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Wireline Operations And Procedures Pdf

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Wireline Operations and Procedures

Appendix 4. However, in wireline work, the. Lifting Operati on Plan. A paramount. If, despite the above precauti on s, the re is still a. Install the tool. Ensure the re is. Lower the lubricator assembly on to the. Lower upper. BOPs, remove tugger. Pull back into. For fur the r informati on on good safety practices and. Particular thanks for the ir support is given to the following companies:. Introducti on 2 2. Job Planning 3 2. Communicati on s 5 3.

Technical C on siderati on s 6 5. Open Hole Rig Up Animati on 5. Cased Hole Rig Up Animati on 6. However, when it is dropped outwith the lubricator or well bore, the re is the potential for serious or fatal injury to pers on nel. This is seen as critically important to wireline activity where the re can be a difference in emphasis on job requirements between Town Office and Site. Office based engineers determine the work programme e. This will ensure that the wireline crew is not forced into impractical and hazardous rigups to meet well programme expectati on s.

The aim is to identify the key elements to allow the work to be carried out safely. The planning document should identify the safety c on siderati on s for the job.

This will ensure that the re are no c on flicting requirements made on the pers on nel involved in the lifting operati on which could result in an accident. This can be achieved by some on e e.

The toolstring will be raised two feet for every foot that the sheave or lubricator is raised. For this reas on , when raising the sheave or lubricator, it must be ensured that the re is adequate slack in the wireline. Proximity Sensor and Alarm. Where it is not reas on ably practicable to do so, no pers on should be in proximity to the toolstring when it is moving.

It may, on occasi on , be necessary to work al on gside a suspended toolstring e. In such cases, exposure time should be minimised e. Ensure all lifting equipment to be utilized is available, in good c on diti on , certified and tested. All lifting clamps, slings and chains should be visually checked prior to use and all shackles should be fitted with safety pins. Toolbox Talk Tool Box Talks TBT must be c on ducted including all pers on nel involved in the operati on prior to appropriate stages in the process e.

All hatches, gratings and covers that are required to be removed to allow access to the tree shall have a slotted cover or barrier placed around and enclosing the hole. Assemble the required tool string horiz on tally on deck. Install the tool string into the made up lubricator assembly.

Ensure that sufficient slack is paid out. Pick up the tool string weight using the wireline unit and remove the wireline clamp. Lower the lubricator assembly on to the wireline BOP and make up the quick uni on c on necti on. The rig up can now be pressure tested.

Pick up the toolstring weight using the wireline unit and remove the wireline clamp. Lower upper toolstring and make up to lower toolstring. Pick up weight and remove lifting clamp. Positi on logging tools on catwalk. Raise top sheave slowly to logging height in derrick, paying out slack cable ensuring that no snags occur. Raise first logging tool secti on to drill floor using appropriate tugger and certified lifting cap.

Place in makeup plate over hole. C on tinue in this manner until toolstring makeup is complete. C on nect wireline head to toolstring — check tool and the n attach head safety clamp.

Set depth and tensi on limits on wireline winch. Maintain minimum safety gap between tool head and top sheave. Lower tool into well. Reset tool zero at drill floor. Remove head safety clamp. Run in hole. Elevators are to be locked and not air assisted. Lift CTF into positi on. Lift BOPs and install appropriate crossover for riser. Use tugger with certified lifting caps and slings. Two tag lines should be used. Assist drill crew to positi on BOPs on riser and make up c on necti on.

Orient BOPs to give access to hydraulic c on necti on s and manual ram wheels. Use GIT clamp or lubricator clamp, certified slings and shackles.

Install In-Situ test sub. Lift GIT with rig tugger and crane if necessary to allow GIT c on trol hoses to be fitted at drill floor minimize man riding operati on s. Remove rig tugger and switch to CTF winch. Tag lines to be fitted. Lift GIT till 2ft above makeup positi on and tieback to frame to prevent swinging.

Install cable into top sheave manriding required and secure with clip. Rig up toolstring using certified clamps and slings or lifting caps as required. Rig tugger is to be as central as possible. Experienced tugger operators drill crew are to assist and a nominated wireline crew member identifiable with hi-vis jacket will provide instructi on s. Rig up lower sheave assembly with suitable floor chain or rated and tested sling, wrapping around riser but allowing room for tidal movement and heave.

Hold lower sheave steady with tugger or sheave stand. Untie lubricator tag lines and allow lubricator to centralize above tool string. Pick up tensi on with winch unit on tool string. Experienced winch driver should have communicati on with nominated wireline crew member on drill floor. Remove tool clamp. Ensure suitable hole cover is used. Lower toolstring in hole with winch unit until cable head is 10ft below BOPs. Rig up is now ready for pressure testing. Pull back into catcher as above, using safe winching procedures.

CTF should the n be lifted 2ft. Clamps will the n be installed and cablehead removed. Once GIT is tied back to frame, toolstring can be disc on nected in secti on s as required using the tugger. A slickline rig up would be similar but without reference to GIT equipment.

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Appendix 4. However, in wireline work, the. Lifting Operati on Plan. A paramount. If, despite the above precauti on s, the re is still a.

form (see Appendix A or Sample Job Dispatch Sheet in Wireline Operations and. Procedures1. Details of Job Request.).The items listed below.

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Users of this publication should become familiar with its scope and content, including any provisions it may have regarding marking of manufactured products. This document is intended to supplement rather than replace individual engineering judgment. The third editionof this manual was written to update and outline the application of the various wireline tools, equipment, and operations in the oil and gas industry.

Embed Size px x x x x Book 5 of the Vocational Training Series. Users of this publication should become familiar with its scopeand content, including any provisions it may have regarding marking ofmanufactured products.

Wireline operations and procedures pdf Wireline pdf Wireline perforating Wireline equipment pdf Wireline pressure control equipment pdf Slickline operation manual pdf Elmar wireline pressure control equipment Wireline bop diagram Wireline ppt Wireline operations and procedures pdf Well Intervention. The Wireline course offers a detailed insight into what Wireline is and what it is used for. This course has been dynamically structured to promote the easy learning of some of the most complex techniques in oilfield drilling. This course provides a general introduction to wireline operations and is recommended for personnel that requires a more in-depth understanding of the subject.

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The development of surface equipment for solid wireline operations has kept pace with the development of new methods and tools used in well completion, remedial and work-over operations. Solid wireline is used for depth determination, deviated hole surveys, temperature and pressure surveys, paraffin cutting, and cementing operations. Solid, wireline may also be used to set, retrieve, and manipulate chokes, circulating plugs, gage cutters, swaging tools, safety valves and gas-lift valves. As the oil industry grew from the first shallow well in Titusville, Pennsylvania in to the first producing well on the Outer Continental Shelf in the Gulf of Mexico in , wireline servicing also grew in complexity. Since then, wireline operations have kept pace with industry needs for work in deeper and more corrosive wells, deviated holes, and wells drilled in deeper water offshore. The expansion of oilfield activities from conventional terrain to marsh, muskeg, desert and offshore locations has required mobility in wireline equipment for proper servicing. In the early days of solid wireline operations few problems occurred with mobile equipment.

Safety of Wireline Operations - Guidance on the Rig - WSCA

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Well control equipment configuration.. Deployment of 2. Potential for compromised well barrier elements probability reducing measures.. Potential for compromised well barrier elements consequence reducing measures.. Well control action procedures..

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