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Emotional intelligence otherwise known as emotional quotient or EQ is the ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict. Emotional intelligence helps you build stronger relationships, succeed at school and work, and achieve your career and personal goals. It can also help you to connect with your feelings, turn intention into action, and make informed decisions about what matters most to you. You probably know people who are academically brilliant and yet are socially inept and unsuccessful at work or in their personal relationships. IQ and EQ exist in tandem and are most effective when they build off one another. Your performance at school or work.

It is a critical ability when it comes to interpersonal communication—and a hot topic not only in psychology, but in the business world. The term was coined by psychologists in the s. Its use quickly spread into other areas including business, education, and popular culture. Psychologists Peter Salovey and John D. Mayer, two of the leading researchers on the topic, define emotional intelligence as the ability to recognize and understand emotions in oneself and others. This ability also involves using this emotional understanding to make decisions, solve problems, and communicate with others.

Improving Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

EQ and IQ are terms that are often confused and mistakenly used with each other. However, there are some very important distinctions between EQ and IQ. Emotional Quotient, also known as EQ, is the ability to identify and manage your emotions and the emotions of others. Determined by either the ratio of the mental age as reported on a standardized test to the chronological age multiplied by - or a score determined by one's performance on a standardized intelligence test relative to the average performance of others of the same age. A person scoring below 70 is typically considered to have an intellectual disability, while those scoring over are considered genius or near-genius. EQ is often referred to as emotional intelligence as the terms are interchangeable. Research shows that successful leaders and superior performers have well developed emotional intelligence skills.

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relationship of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Psychological Type. Recently most comprehensive research on Type and EI to date and the only study to examine the MBTI Form Q facets and Introduction to type and emotional intelligence.

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Emotional intelligence EI , emotional quotient EQ and emotional intelligence quotient EIQ , is the capability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others, discern between different feelings and label them appropriately, use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior, and adjust emotions to adapt to environments. Goleman defined EI as the array of skills and characteristics that drive leadership performance. Various models have been developed to measure EI. The trait model , developed by Konstantinos V. Petrides in , focuses on self reporting of behavioral dispositions and perceived abilities.

Key result areas or KRAs refer to the general metrics or parameters which the organisation has fixed for a specific role. Description: Key result areas KRAs broadly define the job profile for the employee and enable them to have better clarity of their role. KRAs should be well-defined, quantifiable, an.

Knowing what makes groups tick is as important as understanding individuals. Successful managers learn to cope with different national, corporate, and vocational cultures.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence - EQ - is a relatively recent behavioural model, rising to prominence with Daniel Goleman's Book called 'Emotional Intelligence'. Emotional Intelligence is increasingly relevant to organizational development and developing people, because the EQ principles provide a new way to understand and assess people's behaviours, management styles, attitudes, interpersonal skills, and potential. Emotional Intelligence is an important consideration in human resources planning, job profiling, recruitment interviewing and selection, management development, customer relations and customer service, and more.

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Twelve tips for the introduction of emotional intelligence in medical education

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This new booklet explores the connections between personality and EQ, and Introduction to Type® and Emotional Intelligence is also available in PDF format.

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This booklet looks at type in relation to an emotional intelligence framework. The eBook format is ideal for working in virtual situations, delivering a pdf direct to.

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It includes determining the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® for each participant who completes the MBTI ® assessment. 70 minutes Define.