguments of Orientalism to describe general patterns of relation, between the modern metropolitan Western world and their overseas colonial territories. Said shows the impact of mainstream culture, of mainly British writers of the 19th and early 20th centuries Jane Austen and Rudyard Kipling upon colonialism and imperialism , [2] and how imperialism, anti-imperialism, and decolonization influenced English and French novels. As the connection between culture and empire , literature has "the power to narrate, or to block other narratives from forming and emerging", which might contradict the colonization of a people.

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Cultural imperialism


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Cultural imperialism , in anthropology , sociology , and ethics , the imposition by one usually politically or economically dominant community of various aspects of its own culture onto another nondominant community.