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The Practice Of Statistics 5th Edition Pdf Chapter 9 Learn pre-algebra for free—all of the basic arithmetic and geometry skills needed for algebra. Common Core Practice Test Review The Common Core State Standards Initiative is an effort to ensure that all students in public schools in America acquire the skills and knowledge they need in order to be prepared to achieve success at college or in the workforce.


Prior to the early s, there was no management theory as we think of it today. Work happened as it always had—those with the skills did the work in the way they thought best usually the way it had always been done. The concept that work could be studied and the work process improved did not formally exist before the ideas of Frederick Winslow Taylor. The scientific management movement produced revolutionary ideas for the time—ideas such as employee training and implementing standardized best practices to improve productivity.

Frederick Taylor — is called the Father of Scientific Management. Before the Industrial Revolution, most businesses were small operations, averaging three or four people. Owners frequently labored next to employees, knew what they were capable of, and closely directed their work. The dynamics of the workplace changed dramatically in the United States with the Industrial Revolution.

Factory owners and managers did not possess close relationships with their employees. There was little or no incentive to work harder than the next man or woman. Taylor was a mechanical engineer who was primarily interested in the type of work done in factories and mechanical shops. He observed that the owners and managers of the factories knew little about what actually took place in the workshops. Taylor believed that the system could be improved, and he looked around for an incentive.

He settled on money. Taylor also believed that management and labor should cooperate and work together to meet goals. He was the first to suggest that the primary functions of managers should be planning and training. In this book, he suggested that productivity would increase if jobs were optimized and simplified. Taylor first developed the idea of breaking down each job into component parts and timing each part to determine the most efficient method of working.

Soon afterward, two management theorists, Frank and Lillian Gilbreth, came up with the idea of filming workers to analyze their motions.

Their ideas have since been combined into one process called time and motion studies for analyzing the most productive way to complete a task. Scientific management has at its heart four core principles that also apply to organizations today.

They include the following:. Taylor designed his approach for use in places where the work could be quantified, systemized, and standardized, such as in factories. In scientific management, there is one right way to do a task; workers were not encouraged in fact, they were forbidden to make decisions or evaluate actions that might produce a better result.

Taylor was concerned about the output more than worker satisfaction or motivation. Scientific management grew in popularity among big businesses because productivity rose, proving that it worked.

Today, an updated version of his original theory is used by such companies as FedEx and Amazon. Every task is broken down to the smallest motion and translated into an exact procedure that must be followed to complete that task. Because everyone is operating in the same mechanistic way, it increases predictability and consistency while reducing errors. It is relatively easy for managers to replace workers and retain the same productivity.

Two more pioneers in the field of management theory were Frank and Lillian Gilbreth, who conducted research about the same time as Taylor. Like Taylor, the Gilbreths were interested in worker productivity, specifically how movement and motion affected efficiency. Lillian Gilbreth. As stated above, the Gilbreths used films to analyze worker activity. They would break the tasks into discrete elements and movements and record the time it took to complete one element.

In this way, they were able to predict the most efficient workflow for a particular job. The films the Gilbreths made were also useful for creating training videos to instruct employees in how to work productively.

Taylor and the Gilbreths belonged to the classical school of management , which emphasized increasing worker productivity by scientific analysis.

They differed, however, on the importance of the worker. Eventually, their work led to the science of ergonomics and industrial psychology. Ergonomics is the study of people in their operating environment, with the goal of increasing productivity and reducing risk of work-related injury.

Henry Gantt — was also an associate of Taylor. He is probably best known for two key contributions to classical management theory: the Gantt chart and the task and bonus system. The Gantt chart is a tool that provides a visual graphic representation of what occurs over the course of a project.

The focus of the chart is the sequential performance of tasks that make up a project. It identifies key tasks, assigns an estimated time to complete the task, and determines a starting date for each element of a task. Gantt differentiated between a terminal element that must be completed as part of a larger task. The related terminal elements together created what he called the summary element.

Imagine that you want to paint a room. The summary element is the finished, painted room. The individual terminal tasks might include calculating the square footage of the room, preparing the walls, choosing the paint, purchasing the paint, putting down the drop cloth, taping the windows, applying the paint, and final cleanup. Some of these elements are independent, and some elements are dependent upon others. Purchasing the paint is dependent upon knowing the square footage and choosing the paint color.

Before painting can start, the walls must be prepared and the paint must be purchased. But purchasing the paint is not dependent upon preparing the walls—these tasks could be started at the same time. Gantt wanted to establish a standard average time for a piece of work or task. Then, if a worker took more that the standard time, his pay was docked. But if he took less time, he was paid for the additional pieces of work and a bonus of up to 20 percent more.

Also known as the progressive rate system , this plan was preferred by workers who were willing to work harder for additional wages. Although Gantt is not the best known of the classic management theorists, many of his ideas are still being used in project management. Scientific management was the first widespread promotion of rational processes to improve efficiency.

The goal was to develop a standard against which work performance could be measured. Training became an important part of the management process. By the s, however, many unions and workers were suspicious of the intentions of scientific management. Improve this page Learn More. Skip to main content. Module 2: History of Management. Search for:. Scientific Management Learning Outcomes Explain the concept of scientific management. Summarize the work of Frederick W.

Summarize the work of Frank and Lillian Gilbreth. Summarize the work of Henry Gantt. Practice Question. An example of a simple Gantt chart. There are several distinct tasks involved in painting a room.

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Prior to the early s, there was no management theory as we think of it today. Work happened as it always had—those with the skills did the work in the way they thought best usually the way it had always been done. The concept that work could be studied and the work process improved did not formally exist before the ideas of Frederick Winslow Taylor. The scientific management movement produced revolutionary ideas for the time—ideas such as employee training and implementing standardized best practices to improve productivity. Frederick Taylor — is called the Father of Scientific Management.

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- Managerial activities. - planning, organising, staffing, directing, controlling. Page 3. WHAT IS MANAGEMENT? DEFINITION: • F.W. Taylor.