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Difference Between 8051 And Pic Microcontroller Pdf

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A microcontroller can be called the heart of embedded system. I have used cored product in many numbers of application starting from my final year college project to high end machine as supporting controller. AVR — I.

Nowadays, Microcontrollers are so cheap and simply obtainable that it is general to use them instead of easy logic circuits like counters for the sole reason of gaining some design flexibility and discount some space. Some machines and robots will even rely on a huge number of microcontrollers , each one enthusiastic to a confident task. A micro-controller can be comparable to a little stand alone computer; it is an extremely powerful device, which is able of executing a series of pre-programmed tasks and interacting with extra hardware devices.

[Comparison] PIC vs 8051

Basically, all of them do mostly the same things. It only depends on how precisely you can use them. This is one of the popular families of the microcontroller is being used all across the world. The C. In case the info is larger than eight bits, then it damage into parts so that the CPU can process easily. The AT90S was the initial microcontroller which was based on the AVR architecture, though the first microcontroller to hit the commercial market was AT90S in the year We hope that you have got a better understanding of this concept.

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The Intel microcontroller is one of the most popular general-purpose microcontrollers in use today. It is an 8-bit family of microcontroller developed by Intel in the year Register provides a fast way to collect and store data using microcontrollers and processors. If we want to manipulate data with a controller or processor by performing tasks like addition, subtraction, and so on, we cannot do that directly in the memory, in order to perform these tasks we need registers to process and store the data. Microcontrollers contain several types of registers that can be classified according to their content or instructions that operate on them. The microcontroller contains mainly two types of registers:. The microcontroller consists of bytes of RAM memory, which is divided into two ways, such as bytes for general purpose and bytes for special function registers SFR memory.

Difference between AVR, ARM, 8051 and PIC Microcontrollers

Asked by Wiki User. PICs are exclusives of microchip and is produced by various companies like atmel, philips etc. It has been updated and expanded into a family of microcontrollers manufactured by several companies. PIC is not a microcontroller, but is an extensive family of microcontrollers designed and manufactured by Microchip, Inc. Both are quite popular, and there are many other microcontrollers available.

Their interfacing with other peripherals is also very easy. I recommend you to check a list of Pic microcontroller project here. Each family has a variety of components along with built in special features. It offers a lot of memory sizes and pin packages and different clock ratings. Memory is used for storing the instructions after processing. Control unit is used to control the internal and external peripherals which are connected to the CPU and accumulator is used for storing the results. PIC microcontroller memory module consists of mainly 3 types of memories:.

, PIC and AVR have Harvard architecture (separate memory spaces for RAM and program memory). · ARM has a 16 and/or 32 bit architecture. · and PIC.


A micro-controller is a single Integrated Circuit IC which is comparable to a little stand alone computer and it is designed to perform the specific tasks of embedded systems. It is an entry level micro-controller used for most basic applications all across the world and it consumes low power and available with low budget. It was developed by the Intel in the year

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Microcontroller Interview Questions 8051

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Microcontrollers are designed for embedded applications, in contrast to the microprocessors used in personal computers or other general purpose applications consisting of various discrete chips.

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is very basic and commonly used micro-controller and used for simple applications. PIC is used to interface more advanced peripherals like microSD card, RFID scanner etc. It uses ROM, SRAM, FLASH memory.

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Peripheral Interface Controller (PIC) is microcontroller developed by a Microchip, PIC microcontroller is fast and simple to implement program when we contrast.