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A Network On Chip Architecture And Design Methodology Pdf

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With the ability to integrate a large number of cores on a single chip, research into on-chip networks to facilitate communication becomes increasingly important. On-chip networks seek to provide a scalable and high-bandwidth communication substrate for multi-core and many-core architectures. High bandwidth and low latency within the on-chip network must be achieved while fitting within tight area and power budgets.

Network on a chip

Such a many-core system requires high-performance interconnections to transfer data among the cores on the chip. Traditional system components interface with the interconnection backbone via a bus interface. This interconnection backbone can be an on-chip bus or multilayer bus architecture. With the advent of many-core architectures, the bus architecture becomes the performance bottleneck of the on-chip interconnection framework. In contrast, network on chip NoC becomes a promising on-chip communication infrastructure, which is commonly considered as an aggressive long-term approach for on-chip communications. Accordingly, this paper first discusses several common architectures and prevalent techniques that can deal well with the design issues of communication performance, power consumption, signal integrity, and system scalability in an NoC.

The modules on the IC are typically semiconductor IP cores schematizing various functions of the computer system , and are designed to be modular in the sense of network science. The network on chip is a router -based packet switching network between SoC modules. NoC technology applies the theory and methods of computer networking to on-chip communication and brings notable improvements over conventional bus and crossbar communication architectures. Networks-on-chip come in many network topologies , many of which are still experimental as of NoCs improve the scalability of systems-on-chip and the power efficiency of complex SoCs compared to other communication subsystem designs. A common NoC used in contemporary personal computers is a graphics processing unit GPU — commonly used in computer graphics , video gaming and accelerating artificial intelligence. They are an emerging technology , with projections for large growth in the near future as manycore computer architectures become more common.

On-Chip Networks

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Designing 2D and 3D Network-on-Chip Architectures

Reconfigurable computing brings immense flexibility to on-chip processing while network-on-chip has improved flexibility in on-chip communication. Integrating these two areas of research reaps the benefits of both and represents the promising future of multiprocessor systems-on-chip. Dynamic Reconfigurable Network-on-Chip Design: Innovations for Computational Processing and Communication is the one of the first compilations written to demonstrate this future for network -on-chip design. Through dynamic and creative research into questions ranging from integrating reconfigurable computing techniques, to task assigning, scheduling and arrival, to designing an operating system to take advantage of the computing and communication flexibilities brought about by run-time reconfiguration and network-on-chip, this book represents a complete source of the techniques and applications for reconfigurable network-on-chip necessary for understanding of future of this field. Leading researchers present cutting-edge solutions meeting a variety of unique challenges for multicore embedded software like real time, security, safety, reliability, swap, energy efficiency, area consumption and heterogeneity.

UC Santa Barbara

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Networks on Chips: Structure and Design Methodologies

In addition to offering performance, bandwidth, and energy improvements due to shorter wirelength, emerging integration technologies pose new opportunities, challenges, and targets for interconnect design. Meanwhile, interconnect has become an increasingly crucial design target due to hardware, such as data-centric architectures, and software trends, with memory-bound and data-intensive applications, putting more pressure on the communication system which significantly impacts the system performance. Due to these reasons, our work focuses on designing interconnect architectures for emerging integration technologies, as interconnects and communication fabric increasingly take the center stage in architecture design in post-Moore era. In this thesis, we introduce interconnect architecture design for various emerging integration technologies, following the trends in hardware and software domains. First, targeting emerging data-intensive workloads with high memory capacity and bandwidth requirements, we propose scalable, low latency, high bandwidth, and low energy network-on-chip architecture design for 3D-stacked memories, called memory networks, on silicon interposer. Second, we evaluate memory network architectures for high performance computing and propose techniques to further improve the memory network latency. Third, following the advances in silicon interposer-based 2.

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Show all documents As the traditional system on chip having bus based communication, with increasing processing elements on chip form very complicated structure of SoC. To reduce this complexity Network on chip NoC is best , it provides high level of parallelism in communication and improves the performance of on chip communication.

Architecture Design Pdf

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Network on Chip (NoC) design

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