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A Subculture is a group that has values that are different to the mainstream culture. Subcultural theorists argue that deviance is the result of whole groups breaking off from society who have deviant values subcultures and deviance is a result of these individuals conforming to the values and norms of the subculture to which they belong.

In criminology , subcultural theory emerged from the work of the Chicago School on gangs and developed through the symbolic interactionism school into a set of theories arguing that certain groups or subcultures in society have values and attitudes that are conducive to crime and violence. The primary focus is on juvenile delinquency because theorists believe that if this pattern of offending can be understood and controlled, it will break the transition from teenage offender into habitual criminal.

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Subcultural Theories of Deviance

Cybercrime scholars have used a wide range of criminological theories to understand crime and deviance within digital contexts. Among the most frequently cited theoretical frameworks used in this space has been the techniques of neutralization , first proposed by Gresham Sykes and David Matza. This body of work has demonstrated the myriad ways that individual cyber-delinquents have applied the techniques of neutralization as a justification for their deviance. A thorough review of this research reveals decidedly mixed support for neutralization theory. This chapter provides an in-depth review of these studies and seeks to account for this mixed result.

Subcultural theory became the dominant theory of its time. Albert K. Subcultures are defined as subsystems or antisystems of society with their own attitudes and norms that often contradict the moral concepts of majority society. According to Cohen, the union of young people into subcultures is the result of adjustment and status problems of their members caused by the inequality of the existing class society. For example, a boy from the lower classes always strives to adapt to higher social strata, but is confronted with expectations and goals that he cannot fulfil due to his social background or cannot achieve due to rigid social structures. In direct comparison with middle-class boys, he has to recognise his own low status, poor prestige and little chance of success in business and society.

Subcultural Theories of Deviance

Miller suggested that working-class boys were socialised into a number of distinct values that together meant they were more likely than others to engage in delinquent or deviant behaviour. Miller described these values as "focal concerns". None of these values on their own mean that crime is inevitable many "lower-class boys" are also socialised with these focal concerns and stay out of trouble but they do make crime more likely. Seeking excitement might lead to non-utilitarian crime; toughness, smartness and trouble might result in fighting. Autonomy might lead people to take matters into their own hands rather than asking for help; fatalism might mean that they do not consider the consequences of their actions as the future is already written. Although subsequent sociologists have found evidence of some of Miller's focal concerns in working-class communities, it is not clear that what Miller refers to as the "lower class" really does have such distinct norms and values from the rest of society.

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Intersectional scholarship has become increasingly important, largely because it is more nuanced than scholarship emphasizing only class, race, or gender. Much intersectional scholarship is limiting, however, in curtailing our conceptualizations of how many intersecting identities might be relevant for explaining crime. The older literature on deviant subcultures, including gang studies, actually addressed issues of intersectionality, and in a less restrictive manner, also acknowledging the importance of youth and neighborhood ecology. Drawing on early and more recent subcultural scholarship, the theoretical importance of Weberian and ethnomethodological themes is illustrated, suggesting the value of closely empirical research sensitive to theoretical issues including how social categories are used in explaining crime and how patterns of offending are carried by individuals subject to categorization. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Rent this article via DeepDyve. Bell, A.

Miller: Focal Concerns (1958)

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Applying the Techniques of Neutralization to the Study of Cybercrime

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Subcultural theory (Cohen)

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