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Procedural law consists of the set of rules that govern the proceedings of the court in criminal lawsuits as well as civil and administrative proceedings. The court needs to conform to the standards setup by procedural law, while during the proceedings. These rules ensure fair practice and consistency in the " due process ". Substantive law is a statutory law that deals with the legal relationship between people or the people and the state.

What is the difference between procedural and substantive law?

This article seeks to examine and explain the interaction between the substantive and procedural aspects of criminal law protection of human rights in the law of the European Convention of Human Rights. It submits, in particular, that it is always necessary to examine both aspects—substantive and procedural—of the same right and that the procedural aspect should be given primacy both in terms of the order of examination and inferences to be drawn on the question of observance of human rights by states. Most users should sign in with their email address. If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in. To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. Don't already have an Oxford Academic account?

Procedural law

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Procedural law , adjective law , in some jurisdictions referred to as remedial law , or rules of court comprises the rules by which a court hears and determines what happens in civil , lawsuit , criminal or administrative proceedings. The rules are designed to ensure a fair and consistent application of due process in the U. Substantive law , which refers to the actual claim and defense whose validity is tested through the procedures of procedural law, is different from procedural law. Although different legal processes aim to resolve many kinds of legal disputes, the legal procedures share some common features. All legal procedure, for example, is concerned with due process. Absent very special conditions, a court can not impose a penalty - civil or criminal - against an individual who has not received notice of a lawsuit being brought against them, or who has not received a fair opportunity to present evidence for themselves.

Procedural law , also called adjective law , the law governing the machinery of the courts and the methods by which both the state and the individual the latter including groups, whether incorporated or not enforce their rights in the several courts. Procedural law prescribes the means of enforcing rights or providing redress of wrongs and comprises rules about jurisdiction , pleading and practice, evidence , appeal , execution of judgments, representation of counsel , costs, and other matters. Procedural law is commonly contrasted with substantive law , which constitutes the great body of law and defines and regulates legal rights and duties. To be effective, law must go beyond the determination of the rights and obligations of individuals and collective bodies to say how these rights and obligations can be enforced. Moreover, it must do this in a systematic and formal way, because the failure to do so would render the legal system inefficient, unfair, and biased and, as a result, possibly upset the social peace. Embodying this systematization and formalization, procedural law constitutes the sum total of legal rules designed to ensure the enforcement of rights by means of the courts. Because procedural law is a means for enforcing substantive rules, there are different kinds of procedural law, corresponding to the various kinds of substantive law.

9. Substantive Law vs Procedural Law. Two types of Due Process. Substantive Law: Law that defines crime and punishment. Governs behavior of individuals in​.

What is a procedural law? What is a substantive law?

Substantive law and Procedural law are two major categories within the law. Substantive law refers to how facts of each case are handled and how to penalize or ascertain damages in each case. Whereas, Procedural law refers to the different processes through which a case proceeds.

The part of the law that creates, defines, and regulates rights, including, for example, the law of contracts, TORTS , wills, and real property; the essential substance of rights under law.

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Law is used to mean the rules made by the government to protect the fundamental rights of the citizens.

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Procedural regulations enter into and condition all substantive law's becoming actual when there is a dispute. [W]hat substantive law says should be means.