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Series And Shunt Voltage Regulator Pdf

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The TL is a three-terminal adjustable precision shunt voltage regulator integrated circuit.

Linear regulator

Voltage Regulator, as name suggests, is a circuit which is used to regulate the voltage. The output from voltage regulator is independent of load current, temperature and AC line variation. Basically, voltage regulator minimizes the variation in voltage to protect the device. In electrical distribution system, the voltage regulators are either in feeder lines or at substation. There are two types of regulators used in this line, one is step regulator, in which switches regulate the current supply. Another one is induction regulator, which is an alternating electrical machine similar to an induction motor supplies power as a secondary source. It minimizes the voltage variation and provide stable output.

Types of Voltage Regulators

In the power supply, voltage regulators play a key role. So before going to discuss a voltage regulator , we have to know that what is the role of a power supply while designing a system?. For instance, in any working system like a smartphone, wristwatch, computer, or laptop, the power supply is an essential part to work the owl system, because it provides consistent, reliable, and continuous supply to the inside components of the system. In electronic devices, the power supply provides a stable as well as regulated power to work the circuits properly. The sources of power supply are two types like the AC power supply that gets from the mains outlets and the DC power supply that gets from the batteries.

Agenda. Voltage Regulation. Basic Linear Series Regulators. Basic Linear Shunt Regulators. Intro. to Switching Regulators. 2. Elec. Cts B, Lec#7, Spring

Transistor Shunt Voltage Regulator

The shunt regulator operates by maintaining a constant voltage across its terminals and it takes up the surplus current to maintain the voltage across the load. One of the most common examples of the shunt regulator is the simple Zener diode circuit where the Zener diode acts as the shunt element. As such the shunt voltage regulator is an essential element within linear power supply technology. The basic operation of a shunt voltage regulator can be seen from the diagram.

A voltage regulator is an electronic device which can sustain the voltage of power supply within required limits. When a reliable and steady reliable is required, then the voltage regulator is the preferred device. It gives a fixed output voltage that remains constant for any changes in an input voltage or load conditions. It acts as shield for protecting components from damages.

In electronics , a linear regulator is a system used to maintain a steady voltage. The resistance of the regulator varies in accordance with both the input voltage and the load, resulting in a constant voltage output. The regulating device is made to act like a variable resistor , continuously adjusting a voltage divider network to maintain a constant output voltage and continually dissipating the difference between the input and regulated voltages as waste heat. By contrast, a switching regulator uses an active device that switches on and off to maintain an average value of output.

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Shunt voltage regulator basics

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Series Voltage Regulator: series pass regulator

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The series linear regulator provides a high level of performance, especially when low noise, ripple and transients are required in the regulated output.

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In this tutorial, we will learn about one of the most important components of a system design: The Voltage Regulators.

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Voltage Regulation. Line Regulation. Load Regulation. Series Regulator. Shunt Regulator. Switching Regulator. IC Voltage Regulator.