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List Of Ship Stations And Maritime Mobile Service Identity Assignments Pdf

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A Maritime Mobile Service Identity MMSI is a series of nine digits which are sent in digital form over a radio frequency channel in order to uniquely identify ship stations, ship earth stations , coast stations, coast earth stations, and group calls. These identities are formed in such a way that the identity or part thereof can be used by telephone and telex subscribers connected to the general telecommunications network to call ships automatically. An MID consists of three digits, always starting with a number from 2 to 7 assigned regionally.

Internal Procedures and Guidelines on Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) for Ship Stations

EN MY. Search Search:. Did you know? Make a complaint. Vessels at sea are served by a complex and worldwide access to terrestrial maritime public correspondence, satellite telecommunications, radio navigation and safety services.

Jump to navigation. A shipboard radio station includes all the transmitting and receiving equipment installed aboard a ship for communications afloat. Depending on the size, purpose, or destination of a ship, its radio station must meet certain requirements established by law or treaty. For example, large passenger or cargo ships that travel on the open sea are required by the Communications Act and by international agreements to be equipped with a radio station for long distance radio communications. Small passenger ships that travel along the coast may only need to communicate at shorter range with coast stations.

Cartes marines gratuites et ouvrages nautiques en ligne : Organisations internationales

There is a list by country from letter A to letter V , for each country the organizations and for each organization a list of free online documents charts, nautical books, notice to mariners There is two special lists: one for the international organizations and one for the private companies. There is also a reverse list by type of documents: sailing directions , radio signals , tide tables , nautical charts You can also find on Nautical Free wave forecast maps for tomorrow, space weather forecast for GPS, how to check your computer clock , as well as information about celestial navigation or about ice navigation Au sujet de Nautical Free Nautical Free fournit une liste de cartes marines gratuites et d'ouvrages nautiques en ligne. Introduction to the Cospas-Sarsat system This document introduces potential users to the Cospas-Sarsat System: a satellite-based beacon alert communication system for the support of Search and Rescue SAR operations around the world.

In the case of the data published in List V, which is also made available online through MARS, administrations shall communicate those changes at least once a month. In the case of other publications, administrations shall communicate the changes in the information contained in them as soon as possible. Coast stations transmitting to ships navigational and meteorological warnings and urgent information MSI Coast stations providing a public correspondence service Pilot and Port stations Coast earth stations Paper notification form: Page 1 Fields to be notified Page 2 - Description of fields Electronic notification: Page 1 Page 2

MY EN. Carian Carian:. Tahukah anda? Aduan MCMC. Vessels at sea are served by a complex and worldwide access to terrestrial maritime public correspondence, satellite telecommunications, radio navigation and safety services. For an efficient service and to ensure an effective search and rescue operation during the time of distress, it is therefore essential to have a unique ship station identification system. MMSI is a nine-digit number assignment system to uniquely identify maritime mobile service.

ITU List of Ship Stations

Application forms related to maritime mobile service identities MMSIs are in the process of being converted from paper to online format. As a result, minor changes have been made to the document; however, the content has not changed. See the Spectrum Management and Telecommunications website for all publications. For reasons of safety and radiocommunication, a station that operates in the maritime mobile service may require a unique identifier. Consequently, in its Radio Regulations , the ITU-R has adopted the assignment and use of identities in the maritime mobile service.

The CD-ROM includes a database, which enables users to search for and display particulars and details of ship stations, Accounting Authorities and countries responsible for the notifications. Contact us here at American Nautical Services to receive your copy of the List V, edition or you can order it online with us. We'll send you special deals, local news and special events. Don't worry, we don't spam.

ITU List of Ship Stations and Maritime Mobile Service Identity Assignments, 2020 (CD only)


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