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Project Management Calculations And Formulas Pdf

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PMP Exam Formulas – Free online PDF Download!

You might be looking for a PMP cheat sheet that can help you with formulas based questions in the PMP certification exam. It is available as a free downloadable pdf in this post. There are about mathematical based problems in the PMP test. These are quite simple. You just need to know the formulas and their application to crack these questions. The cheat can also be used for doing the regular project management work. However, the former title is most popular.

PMP Formulas – 15 PMP Math Formulas & PMP Cheat Sheet – FREE

Project Management is a structured discipline. And the basics are rigorous and logical. Math, maths, or mathematics? Well, mathematics is just a bit of a mouthful. Worse: it sounds ugly. Formulas or formulae?

We are going to look at these elements in detail. Therefore, I request you go through every step thoroughly. Therefore, understand the concepts well before proceeding further. The calculations for finding Planned Value, Earned Value, and Actual Cost are simple, and once you understand them, the rest will be simple. Planned Value is the approved value of the work to be completed in a given time.

Download PMP Exam Formulas!

In fact, many say that the most difficult part of the exam is learning all the PMP formulas. Further, many of the calculation-based questions are based on these top 8 cost management formulas. Take a look at the first four PMP formulas above and try to find out the commonalities in them. Not getting it yet? Yes, the easiest part is Earned Value EV.

It is a universal fact that at any stage of Project management , project managers are required to perform simple as well as complex computations and calculations for their projects. This guide will take you through the most important PMP formulas used to perform these computations. Currently, PMP Certification online training is also available. Listed below are the important PMP Exam formulas one needs to have an understanding about:. Some pre exam tips according to experts are:.

PM Formulas: Understanding the Math of Project Management


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Are you preparing for PMP certification exam?

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Master of Project Academy Material - Cannot Be Sold, Copied or Earned Value Management Formulas This is calculated by Present Value (PV) formula.

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Earned Value is a method of calculating project status.

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