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Jump to navigation. This case note analyses the LHC judgment in view of the established principles of statutory interpretation and jurisprudence from various jurisdictions. It shows that the reasons given by the Court are concrete and sound and meet the intent and purpose of the law.

Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan

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Civil Judges empowered to try cases under the Act. Section 4-A 1 of the Guardians and Wards Act, , confers power on the High Court to empower any officer exercising original Civil Jurisdiction subordinate to a District Court or authorize any Judge or any District Court to empower any such officer subordinate to him to dispose of any proceeding under this Act transferred to such officer under the provisions of this section. All the proceedings under the Guardians and Wards Act are, therefore, to be transferred or entrusted to the Senior Civil Judges for disposal. Very often it will be found that an application for the appointment of a guardian has been made in the interest not of the minor but of the applicant, especially when the application is for the guardianship of an unmarried girl. Discretion of Court in appointing a guardian and issuing notices of application. Every application for guardianship should be laid at once before the Judge, who should only issue notice if he is satisfied after examination of the applicant except when the applicant is the Collector that there is ground for proceedings on the application under Section 11 of the Act, and even then, he should exercise a careful discretion as to the persons to whom notice should issue [section 11 iv ]. It should also be noted that in certain cases a guardian cannot be appointed under the Act section

Ordinance II of Chapter I. Short title, extent and commencement. Chapter II. Civil Courts. Classes of Courts. Civil Districts.

Rules & Orders

Constitution of High Court. A High Court shall consist of a Chief Justice and so many other Judges as may be determined by law or, until so determined, as may be fixed by the President. Appointment of High Court Judges. In this Article, "District Judge" means Judge of a principal civil court of original jurisdiction. Oath of Office Before entering upon office, the Chief. Retiring Age A judge of the High Court shall hold office until he attains the age of sixty-two years, unless he sooner resigns or is removed from office in accordance with the Constitution. Acting Chief Justice.


Jan 02, Companies Winding Up Rules Title of Parties. Interpretation 1 3. Hearing of application.

It was established as a high court on 21 March The High Court's principal seat is in Lahore , but there are benches in three other Pakistani cities: Rawalpindi , Multan and Bahawalpur. Khan and Gujranwala divisions but full court of Lahore High Court turned down this request. In the Punjab, along with the rest of British India , came under the direct rule of the British crown and decisions with regard to administration and justice were now made under the authority of the monarch, Queen Victoria. The Punjab Courts Act, XIX of introduced seven grades of courts, combining judicial and administrative functions and claiming jurisdiction over civil and criminal cases.

Human rights campaigners have welcomed a decision by a Pakistani court outlawing so-called "virginity tests" in rape examinations. The ruling, which applies in Punjab province, will end the practice of physical checks for an intact hymen and the invasive "two-finger test". The Lahore High Court judge, Ayesha Malik said the tests were "humiliating" and "had no forensic value". Campaigners have long demanded an end to virginity tests as part of the medical evaluation in rape cases, saying they have no scientific basis. Monday's ruling applies in Punjab but may serve as a precedent for petitions in other provincial high courts.

What is a two-finger test?

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