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Production And Operations Management Questions And Answers Pdf

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Operations Management is understood as the process whereby resources or inputs are converted into more useful products or services. Operations management is more frequently used where various inputs are transformed into intangible services. Production management refers to transforming raw material in to finished goods, which are tangible in nature.

We provide complete MBA production and operations management notes. A detailed MBA production and operations management syllabus as prescribed by various Universities and colleges in India are as under. You can download the syllabus in production and operations management pdf form.

Production and Operations Management Assignment Question and Answers

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Your report should be typed using Times New Roman, Arial or other similar faced, size 12 fonts or written clearly by hand on one side not both sides of A4 sized paper. You must submit a report containing the detailed procedure to obtain your answers.

It should include clear and detailed explanation of the logic that you have used to obtain your answer. You have to combine all your answers together into one document and convert it to a PDF file.

No late submission will be accepted. Again you have to submit only one PDF document including cover sheet and all your answers. Questions for Module 6 Briefly explain the purpose of each of these control charts a Mean chart b Range Chart c p-chart d c-chart ANSWER: Mean chart—A control chart used to monitor process variables by focusing on the central tendency of a process.

Range control charts are used to monitor process variables, focusing on the dispersion of a process. For example, one test can be more sensitive to trend and the other to bias.

An automatic filling machine is used to fill 1-liter bottles of cola. The machine's output is approximately normal with a mean of 1. Output is monitored using means of samples of 25 observations. So the process is not in-control.

After a number of complaints about its directory assistance, a telephone company examined samples of calls to determine the frequency of wrong numbers given to callers. Each sample consisted of calls. Determine 95 percent limits. Is the process stable i. So the process is stable. Given the following data for the number of defects per spool of cable, using three-sigma limits, is the process in control?

All values are within the limits. So the process is in-control. The time needed for checking in at a hotel is to be investigated. Historically, the process has had a standard deviation equal to. Is the process in control? What can you conclude? Because sample 29 lies outside the control limits, the control chart limits should be recalculated without sample The process is in-control.

A production process consists of a three-step operation. The scrap rate is 10 percent for the first step and 6 percent for the other two steps. The input to Step 3 is 1 — 0. The required output is units. Hence 0. A process that produces computer chips has a mean of.

The allowable variation is from. Answer: specification width. In this instance, the index is 1. Each of the processes listed is noncentered with respect to the specifications for that process.

Compute the appropriate capability index Cpk for each, and decide if the process is capable Process mean Std Deviation Lower spec Higher spec H 15 0. Questions for Module 7 What three levels of planning involve operations managers?

What kinds of decisions are made at the various levels? Answer: Three levels of planning that involve operations managers are: a. Business plan: It establishes production and capacity strategies. Production plan: It establishes production capacity and intermediate term aggregate production schedule.

Master schedule: It establishes schedules for specific products disaggregation of production plan. Briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each of these planning strategies a Maintain a level rate of output and let inventories absorb fluctuations in demand.

Answer: a. Maintaining a constant workforce has the advantage of making estimation of labor costs relatively easy, is good for morale, and minimizes hiring and layoff costs. However, inventory carrying costs tend to be high. Since labor force has to be continually adjusted, hiring and layoff costs tend to be high. Due to the instability of the labor force, employee morale is low.

However, the inventory carrying costs are very low because production is matched with demand, resulting in little or no inventory. Nowjuice, Inc. A planner has developed an aggregate forecast for demand in cases for the next eight months.

Which plan has the lowest total cost? Supplement using overtime as needed b Use a combination of overtime cases per month for the first five months , inventory, and subcontracting cases per month from September to November, if necessary to handle variations in demand.

Note that suitable amounts of overtime for the last three months should be found to determine the total cost. A company that makes industrial pumps wants to prepare a master production schedule for June and July. Market forecast is given below. The customer order already committed are also shown. The beginning inventory level is Suppose the production lot size is The forecast for each week of Question has changed to 50 units each week and customer orders are changed as well.

The beginning inventory level is 0 and the production lot size is The forecast and customer orders are as shown in the table below. The beginning inventory level is 70 and the production lot size is units. How is safety stock included in a material requirements plan?

Answer: Safety stock is not normally needed for dependent demand items below the end-item level because the usage of these items are calculated from the quantities established for the end item in the master schedule. However, in practice, there are a number of reasons to carry safety stock in an MRP system. Some of these reasons include scrap, defective units, late deliveries due to longer than expected production time of components or late deliveries of parts from the suppliers.

Maintaining safety stock is important for multi-level items because a shortage for a lower level item in the BOM will cause a shortage for the end-item. However, if safety stock is carried for all dependent demand items, the main advantage of MRP will be lost.

What is meant by the term safety time? ANSWER: Because of the pyramid relationship that exists for components in an MRP system, it is not realistic to attempt to provide safety stock at all levels because this would result in huge carrying costs.

Moreover, because shortage at any level will mean shortages from that point up to the top of the tree, safety stock at lower levels provides only minimal protection. What is lot sizing, what is its goal, and why is it an issue with lumpy demand? In the case of uniform demand, an EOQ approach will yield an appropriate lot size. Under lumpy demand, it usually makes sense to time orders so that they arrive as needed. The EOQ amount, though, may not equal the quantity needed at a particular point in time.

Lot-for-lot ordering is often used instead. However, some other lot size may yield lower total costs. Because of the variations in timing and quantity generally inherent in lumpy demand cases, there may not be a single approach which will consistently yield a reasonably good answer. The current inventory is as follows. A table is assembled using three components, as shown in the accompanying product structure tree. The company that makes the table wants to ship units at the beginning of day 4, units at the beginning of day 5, and units at the beginning of day 7.

Receipts of wood sections are scheduled at the beginning of day 2. There are legs on hand. An additional 10 percent of the order size on legs is added for safety stock. There are 60 braces on hand with no safety stock requirement for braces.

Production Management MCQ - Set 03

During the Quiz End of Quiz. Statistical process control: Through the use of control charts and data collected for the samples at the various stages of production a manufacturing product can be monitored Troubleshooting studies: At the end of the line product, a trouble-shooting study can be carried out to see whether the changes in the inputs are associated with the output variables. Infinite loading; Finite loading; a and b; None of these In this Azure Data Factory interview questions, you will learn data factory to clear your job interview. Promised delivery dates are kept, production flows as per scheduled time. What is Flow Control? Download PDF.

Nombre requerido. If you have already studied the production and operations management notes, then its time to move ahead and go through previous year production and operations management question paper. Leveraging, Competitive market, broaden, higher, You can download the syllabus in production and operations management pdf form. It will help you to understand question paper pattern and type of production and operations management question and answer asked in MBA production and operations management exam.

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Time: Three hours. Maximum: marks. Answer ALL questions. PART A — (10 × 2 = 20 marks). 1. Distinguish between Production and Productivity. 2.

MB0044-Production and Operations Management Questions

Production And Operations Management Pdf. It calls for a holistic or systems view of the processes with major impact on the costs required to operate a. The second section presents quantitative models, and the third and final sections discuss the design of operations systems, advanced technologies, strategy, formulation and implementation.

Production and Operations Management Assignment Question and Answers

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operations management mba mcq pdf

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Operations manager main role deals with maintaining and make sure that all operations in the company run smoothly. Rather than provide a broad overview of tasks, try to give a basic overview with some specific details. Production and operations management is a process of applying business organization and management techniques in the production of goods and services.

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Production And Operations Management Pdf

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production and operations management notes

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MB0044-Production and Operations Management Questions