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Scientists discovered much of what we know about the structure of the atom by observing the interaction of atoms with various forms of radiant, or transmitted, energy, such as the energy associated with the visible light we detect with our eyes, the infrared radiation we feel as heat, the ultraviolet light that causes sunburn, and the x-rays that produce images of our teeth or bones. All these forms of radiant energy should be familiar to you. We begin our discussion of the development of our current atomic model by describing the properties of waves and the various forms of electromagnetic radiation.

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The Properties and the Nature of Light: The Study of Newton’s Work and the Teaching of Optics

Light, or Visible Light, commonly refers to electromagnetic radiation that can be detected by the human eye. The entire electromagnetic spectrum is extremely broad, ranging from low energy radio waves with wavelengths that are measured in meters, to high energy gamma rays with wavelengths that are less than 1 x 10 meters. Light can also be described in terms of a stream of photons, massless packets of energy, each travelling with wavelike properties at the speed of light. A photon is the smallest quantity quantum of energy which can be transported, and it was the realization that light travelled in discrete quanta that was the origins of Quantum Theory. Figure 1: The Electromagnetic Spectrum, highlighting the narrow window of Visible Light that is detectable by the human eye. Visible light is not inherently different from the other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, with the exception that the human eye can detect visible waves.

The basic nature of light

The history of science shows that for each scientific issue there may be more than one models that are simultaneously accepted by the scientific community. One such case concerns the wave and corpuscular models of light. Newton claimed that he had proved some properties of light based on a set of minimal assumptions, without any commitments to any one of the two models. This set of assumptions constitutes the geometrical model of light as a set of rays propagating in space. We discuss this model and the historical reasons for which it had the head-primacy amongst the relevant models. We argue that this model is indispensable in structuring the curriculum in Optics and attempt to validate it epistemologically.

Define the following properties of light: − Speed. − Frequency. − Wavelength. − Energy. • Describe the dual nature of light, as a continuous wave and a.

6.1: The Wave Nature of Light

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Light is intimately involved with our daily lives. Many unique properties of light are extremely fascinating. Here, we will take one step closer to the wonders of light through its well-known basic properties. Light travels at a speed of , kilometers per second. Light has the properties of a wave and a particle.

In this section, we will focus on the wave-like properties of light. Wave motion arises when a periodic disturbance of some kind is propagated through a medium. Pressure variations through air, transverse motions along a guitar string, or variations in the intensities of the local electric and magnetic fields in space, which constitute electromagnetic radiation, are all typical examples of wave motion.

Stephen A. In order to understand the optical properties of crystals we must first understand something about light and how it interacts with matter. Light is electromagnetic radiation that has properties of waves.

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The light that we see everyday is only a fraction of the total energy emitted by the sun incident on the earth. Sunlight is a form of "electromagnetic radiation" and the visible light that we see is a small subset of the electromagnetic spectrum shown at the right. The electromagnetic spectrum describes light as a wave which has a particular wavelength. By the late 's light was viewed as part of the electromagnetic spectrum. However, in the late 's a problem with the wave-based view of light became apparent when experiments measuring the spectrum of wavelengths from heated objects could not be explained using the wave-based equations of light.

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