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LaLonde, Robert J, Robert J.

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The action is planned for designing, elaboration and implementation of the Ex-ante and post-ante monitoring scheme. The main aim of ex-ante and post-ante monitoring is to evaluate the rate of the avian mortality and its trend before and after the implementation of the project practical conservation actions on the selected segments of the high voltage electric transmission lines. The selected segments will be used for implementation of the project actions C. Ex-ante and post-ante monitoring program also will be exercised for evaluation of the White stork mortality within high voltage overhead electricity lines grid in light of implementation of the project action C. Additionally, the ex-ante and post-ante monitoring program will cover surveys of the falcons, breeding on the high voltage electricity grid, including artificial nesting boxes erected by the project action C. All monitored parameters, which will be measured during implementation of D. Ex-ante and post-ante monitoring scheme will be elaborated during the first six project months.

Ex-post and ex-ante evaluation study of the sustainable fisheries partnership agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Cabo Verde Navigation Menu. Navigation Menu. Publications Office of the EU. Publication detail. Maintenance EN.

Sometimes the sequence of events is important for establishing rights and obligations, and sometimes it is not. For example, if a nuisance was there before the neighbouring residences arrived, the nuisance is sometimes allowed to continue in the same location under the doctrine of coming to the nuisance. When and why should the doctrine be or not be upheld? While many concepts in law and economics do not explicitly have a time dimension, once we start thinking about ex ante versus ex post, a large number of seemingly unrelated areas of the law involve similar issues of sequence. When new regulations are imposed, sometimes pre-existing businesses are exempt and sometimes not. In accident law, negligent behaviour by the first actor may require the second actor to take action beyond the ordinarily efficient actions as can be seen in the doctrine of last clear chance. What is the underlying rational for the application of this rule?

Ex post vs. ex ante pricing: Optional calling plans and tapered tariffs

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Ex-ante and post-ante monitoring of the impact of measures (D2)

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DSS Evaluation: A Comparison of Ex-Ante and Ex-Post Evaluation Methods

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Project evaluation at JICA has four types of project cycles: ex-ante evaluation, mid-term evaluation, terminal evaluation and ex-post evaluation. Since each.

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The term ex-ante sometimes written ex ante or exante is a phrase meaning "before the event".