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Introduction: Achieving a clear understanding of human nature is an important aspect of management in the work place. In order for managers and workers to work together as an effective and productive unit, the workers must know how they fit into the overall scheme of things, and the managers must have a clear understanding of how they can maximise productivity by supporting their employees through the appropriate leadership style.

Managerial Belief Systems: Douglas McGregor’s Theory X vs Theory Y

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To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. The study was conducted on academics in a Turkish Foundation University. Introduction In the world there are a l o t o f ranking Ranking. It is a publication that was founded systems to e v a l u a t e t h e universities.

Some and compiled by the Shanghai Jiaotong of the most important ranking systems are Higher University to rank universities globally. The styles instead of Herzberg Theory. Both of articles other significant ranking system is The the perception of academics is used to explain t h e Academic Ranking of World Universities factors affecting research performance.

These assumptions are the basis of mirrors the Japanese culture in which workers Theory X and Theory Y teachings. Mc-Gregor are more participative, and capable of performing believed that the average manager operated many and varied tasks. Theory Z emphasises under a set of assumptions he called classical things such as job rotation, broadening of skills, management, or Theory X management: People generalisation versus specialisation, and the dislike work and will avoid it if possible.

Most need for continuous training of workers [5]. The average human prefers to be directed, wishes to avoid responsibility, has little Some of the assumptions about workers under ambition, and wants security. These assumptions this theory include the notion that workers tend lead managers to deny employees control over to want to build co-operative and intimate their work environment and to use methods of working relationships with those that they work influence that are direct and harsh.

Theory X for and with, as well as the people that work for managers emphasize the chain of command, them. Also, Theory Z workers have a high need to reward-or-punishment motivational techniques, be supported by the company, and highly value a and close supervision of subordinate behavior working environment in which such things as along rigidly defined behavioral parameters. These types of workers have a organizations solve prob- lems, meet goals, and very well developed sense of order, discipline, deliver a product in a reliable manner [].

A moral obligation to work hard, and a sense of Theory X management style assumes that people cohesion with their fellow workers. Finally, are interested in safety and physiological needs Theory Z workers, it is assumed, can be trusted rather than higher needs, but McGregor believed to do their jobs to their utmost ability, so long as that workers in the s had moved beyond management can be trusted to support them and lower needs and were seeking to meet social or look out for their well being [6].

One of the most important principles of this Based on that conclusion, he proposed a new set theory is that management must have a high of managerial assumptions, which he called degree of confidence in its workers in order for Theory Y management: Theory Y managers this type of participative management to work. Theory Y managers also assume that the employees must be very knowledgeable that people inherently prefer to work rather than about the various issues of the company, as well not to work.

As a result, they tend to push as possessing the competence to make those responsibility for work down the chain of decisions. This author is also careful to point out, command.

They grant employees autonomy however, that management sometimes has a within their areas of accountability, and they tendency to underestimate the ability of the structure work so that subordinates have ample workers to effectively contribute to the decision opportunity to identify problems and find making process [7].

But for this reason, Theory Z creative solutions to them. Theory Y managers stresses the need for enabling the workers to attempt to structure the work environment so become generalists, rather than specialists, and that employee goals coincide with organizational to increase their knowledge of the company and goals, resulting presumably in greater creativity its processes through job rotations and continual and productivity [4].

In another theory training. In fact, promotions tend to be slower in which has emerged, and deals with the way in this type of setting, as workers are given a much which workers are perceived by managers, as longer opportunity to receive training and more well as how managers are perceived by workers, time to learn the intricacies of the company's is William Ouchi's "Theory Z". Often referred to operations. Oya Tamtekin Aydin Sep. The other study says that the does rise to a position of high level management, literature on the quality and creativity of science they will know a great deal more about the suggests that, among others, multi-level company and how it operates, and will be able to communication, continuity in funding, and peace use Theory Z management theories effectively on and quiet in working environments, are factors the newer employees [5].

Auranena and Nieminenb consider that no Comparison of X,Y and Z Theories straightforward mechanism from funding For Theory X, workers are assumed to be lazy incentives to research activity.

Incentives while theory Y, says that workers are more sometimes balance and sometimes enforce each participative and creative. Y and Z, assumptions other. University research funding Monetary rewards can also be a prime motivator and publication performance [11].

Marinova and to make Theory X workers produce more. Firstly, adequate resources that people are innately self motivated to not only should be provided to match and recognise its do their work, but also are loyal towards the current achievements. Secondly, the funding company. Theories Y and Z, they both see model that is used some very good managers like "coaches", helping the workers to recommendations are made by CHASS should be more productive.

They both are more group allow for diversity and flexibility to properly oriented but the Theory X is more individual reflect the complexity of academic world.

The oriented. Theory X leaders are more authoritarian changing research funding regime in Australia who have task oriented view while Theory Y and academic productivity [12].

Zainab considers leaders are more participative. Theory X and research productivity to be reporting and Theory Y have a much more formal leadership publishing research findings in inter national style than do Theory Z managers. In Theory Z, journals, conference presentations, patent managers trust their workers and Theory Z registration, impact factors and reviews [13].

In terms of The University of Utah defines research authority, in the case of Theory X, the manager productivity as cited publication of library or field would seem to keep most of the power and journal papers and book chapters [14]. It has authority. In the case of Theory Y, the manager been recommended that the indicator of getting would take suggestions from workers, but would published in leading journals should have a keep the power for making decision.

In Theory Z, higher weight than other indicators. Research the manager's ability to exercise power and productivity as an average number of published authority comes from the worker's trusting research report in the last two years [15]. In conflict situations: X and Y, type Regarding gender, there are significant of manager might be more likely to exercise a differences between males and females on great deal of "power" based conflict resolution number of published articles and impact factors style, especially with the Theory X workers.

Research publication in the university is a Theory Y workers might be given the opportunity major or most significant indicator of academic to exert some flexible "negotiating" strategies to staff productivity. It may be pointed out that, solve their own differences. While conflict in the research publication in any field of theory Z, would involve a great deal of specialization provide current information for communication, collaboration, discussion and growth, progress, development and an negotiation.

The sample Theory Y on research performance is positive. Measures The questionnaire, a items scale, is Hypotheses designed to examine factors affecting research H1: The perception of academics on the effect of performance of faculty members of a Theory X on research performance is negative.

Questions were VAR Employees are motivated by extrinsic demographics. These questions were not used in rewards such as money, promotions. They will be used for forthcoming VAR The average human likes working. The last question of the questionnaire is VAR The average human being not only open-ended.

The questionnaire was distributed accepts but also seeks responsibility to the sampled academic staff and an interval VAR Most people have self-direction and of two weeks was allowed for them to self-control in order to achieve goals. VAR Employees are motivated by Research Findings instinctive motivational factors not only money. VAR Group decision making is important. VAR Human being does not like working. VAR Work and life balance is important.

According to the study hypotheses are not accepted. In order to Theory X effects research performance in a investigate the hypotheses of the study, t-test is negative way whereas Theory Y and Z have a applied and the results are given in Table 1 and positive impact.

Also, the study shows that Table 2. Variables are about to open ended questions. One-Sample T Test is used to analyze the hypotheses and the results are given in Table 2.

However, one should not generalize one H1 argues that the perception of academics assumption to fit all situations. The main focus on the effect of Theory X on research should still be on individual needs and performance is negative. H2 argues that the differences. There are still people that would perception of academics on the effect of Theory perform much better under autocratic managers Y on research performance is positive.

H3 whereas others would perform much better under argues that the perception of academics on the democratic managers. As academics are highly effect of Theory Z on research performance is educated people, we cannot apply theory X here.

As it is shown in Table 2, and for all Theory Y and Z are more applicable to these 1 4 variables, the p value of them is smaller group of professionals. Another article stressed the importance of motivation Conclusion factors and how they have a positive impact on The study analyzed the relationships among research performance [1]. References 1. Management Course. New York: McGraw-Hill. Creativity in Research and Development. The Guilford Press, New York, — McGregor , Thorogood Publishing Ltd.

Gulbrandsen JM Research Quality and 4. Department of Industrial Economics 5. Luthans F Organisational Behaviour. University of Science and Technology, Trondheim. Englewood Cliffs: Discovery. Auranena O, Nieminenb M Technology and Zainab AN Personal academic and Malaysian Journal of performance.

Research Policy, 34 6 : —

McGregor's XY Theory of Management

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Theory X and Theory Y

In his book, The Human Side of Enterprise , McGregor proposed two theories by which managers perceive and address employee motivation. He referred to these opposing motivational methods as Theory X and Theory Y management. Essentially, Theory X assumes that the primary source of employee motivation is monetary, with security as a strong second.

Work is changing. And the approach to and requirements of leadership are changing with it. The modern manager knows how to distribute responsibility, instill trust in their employees, and motivate team members to deliver their best work and ideas. But there are times when management is less about leadership and more about the staunch enforcement of rules and micromanagement of production. These differing management styles have been coined in the academic management community as Theory X and Theory Y.

During the past 30 years, managers have been bombarded with two competing approaches to the problems of human administration and organization. The first, usually called the classical school of organization, emphasizes the need for well-established lines of authority, clearly defined jobs, and authority equal to responsibility. The second, often called the participative approach, focuses on […].

Theory X and Theory Y are still referred to commonly in the field of management and motivation, and whilst more recent studies have questioned the rigidity of the model, Mcgregor's X-Y Theory remains a valid basic principle from which to develop positive management style and techniques. McGregor's XY Theory remains central to organisational development, and to improving organisational culture. McGregor's X-Y theory is a salutary and simple reminder of the natural rules for managing people, which under the pressure of day-to-day business are all too easily forgotten.

Theory X and Theory Y

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Beyond Theory Y

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These theories are based on the premise that management has to assemble all the factors of production, including human beings, to get the work done.

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PDF | Organizational Behaviour in the context of people management consists of several theories in which Theory X, Theory Y,Theory Z are the.

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Theory XY (Douglas McGregor) and Theory Z (William Ouichi). Theory X an and management in the s: The X Theory and the Y Theory. McGregor.

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