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Can Could And Will Be Able To Exercises Pdf

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A Modal remains unchanged irrespective of number or gender of the subject. These verbs are used along with the main verb.

I could have won the race if I tried. There is an explanation of the use of can, could and be able to for ability and possibility followed by a gap fill exercise and the key. Can, Could, Be able to. My grandmother couldn… One day, I will be able to afford a home and a car.

Can, could and be able to.

We include be able to here for convenience. In this lesson we look at can , could and be able to , followed by a quiz to check your understanding. Can is an auxiliary verb, a modal auxiliary verb. We use can to:. We use can to talk about what is possible, what we are able or free to do:.

We use can to say that something is possible or that somebody has the ability to do something. But can has only two forms, can present and could past. So sometimes it is necessary to use be able to.. We also use could to say that somebody had the general ability or permission to do something :. We use could for general ability.

Modal Verbs of Ability Exercise

Do the warm-up activity with your students and then have them complete the practice activity and conversation questions. Look at the sentences below. Examples: When I first started my career, I could work long hours without a break. They hired her because they knew that she could do the job well. Examples: I called our IT help desk and they were able to resolve the issue. Were you able to get in touch with Gary? Examples: No one thought she had a chance to win the race but somehow she managed to get enough votes and win the election.

In today's post, I'm gonna give you some exercises, so you can pratise what we learned in the previous post. Be a better teacher! Sixteen sentences for practicing can, can't, could, couldn't. Key is included. He could walk when he was two..

Put in 'can' / 'can't' / 'could' / 'couldn't'. If none is possible, use 'be able to' in the correct tense: 1. you swim when you were 10?

Can, could, be able to – ability and possibility

See comments. Imagine that you are interviewing for a job you really want. Most of the questions are in your native language, but the job will require you to use some English. So, the employer asks about your English skills.

A modal is a type of auxiliary helping verb that is used to express: ability, possibility, permission or obligation. Modal phrases or semi-modals are used to express the same things as modals, but are a combination of auxiliary verbs and the preposition to. The modals and semi-modals in English are:.

Grammar Rules

PDF book 1: English tenses exercises. PDF book 2: English grammar exercises.

Modal and Modal Phrases (Semi-Modals)

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Talking about Past Abilities: could, was/were able to, and managed to

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For example, Alan can swim well.