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Kim Paczolt Lecturer Evolution of sex chromosome drive in stalk-eyed flies Riva Riley Postdoc Social learning in cory catfish Isabel Sullivan Graduate student Effects of hibernation on DNA methylation of big brown bats Danielle Adams Postdoc Determinants of reproductive success in male greater spear-nosed bats Mengyu Liu Graduate student Gene expression associated with cryptic meiotic drive. Scientist Emeritus Dept of Cons. Publications Google Scholar , Research Gate.

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E. O. Wilson

Fisher in forging a mathematical theory of natural selection together with J. Haldane and Sewall Wright in the decade — About ecology I shall say nothing, and I shall also make a distinction between the study of evolution and that of mathematical models in Mendelian genetics. This famous argument, though it used to be attributed to R. Fisher in The Genetical Theory of Natural Selection published in , we now know was given by Darwin in the first edition of The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex of but omitted from the second edition of There is no genetical model, merely the Darwinian assumption that there exists heritable variation in the tendency to produce one sex in excess.

In , he and his co-author, Edward O. Wilson, were awarded the Pulitzer Prize in General Non-Fiction for their book The Ants —the first purely scientific book to be recognized with a Pulitzer. His first papers in English, published in Science and Scientific American , were a sensational study that showed that parasitic rove beetles could so effectively mimic ant communication that the ants cared and fed for the nest invaders better than their own larvae. Many more publications on social insects followed and covered theoretical and experimental behavioral ecology, chemical ecology, and sociobiology. This book explores insect societies as superorganisms and the implications for the theory of social evolution. His thesis was on the social behavior of male carpenter ants and their role in the organization of carpenter ant societies. He accepted the position and returned to Germany—a decision he would soon regret.

Mathematizing Darwin

Edward Osborne Wilson born June 10, , usually cited as E. Wilson , is an American biologist , naturalist , and writer. Wilson is an influential biologist [3] [4] [5] who on numerous occasions he has been nicknamed "The New Darwin ", "Darwin's natural heir" or "The Darwin of the 21st century". Wilson has been called "the father of sociobiology " and "the father of biodiversity " [12] for his environmental advocacy, and his secular-humanist and deist ideas pertaining to religious and ethical matters. This theory served as the foundation of the field of conservation area design, as well as the unified neutral theory of biodiversity of Stephen Hubbell. Wilson the Crafoord Prize , an award designed to cover areas not covered by Nobel Prizes biology, oceanography, mathematics, astronomy etc.

PDF | A review of work in human behavioral ecology, including classic HBE and evolutionary anthropology; a writer's choice of terms Ecology and Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology often include papers on humans.

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Edward O. Wilson

Sociobiology: The New Synthesis ; 25th anniversary edition is a book by the biologist E. It helped start the sociobiology debate, one of the great scientific controversies in biology of the 20th century and part of the wider debate about evolutionary psychology and the modern synthesis of evolutionary biology. Wilson popularized the term "sociobiology" as an attempt to explain the evolutionary mechanics behind social behaviour such as altruism , aggression , and the nurturing of the young. It formed a position within the long-running nature versus nurture debate. The fundamental principle guiding sociobiology is that an organism's evolutionary success is measured by the extent to which its genes are represented in the next generation.

Edward O. He was also the foremost proponent of sociobiology , the study of the genetic basis of the social behaviour of all animals, including humans. Wilson received his early training in biology at the University of Alabama B. At Harvard he was later Frank B.


Edward O. On the eve of his 90th birthday, he continues to argue for the relevance of evolutionary and ecological science to human affairs. Wilson — his first name comes and goes from bylines but the middle initial is ever-present — has over several decades been at the center of scientific controversies that spilled out of the journals and into wider public awareness. Among activists in the environmental movement, Wilson is the elder statesman, the intellectual patriarch whose writings are foundational to the campaign. Soon to celebrate his 90th birthday, he shows no sign of losing his enthusiasm for the fray.

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E. O. Wilson