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This work aims at the scrutiny of the current situation of the Information Technology Service Management practices within the Brazilian Federal Direct Administration, from the perceptions of the Information Technology Managers of twelve Ministries.

What is Operations Management OM? What Are Operations Systems? What is a System?


What is Operations Management OM? What Are Operations Systems? What is a System? What is an Operations System? Align With Strategic Planning. Phase 3: Managing Productivity What is Productivity? Methods to Measure and Improve Productivity.

Operations management focuses on carefully managing the processes to produce and distribute products and services. A great deal of focus is on efficiency and effectiveness of processes.

Therefore, operations management often includes substantial measurement and analysis of internal processes. Ultimately, the nature of how operations management is carried out in an organization depends very much on the nature of the products or services in the organization, for example, agriculture, mining, construction or general services.

Here are some additional perspectives on the field. Basically, a product is a tangible offering to a customer, whereas a service is an intangible offering. The former is usually a one-time exchange for value.

In contrast, a service usually involves a longer period of time. The value of a product is inherent in the tangible offering itself, for example, in the can of paint or pair of pants. In contrast, the value of a service often comes from the eventual benefit that the customer perceives from the time while using the service. In addition, the customer often judges the value of a service based on the quality of the relationship between the provider and the customer while using the service.

Wikipedia mentions that there are certain differences between manufactured goods and services, including that services can have simultaneous in the moment production and consumption, are perishable there is no inventory management , ownership ownership of the service is not owned by the customer and tangibility it is difficult to evaluate. These features make operations management more of a challenge in services. The COO is responsible for the daily operation of the company,[1] and routinely reports to the highest-ranking executive, usually the chief executive officer CEO A useful definition of the role of an operations manager comes from Investopedia :.

They oversee product development and delivery, inventory and supply chain management, operations staffing and job design, and production. They oversee an organization's key operations and, thus, they usually have a wide and strategic view of the organization. The specific duties of the role depend on the nature of the product and service that the company produces and provides, for example, in agriculture, industry or construction.

It can seem overwhelming to read about the numerous activities involved in operations management. One wonders where they fit into an organization? How are they connected? This is where a systems view is very helpful. Simply put, a system is an organized collection of parts that are highly integrated to accomplish an overall goal. The system has various inputs, which go through certain processes to produce certain outputs, which together, accomplish the overall desired goal for the system.

For example, an automobile is a system. Its inputs are gasoline, a driver, a steering mechanism, tires, as well as various tubes, pipes and electrical cords. The system's processes are when they work together to burn the gasoline, resulting in the systems outputs of the tires moving and the car steering as the driver prefers.

The overall system's desired goal is a very useful automobile. The primary activities in operations management is a system -- they are all integrated and aligned with each other. The operations manager's job is to ensure they are all effectively and efficiently working together in order to produce the desired goal of useful goods and services for customers. Look at this diagram of a system of an overall organizations.

Notice the various inputs that are processed to produce certain outputs and outcomes desired goals. Feedback from customers should be continually collected and considered as an input to the processes of the planning the development and production of goods and services. In that way, the operations system is really a recurring loop of outcomes which, in turn, influence the inputs to the next round of the system. Notice that one of the inputs to the operations system is the strategic priorities of the organization.

It is critical that the operations system be closely integrated and aligned with the purpose the mission and priorities strategic goals of the organization. Otherwise, the system will not be operating as effectively as it should be.

For the system to be operating as efficiently as it should be, there should be closely integrated and aligned parts within the system. The planning of products and services the outputs from the system includes market research to:. The results of that research produce a specification of the product or service. Various feasibility studies and perhaps a prototype might be done, as well, to refine the description of the product or service. See Product and Service Development.

The specification could be further enhanced by adding information about costs to develop and produce the product or service, including employees, facilities and management. This information is often included in a business plan. This information is also sometimes referred to as the business strategy. All About Business Planning. Capacity planning includes specifying how many of the outcomes products or how much service will be produced and how often.

That includes predicting, or forecasting, the demand for those outcomes. The previous market research will be very useful here. There are a variety of other tools that could be useful, as well. A useful planning technique to ensure consideration of many possible influences is scenario planning, including to consider various external driving forces that could have a strong influence. It also might be useful to hire an expert with knowledge about developing the particular product or service.

The results of the planning should produce estimates of the needed inputs to produce the product or service, including types of expertise needed, amounts of certain kinds of materials, what technologies to use, etc. This is one of the most critical activities in operations management, not just because they underlie and facilitate the activities to very effectively and efficiently produce products and services, but also because facilities and their maintenance are one of the most expensive, as well.

Fortunately, there is a variety of helpful articles about how to do this acclivity in operations management. The Business Dictionary defines work design as:. Workflow management includes mapping out the workflow in an ideal state, finding redundant tasks, automating the process, and identifying bottlenecks or areas for improvement.

The map depicts the flow of activities through the system, including its input, processes, outputs and outcomes. These are sometimes also referred to as operations management process maps. This technique is at the heart of the Business Process Re-Engineering approach. This is the processes part in the operations system where the inputs are transformed into the desired product or service.

Considerations include, for example:. This activity also includes developing a detailed map of the activities required to obtain, assemble, integrate and test the product or service before it is provided to customers. What Makes a Good Production Plan? Production Planning Production Planning.

A critical activity in ensuring that the operations system is highly effective and efficient is coordinating scheduling the timing of activities to organize, monitor and optimize the equipment, people and production activities. Scheduling has a major impact on the productivity of the system. Scheduling production processes Production Scheduling Approaches for Operations Management Scheduling in operations management.

Supply chain activities cover everything from product development, sourcing, production, and logistics, as well as the information systems needed to coordinate these activities. Inventory includes unprocessed materials, finished products, supplies and works-in-progress.

Inventory management is a part of supply chain management that oversees the inventory items from manufacturers to storage to where they are sold. There must be a very careful balance between the size of the inventory of items compared to the actual rate of their sales. Too many items in inventory means their costs are not recovered in a timely manner from their sales.

It also might mean high costs of storage. Insufficient numbers of items means the organization cannot meet the customer demand, resulting in lost revenue. What is Inventory Management? In the past, an organization was expected to provide a product or service to the customer, and then that transaction was done -- the activity was done to the customer. The customer was more or less at the mercy of the organization. Today, that is changing dramatically. Customers have a much wider range of organizations, products and services to choose from, and they can access them instantly.

Customers can also access numerous sources of useful opinions or reviews about the product or service even before they buy them. Thus, it is more important than ever that organizations remain very good at attracting, satisfying and retaining customers. That requires a carefully designed and implemented customer services plan.

Service design "is the activity of planning and organizing people, infrastructure, communication and material components of a service in order to improve its quality and the interaction between the service provider and its customers. Service design may function as a way to inform changes to an existing service or create a new service entirely. Quality management, including quality control, is crucial to effective operations management, particularly continuous improvement.

More recent advancements in quality, such as benchmarking and Total Quality Management, have resulted in advancements to operations management as well. Quality Management. Quality control can be defined "part of quality management focused on fulfilling quality requirements. An alternate definition is "the operational techniques and activities used to fulfill requirements for quality. In the context of operations systems, productivity is defined as the ratio of the output to the input of the system.

The higher the ratio, the more productive the system.

Service operations management: from the roots up

To develop and propose a framework, termed here as the value package prism, for assessing the kinds of management processes and flexibility available in providing a range of value packages services and goods offering mix. Provides an additional perspective to the traditional set of characteristics intangibility, inseparability, heterogeneity, and perishability for differentiating services and goods. The proposed framework stockability, intensity of interaction, simultaneousness of consumption, and ease of performance assessment and the value prism may be useful to operations managers in developing, planning, organizing, or controlling the production and delivery of services or goods. Offers a new framework and an applied way to improve operations management by moving away from the extremes of pure services and pure goods to embrace how businesses compete and operate today, by delivering value packages. Provides an approach that facilitates operations managers' understanding and ability to manage substantial changes in the value packages offered to customers. Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Report bugs here.

Operations management for services has the functional responsibility for producing the services of an organization and providing them directly to its customers. These decisions concern the process, people, information and the system that produces and delivers the service. It differs from operations management in general, since the processes of service organizations differ from those of manufacturing organizations. In a post-industrial economy , service firms provide most of the GDP and employment. As a result, management of service operations within these service firms is essential for the economy. The services sector treats services as intangible products, service as a customer experience and service as a package of facilitating goods and services.

Service management: an integrated approach to supply chain management and operations / Cengiz. Haksever, Barry Render. — 1 Edition. pages cm. ISBN

Service Management in Operations

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Service Management: Operations, Strategy, Information Technology

Published Online: March 10, Published Online: March 9, Published Online: March 8, Published Online: March 4,

Home Forum Login. Download PDF Download. Summary of Service Management: Operations, Strategy, Information Technology Page 1 The Most Comprehensive Introduction to Service Operations Balancing conceptual and applied coverage of all aspects of the management and operation of services, the seventh edition of Service Management: Operations, Strategy, Information Technology Seventh remains the most comprehensive and widely used introduction to service operations on the market. A new case, Senora County Sheriff, and several end-of-chapter exercises have been added. I n Chapter 11, Managing Capacity and Demand, strategies for managing customer-induced variability using either accommodation or reduction is explored. To learn more about this book, please visit www. Fitzsimmons Mona J.

for his contributions to the field of service operations management. 1. http://​ Planning Report , “Measuring​.


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Code: SCI Operations and service management covers issues from operations strategy to efficient execution of operations that are at the core of successful technology-based businesses. The major in operations and service management builds on the generic principles on operations management but emphasizes novel ways of encountering the challenges and utilizing the opportunities related to creating and transforming technology-based business. Advanced production systems cross organizational borders and utilize external resource networks effectively in global scale. Business models have developed beyond the conventional manufacturing-focused forms into service systems and project or solution business. Sustainability, effectiveness and efficiency are all important elements of performance. Consequently, the major in operations and service management focuses on operations strategy, management of operations in inter-organizational systems, as well as the life-cycle management of production systems and their offerings to clients.

Subscription price CiteScore 1. Services are increasingly important in today's developed economies. Nevertheless, manufacturing plays a major role in national economies and is essential for the survival of service organisations. Considering the globalisation of services and manufacturing, a journal focusing on global perspective of operations management is of paramount importance. IJSOM focuses on new strategies, techniques and technologies for improving productivity and quality in both manufacturing and services.

An operations management view of the services and goods offering mix

In most western economies at least, both service firms and manufacturers of goods are facing a new type of competition, which has been emerging over the last decade or so.

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