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The propagation constant of a sinusoidal electromagnetic wave is a measure of the change undergone by the amplitude and phase of the wave as it propagates in a given direction. The quantity being measured can be the voltage , the current in a circuit , or a field vector such as electric field strength or flux density.

Consider electromagnetic wave propagation in a source-free, lossless, unbounded medium. A simple propagating wave, which adequately represents wave propagation often encountered in real situations, is a uniform plane wave.

Teaching transmission lines and wave propagation is a challenging task because it involves quantities not easily observable and also because the underlying mathematical equations—functions of time, distance and using complex numbers—are not prone to an easy physical interpretation in a frequent framework of a superposition of traveling waves in distinct directions. In such a context, tools with a strong visualization and easy student interaction can improve the learning outputs. We describe here a few tools and give basic exercises to address the main learning topics. Antennas and Wave Propagation. The subject of propagation in transmission lines is a very important topic in analog microwave and high-speed digital circuits design.

Plane Wave Propagation

In Section 3. In this section, we demonstrate that these expressions represent sinusoidal waves, and point out some important features. Before attempting this section, the reader should be familiar with the contents of Sections 3. A refresher on fundamental wave concepts Section 1. From fundamental wave theory we recognize.

Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Transmission line method for propagation characteristic of electromagnetic wave in rectangular tunnel Abstract: The paper presents the equivalent transmission line equation which is useful to describe the propagation characteristics of electromagnetic waves in a tunnel. For the transmission line theory, the mathematical structure of the classical telegrapher equation was preserved, while the coefficients the per-unit-length parameters were generalized in order to represent the essential characteristic of the wire structure.

3.8: Wave Propagation on a TEM Transmission Line

Engineering Electromagnetics pp Cite as. Hopefully, by now you have a good understanding of waves propagating in space and in materials, including reflection and transmission at interfaces. Although not mentioned often enough, there were a number of assumptions implicit in this type of propagation. The most important was the fact that only plane waves were treated. While the existence of interfaces complicates treatment, it also allows for applications such as radar to be feasible. If we were to summarize the previous two chapters in a few words, we would say that all wave phenomena were treated in essentially infinite space; that is, plane waves were not restricted in space except for the occasional interface.

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Wave Propagation on Transmission Lines. A. General For an infinite uniform transmission line, ∃ no reflection waves (BTW). Then a) Propagation constant.

Teaching Transmission Line Propagation and Plane Wave Reflection Using Software Tools

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