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Deadlands Smith And Robards Pdf

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Are you sick and tired of needing something they just don't make?

Deadlands Smith & Robards

Mad Scientists and their weird gizmos are the focus of this jam-packed sourcebook done in the format of a certain famous catalog of yesteryear. Alongside traditional weapons and equipment, player's can find rules for fantastic devices and the madmen um, Geniuses who create them! Log In. New Account or Log In. Hide my password. Get the newsletter. Subscribe to get the free product of the week!

Deadlands Smith & Robards

Are you sick and tired of needing something they just don't make? Well, they don't, but we do! With one mail-order form, untold marvels can be in the palm of your hand faster than you can recover from a Hellstromme Industries mishap! Flip through our pages of delight and discover conveyances to cross any obstacle, handy elixirs, potent patent tonics, powerful weapons, wondrous clothing, and stalwart armors. With expanded rules for mad science and new rules for steam augmentations, the early cyberware of the Weird West, take your game where it's never been-to Science! Log In.

There are also all sorts of rules for vehicles like ornithopters, auto-gyro, submersible boats, and steam tanks, as well as how to use them in combat. Plus, there are four new archetypes for you to model your own heroes on. Best of all, there's a whole new class of ghost-rock based science: alchemy. Soon your intellectual powerhouse will be mixing elixirs with the best of them. Take it from the people who put the "mad" back into "mad scientist. RPG Item Rank: Deadlands 2nd Revised Edition.

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Deadlands Classic: Smith & Robards – PDF

Embed Size px x x x x Are you sick and tired of needing something they just dont make? Well, they dont, but we do!

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Ghost Towns (Savage Worlds, Deadlands, S2P10212): Ric

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Deadlands Reloaded: Smith & Robards 1880 Catalog


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Smith and Robards. When it came to my attention that they intended to publish a catalog enumerating their many wondrous inventions, I immediately importuned.

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Inside our Smith & Robards Catalog, you'll find a variety of wonders brought to you by Full-color, Print and PDF formats, ×9, pages. Choose an.