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Digitizing oil and gas production

Intelligent Control and Automation Vol. The oil and gas industry will continue to boom in the coming few decades. Obtaining oil and gas from conventional and non-conventional resources will become more and more challenging. This intensifying need will impose very considerable demands on work force, financial and technology capabilities. Since the future supplies of oil and gas are to expand, advanced technology will become increasingly necessary to obtain access to more challenging conventional and non-conventional resources.


We use cookies essential for this site to function well. Please click "Accept" to help us improve its usefulness with additional cookies. Learn about our use of cookies, and collaboration with select social media and trusted analytics partners here Learn more about cookies, Opens in new tab. The rapid progress of technology such as big data and analytics, sensors, and control systems offers oil and gas companies the chance to automate high-cost, dangerous, or error-prone tasks. Most oil and gas operators are starting to capture these opportunities and would do well to accelerate their efforts.

This white paper discusses automation's potential in each link of the supply chain​, from the crude oil and gas wells in upstream exploration and production.


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Where Automation Connects As the demand and cost of energy rises, energy companies are investing billions in exploration and production to meet the world's needs. Automation technologies play a key role in making oil and gas extraction economical. ProSoft Technology is a U. In an ongoing quest to help our customers reduce system costs and gain greater accessibility to oil and gas systems data, ProSoft constantly strives to achieve greater integration of all system components. ProSoft Technology Custody Transfer SCADA Solutions In the oil and gas industry, the most critical application of flow measurement is undertaken by companies involved in fiscal transactions associated with the transfer of hydrocarbon gas or liquid from a seller to a buyer.

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Automation in Oil and Gas Industry

Ray, Louis, and Kenneth Juran. This paper describes the cash flow enhancement benefits of using automation software for gas production optimization. Efficiently monitoring well and facility operations, analyzing well performance, and accurately predicting problems with software optimization tools has resulted in significantly decreased failure rates and increased production per well. The automation software allows producers to move from a reactive mode to a proactive mode.

Use of this Web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Special Issues. Contact Us. Change code. As the petroleum industry ventures into deep and ultra-deep waters in pursuit for increased oil production to meet the global energy demand, challenges of personnel health and safety and environmental pollution have gained a considerable amount of attention.

As a result of project cancellation followed by the fall in crude oil prices from […]. Collaborative operations between automation and IT companies provide the best customer service experience. This increased the dependence of oil companies on automation in order to complete processes without any delay. Initiatives to digitize oil fields are being implemented, and this has led to investing in instrumentation in order to increase productivity and complete projects within defined budgets and timelines. These initiatives have been found to be extremely beneficial, especially in offshore rigs, to gathering production data in a timely manner.

Automation in Oil and Gas Industry


It is a high-availability, Triple Modular Redundant TMR solution with end-to-end architecture that optimizes assets and operations and reduces costs. These proven and reliable systems perform critical applications globally, utilizing a flexible Safety Integrity Level SIL configurations, a qualified manufacturing and solution delivery processes. The Ethernet backbone of the Mark VIeS Safety Management System allows each segment of the system can be configured with different levels of redundancy. This flexibility meets the specific SIL requirements for each application reducing installation tasks and maintenance costs, enabling a better lifecycle management. Our Customization of level of redundancy to meet your safety and running reliability needs.

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Rugged Devices & Process Automation in the Oil and Gas Industry

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Opportunities and Challenges of Robotics and Automation in Offshore Oil & Gas Industry · 1. Introduction The oil and gas industry will continue to.

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