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Organ Accompaniment sheet music. Composed by Gerald Finzi Classical, Contemporary, Sacred.

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Finzi G - Welcome sweet and sacred feast

Welcome sweet and sacred feast; welcome life! Dead I was, and deep in trouble; But grace, and blessings came with thee so rife, That they have quicken'd even dry stubble. Thus souls their bodies animate, And thus, at first, when things were rude, Dark, void, and crude. They, by thy Word, their beauty had, and date; All were by thee, and still must be; Nothing that is, or lives, But hath his quick'nings, and reprieves As thy hand opes, or shuts, Healings and cuts, Darkness and daylight, life and death Are but mere leaves turn'd by thy breath.

But that great darkness at thy death When the veil broke with thy last breath. Did make us see The way to thee. Was't not enough that thou hadst paid the price And given us eyes When we had none, but thou must also take Us by the hand And keep us still awake, When we would sleep, Or from thee creep, Who without thee cannot stand?

Was't not enough to lose thy brreath And blood by an accursed death, But thou must also leave To us that did bereave Thee of them both, these seals the means That should both cleanse And keep us so, who wrought thy woe? O rose of Sharon! O the Lily Of the valley! How art thou now, thy flock to keep, Become both food, and Shepherd to thy sheep.

Until regular Chapel activities can take place, we are resuming 'Virtual Chapel' services for Lent Term. Skip to main content. Finzi G - Welcome sweet and sacred feast Composer:.

Gerald Finzi Latest release. Advent Live - Volume 2. November Latest webcast. Listen now. Preces and Responses - Tallis Psalm 78 vv. Latest news. Choral singing comes no better. Fiona Maddocks, The Observer.

Finzi G - Welcome sweet and sacred feast

However, his oeuvre includes well-regarded concerti for clarinet and cello , choral works, works for string orchestra , and chamber music. But his compositions place him as among the most characteristically "English" composers of his generation. Despite being agnostic , he wrote some inspired and imposing Christian choral music that remains consistently in the performance repertoire. The most common method of numbering Finzi's works is by opus number as assigned by his publishers during his lifetime. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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My Lovely One · God is Gone Up · Welcome Sweet and Sacred Feast.

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Gerald Finzi amassed a library that numbered over three thousand volumes, mostly of poetry, by the time of his death and was extremely selective when choosing poems to set to music.

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Welcome sweet and sacred feast; welcome life!

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With its luminous textures and obvious folksong influences, the music has the strongest English resonance to appeal to and stimulate the imagination of an audience.

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